Monday, 25 February 2008

Cathan's mum stopped me this afternoon while going to get Quinn from class and she said "have you lost more weight" I said no I have stayed the same... she said "your face looks a lot slimmer" OMG that made me feel good.

I am buggered today from the weekend and I don't think I slept that well and so the whole day felt really slow like in slow motion or something.

I had to travel a lot today with work and went to teach the Directors some of the accounts. OMG sometimes these ladies need to go to time management classes because one of them keeps saying I don't have time... I don't have time... and I said "well too bad because it needs to be done and from next week you will be doing it all yourself" OMG she thought well if she put it off and off then I would end up doing it for her NOPE NOPE NOPE. I have to get hard that is for sure.

So I am off to Morrinsville tomorrow for work so that should be exciting... I love the Director out there she is a hoot. We thought we migh go out for morning tea so that will be great.

Been reading a lot of scrapbooking magazines lately. OMG I am so excited about being a Guest CT I have already done a layout below woohoooo.

I need to do another one which I will try and do tonight (if I don't go to bed early because I am not sleeping right).
I didn't go overboard on my food in the weekend but I must admit I haven't tracked since Friday so I need to get my act together.
Anyway hope everyone has a fabulous night.
Love Mandz

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Something to cheer me up

Got another charm


Had a deal with Dh that if I got to 120 kgs on the scales then I could get another charm.

I had gained last week and got to 120.8 (from 119.9) so this morning I got there... I got to 119.7 kilos...

I think I needed that. It was supposed to be when I got back down to 118 that I got my next charm but it was doing my head in thinking I had so long until I got a reward.

So my charm today was "I love my boys".... so appropriate I reckon.

Start Weight: 160 kgs

Last weigh in recorded: 120.8 kgs

Weight this week: 119.7 kgs

Loss/Gain: 1.1 kilos

Total loss from WW: 35 kgs
Total loss from start: 40.3 kgs

I am so pleased with this result after the week I have had...

I got my charm... I am sooo happy.

Kate... thank you! thank you for being a true friend.

Kate said...
Yay for you!! The charm sounds perfect!

(And you're welcome!)

Sunday, March 02, 2008 6:38:00 PM
Jeremy said...
Hi Honey

I'm glad the charm has given you a little motivational kick in the pants. Hopefully you'll have another one in a few days, and before you know it I'll have to order another batch of them.

Luv, me

Sunday, March 02, 2008 8:42:00 PM

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Jet Skiing woohoooo

As you can see below I am getting ready to get on the jet ski woohoooo... plus my new board shorts OMG I can get in to board shorts... I can I can.
In front of me is my friend Marina (who I go to coffee with) she is a fabulous friend. She is the one with the mansion (she calls a batch) but she makes everyone feel incredible... she treats you with respect and never says a bad thing about anyone. I really enjoy spending time with her and her family. Her husband David gets on really well with Jeremy too.
Had a fabulous day can you tell?

Below fabulous hubby.... squinting he he he but isn't he a cutie (ok I am biast he he).

Here is is telling me how fab the jet skiing was GRRRRR he got to go first GRRRRR I was pissed (in a nice way) it was one of my goals and he got to go first grrrr he he he.
Mind you he looks absolulty sexing on the red jet ski.
So these amazing machines are BLOODY expensive. I was inquisitive and asked how much they cost BLOODY hell around $20,000 each. Now I shouldn't have asked one of them costs more than my car ha ha ha.... and it is not that old at all.
Quinn and Dion below getting ready to go on a ride and totally excited.
Marina is telling me the ins and outs of how the jet ski works, and me looking at the huge jet ski and thinking WHAT THE HELL HAVE I GOT MYSELF IN TO. Especially when Jeremy and David were up behind us laughing at me.
Here I was pointing at them saying they needed to stop laughing. I had to get on the back of the jet ski and I said to them "great you guys are taking photos and laughing.. all I need to do now is stick my big arse in front of the camera and tip in to the water and it will be all a huge laugh for you guys" he he he
This is where I was laughing my head off and couldn't stop.
I was scared to get on the bloody thing ha ha LOL.
Ok the big arse is on the beast and now I am going to take off Farrrrrrrkkkkk.
Woohooo bloody woohoo this is fab and scary at the same time. I wanted to go faster but I was in the 5 knots zone and had to wait till I was past it.

