Sunday, 30 January 2005

Cow how rude can she be!!!

I want to bitch in this entry... so sorry about this.

I had an ok day today... and it went alright as the hubby and kids were outside doing things and I got to just be which was nice.

My mother in law asked us for dinner which was nice apart from the fact that she hasn't asked us over for dinner in over a year and a half (now this is where I get bitchy) since her younger son left for Europe... get the drift. I feel sorry for my husband sometimes and he doesn't see it. My MIL treats them differently and maybe she doesn't mean to but she does. This is what pisses me off because hubby is the one that does all the fixing around the place for her and his brother doesn't. I hope that I don't do that with our two boys that is for sure...

Well that isn't all I am pissed off with the whole night sucked!!!!! First she said come over and she will get some pizza well I can't have that without my diet going out the window so hubby told her that I was going to WW and so she said we could go to KFC and get a chicken salad OHHH YAYYY (would have rather stayed home for the yummy dinner we planned)if that wasn't worse I got there and in an awful silence she said "So you are on Weight Watchers I am glad as I was getting worried" yeah it sounds nice but OMG I have always been a big person around my hubby and in the last 2 years I have only put on 2 kilos so it isn't like I have been gaining and gaining.

Then we went and got our god awful salad from KFC. Got back and she started to tell me to drink more of her special drink (which she said wouldn't have too many calories in it). OMG I felt like that was the last straw and I looked at hubby and he said "she drinks a lot of water during the day and we noticed that if we don't drink after 6pm then I don't go to the toilet all night he he" (Hubby couldn't believe that she was so insensitive)

Well if you thought that was it!!! NO it is not I tell you!!!!

We brought her for Christmas (now we put a lot of thought into it because she isn't a material person at all.. very plain and hard to buy for) but we brought her a plain mirror to do up with her mosaic tiles. We brought the tiles and the mirror (lovely oval one) and the paste stuff etc... and she said today... "I have planned out the mirror today!" I felt good as I couldn't wait to see it up in her house... then she said I also have a deadline for it to be finished... Sept she says SEPTEMBER SEPTEMEBER... now we know what happens in September and her precious younger son comes from overseas... OMG we brought her the F(*&en present and she is making the mirror for him about his travels overseas. What a rude f(&8en bitch!!!
How can she think that would make us happy. I finally find a present for the darn bleep bleep woman as she is the hardest person to buy for and she is making if for the other son. I get so angry about this can you tell!!! Can you tell!!!

Am I being a cow? I hope so because she has made me so angry you wouldn't believe and this weight thing has gone off to the wayside for today.

I can't get off this subject and certainly can't think about my weight loss today. I can't believe that someone can be so insensitive can you? I don't know if I could ever say it to her face even though I would like to.

Anyway I am going to bed now.


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Anonymous said...

Hey girl hang in there with the mother in law, I know it can be hard, when it all seems one sided, and she is insensitive about your weight loss . Just remember that you are doing it for you, and not her, and if you want to say no, go ahea and say it. You keep up the good work you are loosing and it doesnt mattter how slow, a loss is much better than a gain, just think back to a year ago. you are certainly less now and that has to be such a positive thing,

keep smiling

happy p