Saturday, 29 July 2006


Busy day today....

Feeling bitchy he he he but don't worry I am not writing that sort of stuff here.

Went to my PT session with my favorite person Crusher and it was a great work out. I decided to get there a half an hour earlier so that I could do 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the water bike to work my arms out. Then Crusher he he he he had a talk to me about my food and if I wanted to try a food diary that she worked out for another lady and I said I would love to and so she emailed it to me and I have worked out my food for 2 weeks and brought it all today OMG OMG OMG it feels like a hell of a lot of food. Apparently this other girl lost 1.5 kilos in a week so we shall see that is for sure.

6 meals a day and I can't get over it and I am feeling quite full so we shall see how it goes. The other condition I have to do is email her every night with my food and how I am feeling about the food and everything in my life at the time so we can work out things.

I am feeling really confident that I can do this and with Crusher helping me it has changed my thinking and motivation so much that I can't think how I can thank Crusher.. I feel so comfortable with this lady as she doesn't treat me any differently than she does other people and OH BOY she worked my thighs yesterday that I was quite sore walking around today. I now remember why we nick named her The Crusher (and she knows this by the way).

Anyway... quite tired and I think I am going upstairs to watch tv after I put the boys in bed....

Love ya all


Tuesday, 25 July 2006


I did it!!!

I weighed in today and lost 800grams!!

Woohooo that is two weeks in a row with a loss. All in all 1.5 kilos in two weeks.

I tried No Count this week and it was ok.. I don't know if it was the No Count or that I realllllly wanted to lose the weight this week as well.

I have a graph that I am keeping because I want to get to 100 kilos and I also want to get to 75 kilos.

So to get to 100 kilos last week it was 14 August 2007 that I would have reached it but this week I will make it by 7 August 2007 (if I lose 500 grams a week).

So to get to 75 kilos last week it was 15 July 2008 that I would have reached it but this week I will make it by 8 July 2008 (if I lose 500 grams a week).

I am on a high... I really want this everyone and I it WILL happen. I am not a fast loser but I have to keep losing no matter what it is. I am aiming for 500 grams so that I am not dissapointed.

Anyway... going to go and knit some scarfs for my kids.

Love ya all

Monday, 24 July 2006


Last week I felt that I was finally getting myself back on track and feeling on top of the world. Today I am feeling like crap because I have a sore throat and feel quite drained like I haven't had sleep for a week.

Had the day off sick but my youngest was off too so really haven't managed to get any sleep because he wants me to play... my mum lives with us but when it comes to helping me get better she just never thinks people are sick and so I should have gone to work as I would have been better off.

I have to say Wohoooo Felicity for reaching a LARGE well done girl that is fantastic. It really helps the motivation when you can see results aye.

I went to the gym yesterday to do a workout (even though I didn't feel well) because I had to meet my LEAN friends for a workout. I really pushed myself hard so I could get this weight off. I made it for 10 minutes on the Cross Trainer OMG OMG and every second minute I used my arms (as I had been told before not to so there was no pressure on my knees) but Crusher (Trainer) told me to use them on every second one now and so I did and I did 10 minutes OMG OMG I felt sooo wonderful as a year ago I could only last 1 minute on it and it felt like I was killing myself.

Anyway going back to bed to see if I can manage to get some sleep while my kids watch tv in my room ho hum...

Love ya all

Saturday, 22 July 2006

Personal Training with Crusher

Friday with the my personal trainer (Crusher is her name)... was great.

I am seeing Crusher every week and she worked my backside off and made me work out at the hardest possible to see how far I could go...

I have a tendancy to got at the speed that I am told and not to push myself so Crusher is trying to push me to go to my ultimate limits. I wrote a long letter to her beforehand to tell her what I am doing now on the treadmill, bike, rower and cross trainer and what I would like to achieve and OMG she took it literally and said that I can start off where I want to go and keep at it... OMG I was shagged and when I was on the Cross trainer she put me on it for 10 minutes... now a year ago I couldn't last 1 minute on it ONE minute and then I just managed to get on it for 5 minutes and it is ok on my knee but I don't use the arms because of it making me put too much pressure on my knee.

WELLLLLLL she made me every second minute use the arms and I was sweating like a pig!!! I had it coming down my face in bucket fulls and it was SOOOO wonderful.