Coming back in... I didn't want to get off! I didn't!!

Came back and took Quinn out. Jeremy took him out before me but he said he like it with me instead. We did turns and bumps but with Jeremy he didn't like it... woohooooo.

We then went back for a swim and dinner at Marina and Davids... they totally love entertaining. Jeremy and I are slack with it but have made a New Year's Resolution to entertain more... so we are going to have to have them over hmmm.

I was smiling and laughing so much I was scared that I would have bugs in my teeth when I got back.


Today was a nightmare.

I think I pulled a muscle in my neck from the jet skiing and so all night I couldn't sleep and Jeremy gave me a pain killer (that I had from my back) and it didn't go down well. So this morning I spent a lot of time on the toilet throwing it up and the afternoon was spent doing that too... not much went in my tummy until dinner and that has stayed down so that is good. I still have a really bad neck and still feeling under the weather but hey that is life and it will get better. I am feeling better now but not 100% but better.

Well Chris, Anne and Janene it looks like it is just you guys and me for the get together in October... We can have some fun wohooo



Friday, 1 February 2008

2 things I need you to know.

Two things I want to mention on the blog today

Number One

OMG one of my 101 things to do list has my all time thing I want to try and that is jet skiing...... and I get to do it tomorrow...Yes fellow bloggers TOMORROW woohoooo. My friend Marina phoned this morning and asked if I wanted to finally get out and do it blooodyyyyy hell... scared but excited at the same time. Something else to cross off my list.

I was supposed to be going to a BBQ at Kris's (for her daughters birthday party) and so I phoned and said that Corbin will still be there but I can't. I was a little naughty and I don't usually like doing this sort of thing but F it I am not going to hold my life because of her she has pushed me aside like a piece of rubbish enough times. (bitch I am... aren't I?).

Marina is the one that owns the mansion (which she calls the batch) ohhhhh so excited but scared at the same time.

Hopefully hubby will take photos. Their jetski is like worth more than my bloody car and I paid enough for that as it was he he.

I have been on track and been doing my exercise this week since coming back from camping.... I must say I am really proud of the fact that I only gained 100 grams on camp... really proud as I wasn't wonderful but I was careful so that makes a lot of difference.. This week I better lose that is all I have to say as I am trying my hardest.


So for the Second thing..

Anyone interested in a bloggers camping get together in October (Labour weekend)? I thought it would be great to get together again but that it wouldn't have to be that it was at someones house and that way no one was having to do more than they should.... (I felt a little sorry for ChrisH last year with all of us there because wow can she entertain and it must have been a lot of work for her).

So what do you reckon?

9 months away so you have plenty of time to save (not that camping is that expensive anyway?) but if we are to do this then we all need to book it so that we are all in the same area of the camping ground so we can have a great party he he he. So if you have any suggestions as to where we could go then could you please email me at and we can sort that out.

Been really good today: Went for a walk with the family this morning and decided that I would jog at the park for one half of it and then I jogged from one lamp post to another and then I jogged up a hill OMG up a hill... it was exhillerating I can tell you. Jeremy and I have taken a leave of absence from the gym for a month to see if we could still do enough excercise and not have to pay for the gym as it is a lot of money for us and any money saved is good this year. So we have a kickboxing set and a boxing bag, and I am going to get a rebounder, and we are thinking about getting some weights as well (so if anyone knows of anywhere where it is cheap but good please tell me) so that we can do it from home and we can go out for walks (as we don't have a treadmill) and this year isn't the year that we can afford to buy one with buying the caravan.

So Jeremy has done an exercise plan for this week that started last night and I must say I am sticking to it so far.... it has been fun (well it is only really one day let's see what it is like at the end of the week ha ha ha).

I am going to try and get back in to my digital scrapbooking as well because I have been seriously slacking in that arena since November 2007 and need to get back to the creative side of me.

Wow am I rambling on or what....

Look forward to hearing your opinions.



Thursday, 31 January 2008

Weigh In Results - 31 Jan 2008


Last weigh in recorded: 119.9 kgs

Weight this week: 120.00 kgs

Loss/Gain: Loss 100 grams

Total loss from WW: 34.7 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.0 kgs


For a week away and not tracking but still being ok with my food I am not unhappy about this.


