Thursday, 27 January 2005

Going to do it! Feeling Positive

I didn't even add an entry yesterday!!! I was reading all my favourite diaries and forgot ARGGHHHH.

Life yesterday was great! I went out to get my goal reward of a pair of pretty shoes... he he he.. I didn't want to spend a lot as it was only a mini goal and not the 10 kilo thing or whatever... but I found this shoes (summer ones) that were just cute and the ticket said $13 and they had a sale and I got them for $10 so that wasn't bad. I was quite proud of that. Hubby said that he would paint my toenails so that would look pretty and so that was an extra incentive to get more weight off if he would do lovely things like that he he he.

I can't believe how much only 2.7 kilos can make me feel about myself. I can't wait to loose more that is for sure. I felt it in my clothes a little today... I didn't stick out in front as much as I usually do... but I don't know if that was my imagination or what... but anyway if it is making me think positive things that hey that is GREAT!

I couldn't wait to come in and tell a work mate this morning. She is in her late 50's I would say and she is trying to loose weight too and started about the same time as me and doing well. So it was good to tell her and get a positive reaction back.

In my mind you would have thought that I lost like 50 kilos he he he as I feel so good. I am not really thinking too much on the fact that I am on the D word just that I am loosing weight.. I don't know if that makes sense or not but if I think of it as the D word then it changes everything and my mind doesn't like that.

I am going to be down to 100 kilos by the end of the year... yeah yeah I know that is being maybe unrealistic but if I can get close to it then I would be over the moon too.

Hubby and I are planning a trip away for our 10 year wedding anniversary and DAMN if I am going to have to ask for an extension for the seat in the plane!!! I am NOT so that is another incentive... plus by Xmas I want to be able to go and buy a push bike and do some biking around the place with hubby and the kids.. I have to do this!!! I have to!

When I get down to about 120 kilos then hubby and I are going on the 4 wheel quad bikes in the country with those people that organise trips... I have to do this too! I have always wanted to do it but been too scared... but that is another incentive.

Anyway I have babbled enough for now.. you might see me on this afternoon he he he

Ciao for now
Chubby Mum

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