Sunday, 2 January 2005


Keeping to the routine! I don't even know if I mean routine. Just that I am getting myself into a rhythm now with this. Drinking water instead of all the other drinks that is available out there. The only thing is, is that all this change of habit is consuming my life at the moment and that is what put me off all the other times I went on the D word.

The water is getting easier but when I look at all the water that I have drink it looks like so much and then it is going to happen again and again the next day and the next day! It seems so overwhelming I just don't know what to do. I try not to think about it but how can people drink that much water and not think about it?

Went and got the groceries today and it just took forever to get and I felt soooo powerful in the fact that I didn't want or crave for any chocolate or anything bad and was really trying to make healthier choices. I am not going over board with the life change just making better choices. I don't want to give up full milk and I don't want to be scared to eat anything but I want to make sure it is in moderation.

I went to a site today where a lady has been loosing weight and now she seems to have gone overboard. Why after being so big would someone go to the extent that her photos look terrible with how you could see her bones and she looks anorexic? I want to be healthy but that doesn't mean that looking at bones is going to be the way to do it... there is a limit and some people don't know when to stop (or slow down). I know the same thing can be said for getting so overweight like I am now but I think that was just because my other half loves me for me and it hasn't been a big deal until now that I have kids I don't want them to be ashamed of me. I had big parents but was never ashamed of them as such. I know when I was a teenager going to school sometimes I didn't want to be seen with them but I think that is just being a teenager.

I am doing this world! I know I am going to keep with it... I am with a great group of ladies and I am enjoying the fact that it is small and that they are extremely encouraging. I am truly blessed to have these friends that know what I am going through because they are going through it too.


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