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Camping and thoughts.

Home from camping holiday.

Feeling better after talking to Lyn (thank you). We laughed and played triominos and drank and ate and had fun. It was a good night... (LYN - Am I bovvered? does it look like I am bovvered he he he).

Camping was fun we went on Saturday and came back today but by yesterday afternoon THAT WAS IT I had had enough and wanted to be home. I had fun but had enough of the sun and had enough of the small bed and just plain had enough.

I have an amazing tan he he he and even my mum noticed when I got back and said so (OMG a miracle).

I weighed this afternoon and it was good (for being on holiday and not tracking) but I am going to wait till tomorrow morning because I weigh in the morning and I am not going to change that.

I have decided this year I am concentrating on me and not going to worry about what everyone else is doing. I am going to do things for me and my family.

I am going to book my mother and I on a croquet course for 6 weeks. We brought her a croquet set for Xmas and we don't know how to play it properly and she has wanted one for like OMG since I was a kid and never got one. So I saw it in the continuing education paper and it is on Thursday's from 9.30 to 11.00am and so I am going to drop off the kids and we are going to do this together. I think that if she can get out and meet other people then she might make some friends other than bingo friends and might meet some people her own age. She finds it hard and stays home a lot so this way I can try and get her out so that I can have a life too.

I have also wanted to learn how to play the game too and spend some time with mum other than shopping (which btw I REALLY HATE (not like you aye Chrish he he).)

Jeremy is looking at finding a night course for us to do as a couple and then the kids have their soccer, scouts, and Corbin is learning the saxaphone so this year is going to be full on.

I am going to concentrate on the weight loss but I need to also have a life that I am happy with and last year was a nightmare.

When I get down to 99.9 kilos Jeremy and I are going to go on a Kayaking course.

I want to do more of that sort of thing with the family and bike riding and maybe some tramping ?? not sure but might be interested in tramping?

Had a text from a work colleague yesterday about things happening at work and it made me paronoid (and really it shouldn't) it is just everytime I go on a fkn holiday something happens with my job in the last 3 years. First the owners of my creche sold to a big corporation (australian) and then the next year that corporation sold it to another bloody australian corporation and now they have some changes but it doesn't mean that I will lose my job and if I do well... will just have to find another one... simple as that. If I don't have a job we could lose our house etc but I can temp... and there are options and I have to keep on reminding myself of that.

Mind you my job is sending us up for a course in Akl (on my fkn annual leave I might add) for 2 nights and 2 days and they are paying so I would say that they wouldn't be doing that if they wanted to get rid of us wouldn't you say so? (I am a born worrier as most of you know but hubby keeps telling to stop).

I have done lots of swimming, reading, boogie boarding, walking, cleaning he he he, cooking and basically enjoying the holiday. Quinn's girlfriends mum texted us on Sunday and asked if we minded some visitors on Sunday and I said No and we had a great time. We took them to the bath tub races at Bowentown. Man I thought they would be amateaur things but there were motorised ones and some of them didn't even look like bath tubs and one group had team shirts etc matching the boat OMG it was sooo cool. But really hot to watch.

We took our blow up boat (with oars) he he and the kids had fun with that at Anzac bay and we swam out with them and it was nice.

I have one more week till I have to be back at the work place ho hum and not wanting to as I am enjoying the time away in the sun.

Anyway tired and thinking about going to bed early tonight.



Friday, 25 January 2008


Stayed the same this week.

Not in a good headspace at the moment.

Also away this week. Will update maybe next week.



Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wednesday's are my weigh in from now on.

I am doing Wednesday weigh in's from now on as I am going to be away a lot over these holidays camping etc so Wednesday's are better.


Last weigh in recorded: 120.8 kgs

Weight this week: 119.9 kgs

Loss/Gain: Loss 900 grams

Total loss from WW: 34.8 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.1 kgs


I am pleased with that because I had a huge weekend with food and I just hope it doesn't come to bite me in the butt next weigh in but I am pleased with that.