When she was finished with me with all the cardio machines and pushed me to the limit I decided to go back on the bike for 10 minutes and push myself every minute and rest for a minute. I felt wonderful.

I am not feeling to good today... I think it is an onset of a cold. I have a sore throat and headache and feeling quite grumpy today but I am going to go to bed early tonight and get better for tomorrow as I am meeting up with the girls at the gym tomorrow morning for our hour 45 minute work out and then our spa and chat chat chat...he he he I do not want to miss out on it.

My trainer sent me a text today... and this is what she said "Keep up your positive attitude Chubbymum 4 yr training coz ur are doin gr8! We r gonna get u there 2 those goals asap! :-)"

It sent warm fuzzies down my spine aye...

Brought myself some soccer boots today for the tough guy/gal challenge on the 20th August so that I can go through this mud and water without slipping.

We are making shrimp fried rice for dinner tonight and it smells yummmmmmmy.

Anyway I am going to have dinner and then get ready for bed as I am sooooo not feeling well.

Love ya all

Thursday, 20 July 2006

Dentists ho hum

Ok.. had an ok day..

Went to LEAN again this morning.. he he he he actually got hubby up and he wasn't too pleased as he was sore from the Kickboxing class night but hey that is life.

Food on the No Count is going ok but I think in the last year I have been getting used to 6 small meals a day that I am finding it hard not to have snacks etc but I suppose it is only 1 week aye.

The car still stinks to high heaven and tried some cleaning stuff for the boot today so will put it on a couple more times and hopefully that will take smell away GRRRRR

Got my first personal training with trainer tomorrow on the new plane etc and I wrote a list of goals I have for my weight loss and when I want to get to the goal I have made for myself etc and what I am doing on the cardio machines at the moment and the goals of what I want to achieve next in the cardio machines so we shall see what happens with that.

My youngest son went to the children's dentist today because other dentists could not get him to sit still while they checked his teeth well the little bugger decided to be good for this dentist as she was sooooo good at what she does and it figures really because with the work on his teeth it is going to cost us $1500 to fix them... and she agreed with us that because he has been on a lot of antibiotics in his life with his ears etc that they have affected them. OMG $1500 is scaring the hell out of me!! It is a pity the government doesn't help with situations like these.. they pay for the school dentist but my youngest won't sit still for them. Why me.. we were finally getting to a stage where we were saving and feeling good that we could do things and this happens... so that is my bitch for the night.

I am feeling better with the food and the exercise and feel that maybe I am on track but even though I am being good I still get worried that I won't lose weight because everytime I feel like I have been fantastic I get dissapointed with the result and time when I thought I hadn't been good I lose... what is with that aye.

Anyway... tired and I am going to my beddy byes.

Love ya all

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

What a full on day

What a day..

Didn't want to wake up and go to work today that is for sure.

Got in my new car to go to work this morning at 7.30 and I thought to myself... OMG there is a terrible smell in here.. I thought it was the plastic bag we had in the front for rubbish (little one that hooks up to the passenger side) then went to work as there was nothing in bag that was food etc... after work I went to get my umbrella from the boot and to my horror there were bags in the boot... we went to the Mad Butcher on Sunday SUNDAY and I said to hubby don't forget to get the meat out of the boot OMG he forgot (a fortnight of meat in the boot) I could have killed him. It was a horrible smell.. So I had to go and buy another fortnights meat GRRRRRR.

Got a phone call from a member from the soccer committee today at work and I thought OMG what is wrong... nothing was wrong everything was right.. My son's team (who I manage he he he) won our the preliminary round of soccer and will be in the awards ceremony at the University at the end of the year.. apparently the kids go up on stage to receive their certificates and prizes.. OMG a PROUD proud mum was I!!!! I had to go and tell everyone I could think of he he he

Went to the gym tonight with hubby as he started last week as a full gym member and as we were going there I kept asking him to go to the kickboxing class with me and he said No he just got his new program he would do that tonight.. so when we got there our trainer came out and she said to hubby "are you coming to the kickboxing class I am doing tonight?" he said "no I want to do my new program" she said "I gave you the program and I am sure you can do it another day and come to the class" OMG I was laughing my head off as I wanted him to see how hard the class was... he did so well for his first night on the class that is for sure and I was sooo proud to have my hubby there tonight and our trainer worked us so hard (even the other ladies said so).

