Monday, 24 July 2006


Last week I felt that I was finally getting myself back on track and feeling on top of the world. Today I am feeling like crap because I have a sore throat and feel quite drained like I haven't had sleep for a week.

Had the day off sick but my youngest was off too so really haven't managed to get any sleep because he wants me to play... my mum lives with us but when it comes to helping me get better she just never thinks people are sick and so I should have gone to work as I would have been better off.

I have to say Wohoooo Felicity for reaching a LARGE well done girl that is fantastic. It really helps the motivation when you can see results aye.

I went to the gym yesterday to do a workout (even though I didn't feel well) because I had to meet my LEAN friends for a workout. I really pushed myself hard so I could get this weight off. I made it for 10 minutes on the Cross Trainer OMG OMG and every second minute I used my arms (as I had been told before not to so there was no pressure on my knees) but Crusher (Trainer) told me to use them on every second one now and so I did and I did 10 minutes OMG OMG I felt sooo wonderful as a year ago I could only last 1 minute on it and it felt like I was killing myself.

Anyway going back to bed to see if I can manage to get some sleep while my kids watch tv in my room ho hum...

Love ya all

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