This weeks motto.... "CM you will not YoYo you will lose 2 weeks in a row"

Just a note to say: Thank you to my yahoo group buddies you have kept me going this week!! and also Lyn girl you know you have done right... it will show next week and thank you thank you for the support this week too.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Beautiful Doc Camping

What a fantastic weekend at Lake Rerewhakaaitu (between Rotorua and Murupara). We stayed in Doc land and it was right on thelake. The photo below is the awning on our caravan but we didn't put the sides up just then. Later on we put the ground mats and the sides so that Corbin stayed in there on the stretcher.

We were like 20 steps from the lake and what a beautiful sight from the caravan in the morning from our bed.

The only thing I didn't quite like was the long drop ewwwww... we have a portable toilet (for number one's only) but if we wanted to do anything else we had to go to the long drop NOPE NOPE NOPE.

The boys loved the lake... and so did I. I went for 2 swims and even got Jeremy in there (he doesn't like how cold it was he he).

Below is the FIL and MIL's House bus that they will be living in permanently from end of this year they think... It is a beauty in side with shower, toilet, little lounge and double bedroom. So nice. The kitchen was lovely too with oven and big fridge etc. On the outside there is even a BBQ that comes out of the side he he he (a picture further down with Quinn cooking off it).We went for a 45 minute bush walk through to the next camp ground it was a beautiful walk and FIL was showing the boys some plants and their names etc it was great.
When we got back from the walk the friends of the FIL and MIL had their granddaughters and family turn up so the boys had fun playing with the two little girls. The little girls got upset when they had to leave as they were having so much fun.
Quinn below cooking on the BBQ. Little monkey.
Now don't we look relaxed. The caravan was from the friends of FIL and MIL and Jeremy is taking the photo from our caravan. We made like a little circle to make a cosy camp ground. And we had a couple of drinks too he he he.

Below is my father in law and step mother in law having a couple of drinks and it was hard enough getting this photo as she hates photos being taken.

This morning the boys didn't wake till 7.45 so that was good. I expected Corbin to be a pain in the butt and wake up earlier than that and wake everyone up. We found Quinn on the floor asleep... not sure how he managed that but oh well.
We had breakfast and then went for a swim in the lake. Before that though I had coffee in bed and read my book and my magazine and itwas great to just relax and not have my mother there saying... do this and do that to the kids and me and Jeremy... just peace.. no tv on (mum puts the tv on and then goes and does stuff... wtf is up with that I don't know) I am forever turning the tv off when she isn't in the room.
After the swim the boys came back and as you can see Corbin was reading and Quinn eating... he he that are my boys. Corbin read 2 books since Saturday morning and Quinn is always eating and not much interested in reading etc or sitting still he he he.
I said to Jeremy on Thursday that we needed to check the tyres because one of them wasn't right... well I got the shit for that... there is nothing wrong with the tyre it just need air. I said no it is wobbling when you drive by we... can you see below everyone!!! can ya can ya.. On the way home the tyre BLEW!!!
Yep... it BLEW and when we stopped another guy stopped to help he lived down the road but Jeremy said "that is fine mate thanks but we should be fine" YEAH RIGHT!!!! Got the jack out of the car put it under the caravan to take it up and it buckled OMFG... another guy about 2 sec's later stopped to help and he was a guy in his 50's and his wife (coming back from Hamilton seeing their daughter) and they did a u'e and came to help OMG there are some nice people out there.
So he helped Jeremy to jack the caravan up with the legs of the caravan and his jack and put the spare on... OMFG you wouldn't have guessed it he he he that tyre went flat. It wasn't flat before hand... because I was sitting on it waiting for the guys to get the caravan jacked up. It must have been pinched up or something... so we had no tyre. So the guy and his wife left and Jeremy took the car off the caravan and left me alone with the caravan and him and the boys went to Tirau to see what they could do...
Sat there and out the window there was a car towing a caravan driving past and then up the road it stopped I was freaaaaaaaaaaaaaking out as it turned around... now there is no car towing our caravan so I was thinking I bloody hope they don't think they are going to steal some of my caravan for themselves and then they slowly drove past and my heart stopped and I had tears down my face.... because it was the friends of my FIL and MIL going home from our camping bloody hell I was releaved. We were parked outside this farm house and there were people in there with big dogs and the house looked lovely and cared for and they drove down the drive way and didnt even bother to ask if we needed help or a phone GEESH there are also some horrible people around as well. Karma is all I can say.
So I gave these friends a huge hug and told them what happened and Jeremy turned up with the boys at the same time and the garage at Tirau wasn't opened so there was no fixture for the tyre GEESHHH... but the friends gave us their spare tyre as they only lived about 10 minutes away woohooooooo how great is that. It got us home so tomorrow we are going to get the tyres fixed, new jack and I have to also get to the place where I buy paper to get paper for Lee-Annes wedding invites if not I will go on Tuesday because I have to get the tyres done so that I can go and take the tyre back to the lovelllly people.....
It was great to see Lee-Anne on Friday with her hubby to be and daughter.