We worked on butts, thighs and tummys so much tonight!! I am soooo sore. And I have my LEAN group tomorrow morning at 6am as well argghhh and then my personal training on Friday with my trainer and then Sunday. OMG I have planned a lot of exercise this week.. Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sunday... I better lose something this coming Tuesday because I started the No Count program tonight.. but it is a lie if you think about it because you still have to count on foods that aren't in the No Count program hmmmmm

Day started off with:

2 Toast (raison bread)
2 Weetbix
Green Milk

Vege Slice
Cottage Cheese
Sunflower Seeds
Snow Peas


I have been good today (well I think so anyway he he he).

I want to get to that 30 kilos everyone... I repeat again only 4 kilos to go!! to go! I am pumped and feeling really positive about this week.

A good friend (from LEAN) and I have a challenge between ourselves. I am lacking motivation so I said to her that I wouldn't mind going around New Zealand and doing the kilometres at the gym or something so on Tuesday night hubby, my friend and I sat down and worked out our challenge..

So we worked out from our place to Rotorua is 110 kilometres so we have done a 108 boxes on excel and everytime we do 1 kilometre we highlight what we have done and see how long it takes us to do 110 kilometres. So tonight the kickboxing (we agreed this yesterday) was 4 kilometres as it isn't as much as walking totally as getting on a treadmill or bike etc.

So I managed to colour in 4 kilometres today.... The reason we chose Rotorua is because we are going there in 4 weeks for the Tough Guy/Gal challenge so we are going to drive there and see how far we had walked in that 4 weeks.

So that makes an average of 5.5 kilometres a day (if we are going to the gym 5 times a week).

My lovely friend decided not to go to the kickboxing tonight but go on the treadmill and she went on it for 1 hour and 3 minutes and she did 7 kilometres GEESH she is beating me he he he he but that is ok.. I will do it!! I am so enjoying having her as a friend!! She is normal!! I know that sounds strange but we email each other all the time and we just click and it is really nice!! and she lives in my town (now that is scary as normally friends I meet live too far away).

I am back on track everyone...

30 kilos!! HERE I COME!!!

Love ya all

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Good Weigh in for a change

I did it!!!

I weighed in tonight and I lost 700grams. OMG I really went overboard and tried hard this week. Maybe my plateau is over now and I am back on track. I don\'t want to jinx it though.

I am starting No Count tomorrow... little scared about it but I am going to try it and see what happens.

One of my Weight Watcher leaders gave me her scales to try out tonight for the week so I am going to weigh everything perfectly... instead of my scales.. it will be interesting to see aye.

So I am back to 127.7 kilos.. I have to lose another 4 kilos to make it to 30 kilos... I have to do this!! I have to!!

NO COUNT better work for me!


Love CM

Monday, 17 July 2006

Act together

OMG three days in a row and I am updating..

Been quite depressed today! Upset because I am not getting anywhere with this weight loss and I am doing the gym 4 times a week (apart from this past week as I was stuffed from boot camp) and I am not losing the weight...

Obviously it is something that I am doing but I cannot work out for the life of me what it is. I am going down in measurements (not a hell of a lot) but down but not on the scales. I want to do this! I do want to do this!! I have to do this....

I have been on email with a friend from LEAN most of the day because of the fact that it is doing my head in... and she cannot help me.. I have to help myself but how to do that. I am tired of it all... tired of watching what I eat and watching that I have done exercise.

I emailed my trainer today to say that the LEAN group of ladies are fantastic and so is she but I have lost enthusiasm for getting up at 5.30 to do exercise and that I haven't got any motivation and was wondering if she could help me... she phoned me on my cellphone and said "I knew about 3 weeks ago that you would phone" I asked her how she knew.. she said she could just tell. She said that she had to wait for me to contact her and she said that she thinks I need some personal training one on one.. I said I would love that but I can't really afford a lot as it is like $40 a session... she said "go home and talk to hubby and come back with a figure that you can afford and I we will sort out a timetable... whatever I come up with we will do it together" OMG when she phoned and said that I was outside the school picking up Corbin and I couldn't stop crying... lucky that my windows in the car are partly tinted so they couldn't see because it touched me like you wouldn't believe.

