Tuesday, 11 January 2005

First Meeting at WW

Well I went to Weight Watchers last night for my first meeting. I was soooo scared and it felt really daunting to think that maybe they won't be able to weigh me as the scales won't go that high... but it did Woohooo and I weigh only 153.7 kilos (3.4 kilos more than 2 years ago) OMG 2 years ago...

I have only gained 3.4 in 2 years... now I know that doesn't sound good anyway but I didn't gain like 30 kilos like some people do in a year... it was only 3.4 kilos in 2 years! Ok now I will stop that.

I have made myself some goals so that it doesn't feel so daunting to loose like 77 kilos. Which incidentally is around what my BLONDE friend weighs... so I basically have to loose her he he he Ok not that funny but it made me laugh.

So my first mini goal is 6 kilos by the 22 February 2005 as that is 6 weeks and I do think that is achievable since at the start people tend to loose more (especially people as big as me). So that is my first goal.

I have started with the putting down of the food that I am eating and trying my hardest to have snacks and that too as I am terrible with that. I will have breakfast with everyone in the morning at 7.30am (usually) and then I don't have my lunch till 3pm as I don't feel like it. So my first change is to change the fact that my lunch is so late. Sometimes I feel like I want to throw up when I eat so early but I know that I have to change my eating habits if I want to loose the weight I want to loose.

I am going now as I have so many emotions and don't know how to write them just yet... I will be back on today though.

Chubby Mum

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