The tyre was chewed wasn't it..... OMG
Anyway had to do an update as I need to go and have a bath and get some sleep as I am tired as.
Now I know this is weird but while I was in the caravan I kept thinking FIL's friends will come I just know and it was them... The book of Secrets says "believe and you will recieve" OMG it sure was fantastic today.... I am certainly going to really start doing what I can our of that book.
Food was ok over the weekend.. but not wonderful but hey that is life. I have till Wednesday till my weigh in. I will be DAMN perfect for the next couple of days. I did 7 days of exercise in this last week and I tracked every day (apart from Saturday and part of Sunday)... I should be ok.... cross your fingers for me.


Friday, 11 January 2008

3 years today on my weight loss journey.

I thought 3 years ago that I would be at goal by now.

I am not ho hum.

But I have lost 40 kilos so that is fantastic.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

On a roll and doing it for me

I have been focussed again today and still tracking it is great

Exercise is done for the day. Walked the 3.8 km in 45 minutes and it was up and down hills with the kids racing up in front of me.

Was going to go to the gym but decided that I had 3 days in a row at the gym and I should do something else.

I am going to get to 99.9 kilos by the end of the year.

I am tracking

I am exercising

I am reading heaps of forums and meeting lots of people to get me focussed. I am going to do this... and I have to keep repeating that to myself and I have to know that I can do this for me and that no one can do it for me but me.

Plan for tomorrow for my food and for my exercise is already sorted so I know what I am going to eat and how many points it is and my exercise tomorrow is a walk at 7.30 am around the block and then go to the gym for 45 minutes and home. Woohoooo. Going to take the boys to the movies tomorrow.

While I was at work today Jeremy's brother phoned and was talking with Corbin and said to him that he was coming over tomorrow. Mum phoned me to tell me but said that Corbin didn't pass the phone over for her to say that I was busy. I said to mum he probably wanted something out of me because that doesn't normally happen.

So I phoned Jeremy to tell him to phone his bro and tell him I wasn't going to be around tomorrow.. I am not having my day off doing something for him when he neglects his nephews.

So anyway he phoned his brother and asked why he phoned and apparently NOW GET THIS that he wants to come over and give me my birthday present... OK so any of you know when my birthday is.... SEPTEMBER 9th. Why? Why would he worry about getting me a present that was 4 months ago TODAY... Jeremy seems to think that they picked up my pissed off attitude (about the kids not getting a present not me not getting a present)..

For Fuck Sake.. I don't want a birthday present... I would rather they spent money on my boys than me... a bloody $2 Christmas present each would have been enough and Quinn to actually have his uncle buy him a birthday present (because he brought one for Corbin and not him)... I am not happy about this... I don't want a present... I want respect for my kids because I don't have brothers or sisters and he is the only uncle they will ever have.... man I am fuming about that.

Don't think that he should come over until I am cooled off because I don't want this... I want to tell him straight to his face that he is an arse and doesn't fucken think.... and that the only time he comes over is when he wants something.... or us to do something.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Am I back with it or what!!

Since Saturday I have been feeling better and better each day.

I don't normally do it but have been weighing myself everyday this week because I need to get back on track then I will go back to normal weighing but I am on track and I feel soooo much better. I have lost 1.2 since Saturday and feeling sooooooo happy about it. I am down to 119.6 kilos.

Been conversing with the yahoo group and another group that I have joined because I read back on my blog and I was doing better when I was chatting with people in the same situation and then I dwindled off and wasn't so... that is my aim to get back to it as it motivates me and keeps me going.

I have been tracking with hubby at home and it is going really well too..

I am going to do this.

40.4 kilos (1.2 kilos this week) down 19.7 kilos to get to my goal of double digits.