So I am going to email her tonight with the amount hubby and I worked out and see what we can do with that. I do want to do this aye!! I don't want to be depressed any longer.. I have 5.7 kilos to get to 30 kilos.. it keeps jumping from 4 kilos to go to 5 kilos to go and I have to stop it.

Hubby and I went grocery shopping on Saturday and from Wednesday (as I have to do a full week) I am on No Count so I can try that out... so let's hope that works. I have been drinking my water today.

I got a compliment from one of the ladies at work last Wednesday and she said it looked like I had lost weight so I suppose to others it looks like I am or it could be the clothes that I am wearing.

Work sucked today it just seemed like it was dragging sooo much he he he he.

Going to bed early tonight.

My thoughts go out to Emily and Jonny tonight for the loss of their baby... big hugs.

Love Chubbymum

Sunday, 16 July 2006


Thank you all for the lovely comments about Boot Camp.... I have been less motivated since doing the boot camp... I want to do this! Why is the motivation not there? I have stop posting because of the lack of motivation and I HATE it....

I didn't go to LEAN on Thursday and I didn't go to the gym on Friday like I usually do either... I started back today with the girls and we did and hour and a half and then I had enough. I am back now (hopefully). We we went for a walk around the lake this afternoon (4km) and then the kids went to the playground.

I think I maybe getting a cold... my throat is sore and feeling down in the dumps.

We have a Roast Beef on at the moment and OMG it smells devine.

My oldest son's birthday is 31 August and for his birthday we brought Singstar for him and we were so excited hubby and I gave it to him today on the condition that he knows we will give him something little for his birthday but not as big. OMG he is sooo happy and singing like you wouldn't believe. He doesn't know all the songs but he is trying and it helps him with his reading too because he reads the words. Quinn isn't liking it so much because he can't read but won't even try to learn it... he can sing songs we have on the radio when he tries but is deciding to be a pain to anyone that wants to be on singstar and annoying them.

We are having fun with it though... hubby and I are doing duets etc as well. It came with Singstar Rocks and then they had a 50% off the 80's one and the Singstar Pop... so Corbin knows about the Singstar Rock and Singstar Pop but he doesn't know that we have got the 80's one as well and there is a new one called Athems which we might get later on.

I have been really good with my food in the last week and trying to eat more for breakfast because I don't usually like breakfast and the Boot Camp taught me that maybe I have to sort that out and so... until Tuesday I am on points and then on Wednesday I am going to do No Count for a week and see how I do it. I went through our weekly booklets and chose the meals that I liked and we sorted out a week of recipes and we are going to stick to that... maybe I will like that. It will be weird not to point it and eat until I am full but I am going to try it.

I brought some frozen berries to make smoothies and we tried one the other night OMG BLISS it was soooo devine. Can't wait to have more this coming week for breakfasts.

We went out with work last night. It was for drinks and nibbles with the parents and staff. It was so nice to get dressed up with a skirt etc. I brought a new skirt yesterday and it was a brown skirt (that was a little crinkly) and it had sequins on it and I felt soooo beautiful and QUESS what!!!! It was a size 20 a 20 20 20 20. I have come from 26 to 24 to 22 and now I am in a 20 sized skirt. I wore it was a black top that had a singlet underneath and a see through top on top.. it was soooo sexy feeling with high heels and my long black coat.... And hubby couldn't stop touching me all night he he he. But the only problem was that I couldn't stop drinking and I was quite sloshed by the time we were to come home. But I was chatting with a lot of the mothers and found that I get on quite well with them. I should have taken a photo but I forgot to.

Anyway that is enough babbling on for me.

Catch ya tomorrow everyone.

Love ya all


Thursday, 13 July 2006


I want to tell you about the weekend but not sure where to start!

Last Friday was sooo busy with getting things together for the Boot Camp. Corbin and I went shopping and then went to lunch with Dee and Delwyn from the LEAN group. It was great... a great unwind to the start of the weekend.

We all met up at a the gym to go on our merry way to the Boot Camp. It was a great trip (about an hour and a half) and we couldn't stop laughing. We got to the camping ground (after driving for a while I didn't see one of our cars in front turn so I had to do a u turn and catch up he he he he) so as you can tell I got sooooo much flack for that ha ha ha ha.

