Tuesday, 4 January 2005

Felt energised today! I Felt Skinny

This is the fourth time to put in my thoughts and I am a little scared to do that at the moment... so let’s see if this works.

Got up this morning and felt like going and visiting a friend that lives 45 minutes away. I went and tried on some three quarter pants in a light green which is so summer and refreshing. When I put on these pants I thought they would be tight and I would have to stretch them as they used to be hugging on me... But they weren't today!!! They weren't!!!! OMG was I shocked.. Ok they weren't like hanging on me but they weren't tight either and the whole day I felt soooo good and so skinny... But I knew that I didn't look skinny but my self esteem was so much better yesterday.

Who would have thought that a pair of pants would do that to your self esteem?
I haven't weighed myself and I have just only measured myself on the 2nd January so when I started on the 16 December 2004 and anything that I have lost before that I will never know if I have or not apart from the pants and how they feel so I am happy know end about the feeling I am having so here are my measurements and lets just see in a month how they change or if they change.

TIME 2.30pm
Measurements in Centimetres
Arms 54
Chest 136
Waist 144
Hips 160
Thighs 80
Calf 61
Neck 43
Total 678

Good night


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