Was thinking this morning that my wrist is going to be full of charms he he he. I have the two charms so far and if I have to loose 19 kilos just to get to the double digits then I am going to have 19 more charms woohoooooo will just have to put on another bracelet and have two of them he he he.

I have to experience what it is like being 99 kilos... I just have to and I need to keep my motivation going. No more excuses and I am going to help me first!!! Encourage me FIRST and not put me second anymore.

Putting my exercise on the sidebar too and what I have done and what I have planned for the coming week. Working within my weigh in weeks and then start again for the next week.

Had a fanbloodytastic chat on the yahoo group with Libra last night and in the end we went on a chat line because we were going back and forth he he he... it was fantastic because there were soooo many things that we have done similar and books we have read and I felt really relaxed talking to her.. it was nice Libra thank you. I really appreciated it last night... believe me you have given me the get up and go to get off my backside and keep on this. Thank you... Thank you...



Monday, 7 January 2008

Lots to talk about today


Was in a bitch of a mood... and I think it was because I didn't like the thought of having to go back to work on Monday...hmmmm grrrrrr.

Went to the gym and worked my butt off but I get the feeling that people just don't want to see me running on the treadmill because I do a 5 minute warm up and then I get ready to do my 1 1/2 minute jog on the treadmill and YEP I got interrupted again... chat chat chatting GEESH why don't people come and talk to me when I am on the weights.... so I managed only 1 1/2 minutes because for the rest of the time I was walking and chatting... so was a little bit upset about that.

Did manage to do my weights and also got on the bloody cross trainer ekkkkkk I hate the bloody thing and the year before last I got up to almost doing 15 minutes on the damn thing but now I can only manage 5 minutes and I feel like I am dying... so I decided yesterday I would do 5 minutes but each minute would get faster so that I didn't have to be on there long but still had to do enough work.... so I think I did pretty well.

Was dissappointed in the gain of 1.6 kilos on Saturday but this morning I was down 700 grams so hey that was ok by me... I think I will do well this week. I have tracked the last week (in a book at home as I didn't get on the computer as much as I liked) and I have exercised and I am watching what I am eating.

I have a 5kg challenge to get it off by the 17th Feb (6 weeks) and I need to do this and stop fucking around. I know I can maintain so I am going to be ok when I get to my personal goal of 75 kilos but I need to shift of the 120's permanently. I am to get to 115.8 DAMN IT!!! This is getting ridiculous and it is not shifting even though I am tracking and keeping to points. I have 117's and 116's and 115's charms for my bracelet to achieve and I want them.!!!

Kris came over in the weekend as Corbin wanted to take Ashley to the Lavender gardens with us (he likes her and she likes him) anyway and Kris said "I want your husband" OMG I said "why?" she said because he plays with the kids and I haven't seen Ashley this happy in ages. Well she knows what she can do about that... talk to her husband or get out of the relationship bloody hell.. anyway so she also said she liked my bracelet and where did I get it and I said hubby brought it for me and I am not sure where... (not going to tell her I know as I don't want that woman to have the same) so at least I know that it does look good and it is a good motivator for me.

I have 4 people on the yahoo group and it is going to be great I can just feel it... we are going to support each other and we are going to lose this weight so thank you guys for joining me and also helping me out in this weight loss journey as I need to email more than just on my blog ya know.

So back to the start... was a little grumpy but had a visit from Pam and Brianna and that was nice and also had a visit from my friend Tania to show us her new dog (it is a sausage dog) and how cute was he.

Also went to the library on Sunday to get more books out and it was great to see both my boys sitting down and reading in the afternoon when we got back and chilling out in this heat (not watching bloody tv or computer) so it was a nice thing.

Didn't get any crafts done but will still keep up with it.

The next month is going to be sooo busy for me.
  • I have Lyn's wedding invites
  • Going away to Athenree for a week
  • 2 weeks off work and 1 in Athenree and 1 week with hubby (as kids go back to school woohoo)
  • Staying at my friends batch (Mansion or Bansion as we call it) for the weekend before we are on holiday. Going to go jet skiing and swimming so that is going to be fun.

ARGHHH so full on

Well better get some work done ho hum.

Love Chubbymum


Saturday, 5 January 2008

Weight Loss Bloggers

I need more support... feel like I am sinking.