Got to the cabins and got all of our stuff out and then had dinner. OMG I must say that there was sooo much food that I couldn't believe my eyes. But it was all healthy food and the whole weekend was FULL I mean FULL of food and I felt like I was going to burst open.

We then played a game (with alcohol)and it was all to do with animals... too hard to explain here but it was sooo funny and I had a saw jaw the next day from all the laughing. This group of ladies makes me feel normal... They are all skinny things but they don't treat me any different. There was a video recorder brought along and when we watched some of the taping later I got quite upset (I didn't tell anyone).... I thought I had to keep going on this journey... I am a blob and I hate it!! I hate it!!! I have been slowly but surely going back to my own ways and I hate that.

Anyway we were told that we had to wake up at 7am in the morning and by 7.10am we were to be outside the cabins with our togs on underneath our track pants and tops etc. OMG all I could do was say.. do we need towels, and Crusher (our trainer) said No.. what on earth were we going to do with togs and no towels. So we walked for like a half an hour down the street to the beach. It was beautiful!! Beautiful I tell you. Then she said to us that we have to strip and get in to the sea RIGHT UNDER… so when we were almost down to our togs…. She said just joking and we didn’t have to! But we did as you can see from the photo here.

We went for a major walk up a little mountain next (I can say that after going up Mount Pauanui the next day argghhhhhhhhh like twice the size of Mount Maunganui and I almost died).


After that big walk up the mountain… little bit of a background I am scared LITERALLY scared of heights and I hyperventilated going up (silly bitch I am) but the girls were fantastic and they really really helped me like you wouldn’t believe.

Then we came back to have lunch cooked for us like a cooking class and it was fantastic to watch and then got to eat it and OMG for healthy food it was fanbloodytastic.

After the HUGE meal we had a Distraction game (did you ever see Distraction on TV well it was a lot like that) with clothes pegs, rubber bands and water guns. We had two teams and when one team lost the question then the other team had to either put a peg on a part of their body or sting them with a rubber band or water them… and you didn’t get a choice as to what was to be done that is for sure. It was the most laughs I had had in so long. Then it turned out into a out and out war with water guns and OMG the quiet ones are the ones you have to worry about. One of the ladies Heather from our cabin was getting me from behind and I didn’t know until I was soaking wet… the little slut (he he he I called her that but she took it as a joke).


We then had dinner and at Dinner we were given Lavish bread six packets (6 in each packet) and lettuce, tomatoes, tins of tuna (OMG like 7 cans), fruit and we were told that we could use what was in our fridge already and make a two course meal. So we went for it… told our trainer and her assistant to get out and not to come back till we had made dinner. Well we made a 4 course meal he he he he we are resourceful when we get our heads together.

So with the Lavish bread we cut them in triangles and put them in the oven and with a tin of tuna we made a dip and added some lite dressing with it and that was our chips and dips etc and then we had chicken in the fridge from dinner the first night and put them in the Lavish bread with lettuce and pine nuts and then cut them in half and made them all pretty and had a salad next to it. So with the tomatoes we cut them in half and then took out the middles and put the Tomato and Basil tuna in the middle to replace and put pine nuts and pumpkin seeds on the top and that was our entrée. For Dessert we got all the fruit we could find and put it in a fruit bowl and made some crumble with the rolled oats and made a sauce with brown sugar and Baileys.. it was the yummiest meal on camp that I have ever had.

So after that we all got dressed for our skit. We looked like tarts that is for sure. Here is a photo below. We got rubbish bags and put feather bowers on the top and the bottom and we got fake boobies from the shops and had them underneath with wigs and horrible lipstick and makeup too he he he. We did the “I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world song” and then the next song was Patricia the stripper and we put bras on top of our rubbish bags and in the song we took them off and flung them around the room. After that we ended up taking off the rubbish bag dresses to reveal our boobies underneath… OMG we were laughing like you wouldn’t believe.



The last song was all mine!! The girls new what was happening apart from our trainer as we did a mock Kick Boxing class where I could boss her around and it was SOOOOO MUCH fun! I told her she wasn’t doing it right and made her get down and do 10 pushups but it ended up being like 30 but the time I went 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 6 7 8 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 and she did them ALL. We did it to the song Macarena….. unfortunately for me it was all videoed ARGHHHHH.

