Friday, 4 January 2008

Wonderful day!!!

Went to Mt Maunganui today and OMG my friends batch is not a fucken batch it is a mansion... or as Corbin would say CASTLE OMG it was beautiful

Day was beautiful and I am sun burnt and I boogie boarded woohoooooo it was great, it was great but I drank too much alcohol and hubby had to drive home and we have only just arrived home. Ate to much WAY WAY WAY too much and tomorrow's weigh in is going to be a gain but I had so much fun I don't care. I know I am going to lose the weight and I still want to have a great holiday and then will be back again to being good on Monday.

It was the best day we have had in ages.

I took a couple of photos and will put some photos up tomorrow.

Going back there to stay for the weekend on the 20th and we all can't wait.

Love ya all


I am soooooo drunk that typing is scary at the moment he he he he hee heeeeee


Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Ohhhhhhh have you been into my scotch?????
Looking forward to the pics...

Hippygal said...

Glad you had fun, was an awesome day weather wise.

Chris H said...

Soooo happy you had a fantastic day mate!~