If any bloggers want to join me ANYONE please go here and join

Let's help each other and use yahoo groups to give some encouragement. It doesn't always have to be about weight loss because frankly I do think that your whole life has to be happy before the weight loss will come off and so talking about things and helping people will


Wanna a batch is a home that is by the beach that people have as a holiday home and isn't used as a home 24/7, and yeah feels like I was in on the scotch he he he but nope I was in to the wine big time.

I have been distracted this week with food. I have been tracking up until yesterday but not really wanting to do this... but wanting to do this... and with people not blogging much I am just feeling realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly overwelmed with all the food available at the holidays.

I think what I am going to do is let myself off until Monday when I go back to work and things are back to normal. I am going to track but I am not going to be strict on myself. I hate the pressure of having to start on the 1st of January a new life etc... it is like no no no it isn't me... I need a break. I am not going to go out and eat eat eat but I am not going ot be worried about having wine or alcohol or eggs for breakfast I am going to be me until Monday 7th January...

Weighed in this morning and Christmas has caught up on me but hey that is life and from Monday onward I am back to my routine.

I am not happy about the gain but I have to take the gain and that is that.

Silly bitch I am... how could I gain so much over 2 1/2 weeks but hey that is life aye..

Weight last week: 119.2 kgs

Weight this week: 120.8 kgs

Loss/Gain: Gain 1.6 kilos

Total loss from WW: 33.9 kgs

Total loss from start: 39.2 kgs


Anyway I am going to hang my head in shame



Friday, 4 January 2008

Wonderful day!!!

Went to Mt Maunganui today and OMG my friends batch is not a fucken batch it is a mansion... or as Corbin would say CASTLE OMG it was beautiful

Day was beautiful and I am sun burnt and I boogie boarded woohoooooo it was great, it was great but I drank too much alcohol and hubby had to drive home and we have only just arrived home. Ate to much WAY WAY WAY too much and tomorrow's weigh in is going to be a gain but I had so much fun I don't care. I know I am going to lose the weight and I still want to have a great holiday and then will be back again to being good on Monday.

It was the best day we have had in ages.

I took a couple of photos and will put some photos up tomorrow.

Going back there to stay for the weekend on the 20th and we all can't wait.

Love ya all


I am soooooo drunk that typing is scary at the moment he he he he hee heeeeee

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Need more support

I need more support at the moment and was wondering if anyone was keen to start with me a chat group. I know that sometimes these can be annoying... but sometimes I want to chat about daily life and get some feedback about weight loss stuff and not necessarily put it in my blog but just to chat with people that are going through the same thing.

Would anyone be interested?

I find if I can talk about it more then I am more focussed because I am trying hard to not eat the wrong thing... where as at the moment I want to eat and I don't care. I want to care!!!



Ok today I decided I wanted a bagel, egg and salmon for breakfast but decided I wouldn't drive to Woolworths that if I wanted to eat it. So we walked to the shop and brought what we needed and got a few other things (so as you can imagine it was a bitch to walk back with the weight of the food as well he he he) but it was great that I walked for my breakfast.

Jeremy mowed the front lawn and we both had a shower then it was off to Corbin's friends Cathan's place for lunch. It was a peaceful lunch and we had fun... quite relaxing and the kids were swimming and on the trampoline and also on the computer and playing Monopoly so it was a nice afternoon.

We left there and then went hunting to buy Quinn a floating back pack but they didn't have them at Para Rubber (till next week) or at K Mart or The Warehouse GEESH but he he he hubby brought me a laminator OMG I have wanted a laminator for such a long time to laminate the boys art work etc and put them in a book so in two days I got the binder and laminator woohooooo... what a stationery aholic I am. I suppose it is better than spending money on lots of not so good food aye.

The day went so fast and didn't feel like it was going fast but it did.

Not going to be here tomorrow... going to Mt Maunganui to visit Marina (my Thursday coffee friend) they have a batch (pictures tell me it is a mansion not a batch he he he) about 2 seconds walk from the beach and they have a pool and spa and like 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms he he he so tomorrow hopefull will be a good one... Little worried about the driving with all the idiots on the road in the holidays. Not too worried about the beach or water too much because my boys don't like going to far in the water anyway so should be a good day and hey I might even come back with a tan he he.