So after all that we all went to bed as we were tired and the next morning packed and got ready for our huge tramp up Mount Pauanui! It was the hardest thing I have ever done and my thighs were killing me like you wouldn’t believe. Up until that tramp I thought I was quite fit for a big lady but it certainly made me think I have to work out more and more. As you know from before I HATE heights and it took all my strength to get up that Mountain. It took us an hour and a half to get up the top and I DID IT!!! My team mates were just the best! They supported me the whole way up and I kept telling them to go up ahead as this weekend was supposed to be us doing everything to the best of our ability and I didn’t want to be the one that hindered them but they didn’t care… and said to me “there is no I in TEAM” I had so many tears when I got up there because I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have these wonderful ladies as my friends and even though I wouldn’t want to do that Mountain again I would do anything for these wonderful ladies!





We all went to Tairua afterwards for lunch and a couple of drinks and then headed home. There are something’s I didn’t mention but that is because it was so full on that if I told you everything then I wouldn’t have enough pages left in my diary he he he he he he.

Love ya all

But I am buggered with all the typing now he he he he

Love Chubbymum

Monday, 10 July 2006


Boot Camp was fantastic but I am absolutely buggered and will update tomorrow night with all the stuff that happened and with photos too.

Bye bye for now.


Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Dress Rehersal Tonight

Went to bed early last night WOHOOOOO... I felt much better for the sleep... I must admit I was like a bull yesterday and was quite a moody person.

I have rehersal's tonight for boot camp song and dance OMG I can't wait to see the girls again it will be soooo cool.

I am sooo nervous about boot camp. Not nervous about the people just the stuff our trainer is going to make us do! But it should be fun. I hope my knee copes will all that exercise in one weekend as I usually do an hour or two and then rest it ya know but 3 days worth is going to be interesting.

My youngest Quinn was taken to the Dentist today by hubby... as he has been complaining about sore teeth.. we could only get a normal dentist to look at him as the schools are all out and the dentist tried his hardest to drill the tooth but he wouldn't let him touch it so they gave antibiotics and said to make an appointment with a pediatrician OMG and it will cost us the same as an adult GRRRR (I know it has to be done and it isn't his fault) but OMG that will cost the earth that is for sure. So I am trying to find one to book him in.

Poor wee man! I do feel sorry for him. My two boys have always had problems with their ears and have had antibiotics up the wazzo and the doctors said that it could cause problems with their teeth but what do you do let them feel bad and not use antibiotics. It is a hard choice but I would rather they were well then worry about them ya know..

My life is consumed with Boot Camp stuff at the moment. I can't wait but then I think OMG what am I going to do afterwards as it has been such an experience and our LEAN group are closer than ever now.... I JUST LOVE IT!

Anyway I might update later about what happened in the dress rehersal he he he

Love ya all


Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Blah Blah Blah

I have been soooo busy in the last week with rehersing for the Boot Camp and doing up T-Shirts for everyone (that they don't know about) and also making my costume for the Boot Camp that I haven't had much time for updating my blog. I am having fun with it all but right now I think I am starting to feel the exhaustion of not just having one day to do nothing ya know.

I am feeling quite down today and this morning at LEAN I didn't think that I was showing it but others kept asking if I was ok and one of them said (nicely) come on girl get out of your grump... I am not usually grumpy so obviously it shows he he he

Work has been a drag and I think that is because I just want to go to this Boot Camp that everything else just seems yukky he he he he.

Thanks for the comments about my banner. I am pretty happy with it and I suppose some people wouldn't have understood why I had such a banner but it is my goals... and soon I am going to have to do another one as my goals are getting achieved and I have new ones too.

I miss updating!! I just haven't got the energy.

A friend of mine has been sick and twice went up to the hospital (once in an ambulance) and I looked after her kids for almost 5 hours sooooo this whole week has been quite busy! She is getting better (I think) it is a cold but they take a while to get rid of when you have 3 kids and not feeling well... so that is a relief that it wasn't something really serious.

I am not going to Weight Watchers tonight because of the fact that I am so buggered I am going to organise dinner for the kids finish my outfit for the Boot Camp and go to bed really early tonight.

I am out tomorrow night with practicing our skit for Boot Camp and Thursday I am taking the kids to the movies and out to lunch (with hubby woohooo) and also having to pack for the weekend and Friday is taking Mum around to get things before I go away so that she is happy.

So my life is sad and boring at the moment.

Love ya