Good night


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 here I come

OMG am I back in to blogging or what.

So far this morning slept in till 9am woohoooo that doesn't happen often but I woke up with another headache... Jeremy seems to think I have a nasel infection or something like that... I think I agree with him.

Corbin and Quinn wanted friends over today so I said we would phone some and so Corbin phoned Cathan to come over and then Jeremy talked to Ange (Cathan's mum) and she said she was going over to their new house (they are building) and would drop him off but he could only stay till lunch as he has a friend coming over... and we said we were going berry picking so he could come with us... well 10 minutes later Cathan phoned and said that he couldn't come over today but Corbin can come over tomorrow... Jeremy thought that was strange so he said can I speak to your mum he said she was in the shower and would get her to phone back...

Well when I got out of the shower she hadn't phoned... hmmm strange.. so I phoned her and she said that Cathan said that it was arranged to do it tomorrow and Jeremy said "no cathan phoned to say it.. he he he" so we realised that Cathan didn't want to go berry picking as he didn't like it but was too scared to say so... so he thought he would say he couldn't make it instead... anyway so we said we wouldn't go berry picking and he should come over and visit..

I went to pick them up from the building site and said to his mum that we could take Kiely as well (his sister) as she gets on with Quinn so well.

We also had Tahlia Rose (Quinn's girlfriend) who came over for the afternoon and Quinn was soooo excited. We went Blueberry picking and then they went swimming in the pool (paddling pool), and then we made blueberry muffins yummmy (but we also made mini ones for me to have he he).

We are going over to Cathan's place for lunch tomorrow and then on Friday we are going to our friends batch (hmmm not much of a batch it is better than a mansion he he he) at Mt Maunganui right on the beach for the day... and one of their son's is Corbin's friend at school... it is going to be fun.

Tania came over for dinner tonight we thought we would have ANOTHER BBQ he he he quite like the steaks on the BBQ.

I am back tracking and walking and feeling better today. Yesterday I wasn't feeling good in my tummy but we wen for a walk... I am enjoying the walking with Jeremy as we talk about things and work things out etc.

This year has to be a good one. I have managed to change habits and even with Xmas I haven't gained like I would have before and I have to be happy with that... I know that I can maintain and that is the hardest thing I reckon and if I can maintain then when I get to goal (YES I AM GOING TO GET TO GOAL) then I am not going to gain it back again and I do reckon that is the hardest thing.

My New Year's resolutions are going to happen this year.. I am going to achieve them and they aren't unrealistic I reckon.

Well better get going as we have Tahlia coming over and then we are going to go Berry picking as I have been wanting to do that like forever.

Saturday we are thinking about going to TeAwamutu to the Lavendar farm and Corbin wants to ask Ashley (Kris's daughter) he he he sooo funny he is smitten by her like you wouldn't believe and asked me to phone and ask.. I said why don't you and he said no... can you and had a red face.

Cathan and Corbin playing soccer swing ball (above)

Quinn and Tahlia picking blueberrys yummmy

Me... telling Jeremy TAKE the DAMN photo please... hate photos he he he

Yummy blueberry's... we got two and a half containers full of blueberrys yummmmmy

And a picture of Quinn and Tahlia... hugging... hmmmm not sure about this one... was being quite protective when they hugged and said now now... you guys are rather young... at least it was only a hug GEESH... OMG I am going to be in trouble with this boy when he gets to be a teenager that is for sure.

This is them making blueberry muffins and Corbin and Jeremy below making them too... sooo cool.

We went for a walk tonight and went the big block too... it was great and then tomorrow morning we are off to the gym woohoooo back on track back on track.

Good night all.


Tuesday, 1 January 2008

First day of 2008

Ok... everyone seems sooo positive at the moment.. it is great.

I wanted to be positive this morning but I am sick in my tummy... not sure if it is my ulcer back again or not... or it is all the crap in the last week I have been eating.

I didn't even drink myself to a stupour or anything... I had 2 drinks and that was it and I am feeling like I have a hangover and I want to throw up. I get the feeling it is because I have not been eating right.

Today we have taken down the Xmas decorations and sat in the sun for 20 minutes and I have started some crafty things he he he... OMG I am getting right in to my craft room at the moment it is like my hide away.