Sunday, 13 January 2008

Beautiful Doc Camping

What a fantastic weekend at Lake Rerewhakaaitu (between Rotorua and Murupara). We stayed in Doc land and it was right on thelake. The photo below is the awning on our caravan but we didn't put the sides up just then. Later on we put the ground mats and the sides so that Corbin stayed in there on the stretcher.

We were like 20 steps from the lake and what a beautiful sight from the caravan in the morning from our bed.

The only thing I didn't quite like was the long drop ewwwww... we have a portable toilet (for number one's only) but if we wanted to do anything else we had to go to the long drop NOPE NOPE NOPE.

The boys loved the lake... and so did I. I went for 2 swims and even got Jeremy in there (he doesn't like how cold it was he he).

Below is the FIL and MIL's House bus that they will be living in permanently from end of this year they think... It is a beauty in side with shower, toilet, little lounge and double bedroom. So nice. The kitchen was lovely too with oven and big fridge etc. On the outside there is even a BBQ that comes out of the side he he he (a picture further down with Quinn cooking off it).We went for a 45 minute bush walk through to the next camp ground it was a beautiful walk and FIL was showing the boys some plants and their names etc it was great.
When we got back from the walk the friends of the FIL and MIL had their granddaughters and family turn up so the boys had fun playing with the two little girls. The little girls got upset when they had to leave as they were having so much fun.
Quinn below cooking on the BBQ. Little monkey.
Now don't we look relaxed. The caravan was from the friends of FIL and MIL and Jeremy is taking the photo from our caravan. We made like a little circle to make a cosy camp ground. And we had a couple of drinks too he he he.

Below is my father in law and step mother in law having a couple of drinks and it was hard enough getting this photo as she hates photos being taken.

This morning the boys didn't wake till 7.45 so that was good. I expected Corbin to be a pain in the butt and wake up earlier than that and wake everyone up. We found Quinn on the floor asleep... not sure how he managed that but oh well.
We had breakfast and then went for a swim in the lake. Before that though I had coffee in bed and read my book and my magazine and itwas great to just relax and not have my mother there saying... do this and do that to the kids and me and Jeremy... just peace.. no tv on (mum puts the tv on and then goes and does stuff... wtf is up with that I don't know) I am forever turning the tv off when she isn't in the room.
After the swim the boys came back and as you can see Corbin was reading and Quinn eating... he he that are my boys. Corbin read 2 books since Saturday morning and Quinn is always eating and not much interested in reading etc or sitting still he he he.
I said to Jeremy on Thursday that we needed to check the tyres because one of them wasn't right... well I got the shit for that... there is nothing wrong with the tyre it just need air. I said no it is wobbling when you drive by we... can you see below everyone!!! can ya can ya.. On the way home the tyre BLEW!!!
Yep... it BLEW and when we stopped another guy stopped to help he lived down the road but Jeremy said "that is fine mate thanks but we should be fine" YEAH RIGHT!!!! Got the jack out of the car put it under the caravan to take it up and it buckled OMFG... another guy about 2 sec's later stopped to help and he was a guy in his 50's and his wife (coming back from Hamilton seeing their daughter) and they did a u'e and came to help OMG there are some nice people out there.
So he helped Jeremy to jack the caravan up with the legs of the caravan and his jack and put the spare on... OMFG you wouldn't have guessed it he he he that tyre went flat. It wasn't flat before hand... because I was sitting on it waiting for the guys to get the caravan jacked up. It must have been pinched up or something... so we had no tyre. So the guy and his wife left and Jeremy took the car off the caravan and left me alone with the caravan and him and the boys went to Tirau to see what they could do...
Sat there and out the window there was a car towing a caravan driving past and then up the road it stopped I was freaaaaaaaaaaaaaking out as it turned around... now there is no car towing our caravan so I was thinking I bloody hope they don't think they are going to steal some of my caravan for themselves and then they slowly drove past and my heart stopped and I had tears down my face.... because it was the friends of my FIL and MIL going home from our camping bloody hell I was releaved. We were parked outside this farm house and there were people in there with big dogs and the house looked lovely and cared for and they drove down the drive way and didnt even bother to ask if we needed help or a phone GEESH there are also some horrible people around as well. Karma is all I can say.
So I gave these friends a huge hug and told them what happened and Jeremy turned up with the boys at the same time and the garage at Tirau wasn't opened so there was no fixture for the tyre GEESHHH... but the friends gave us their spare tyre as they only lived about 10 minutes away woohooooooo how great is that. It got us home so tomorrow we are going to get the tyres fixed, new jack and I have to also get to the place where I buy paper to get paper for Lee-Annes wedding invites if not I will go on Tuesday because I have to get the tyres done so that I can go and take the tyre back to the lovelllly people.....
It was great to see Lee-Anne on Friday with her hubby to be and daughter.

The tyre was chewed wasn't it..... OMG
Anyway had to do an update as I need to go and have a bath and get some sleep as I am tired as.
Now I know this is weird but while I was in the caravan I kept thinking FIL's friends will come I just know and it was them... The book of Secrets says "believe and you will recieve" OMG it sure was fantastic today.... I am certainly going to really start doing what I can our of that book.
Food was ok over the weekend.. but not wonderful but hey that is life. I have till Wednesday till my weigh in. I will be DAMN perfect for the next couple of days. I did 7 days of exercise in this last week and I tracked every day (apart from Saturday and part of Sunday)... I should be ok.... cross your fingers for me.



just janene said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend away, despite the tyre blowing on the way home... I wonder if the tyre blew because you had been thinking there was a problem with it (hehe Secret pyschology gone bad???). Great that your friends stopped to helped, that would have been scarey.

Chris H said...

Fun and games.... that lake is beaufiful ... I have been there, and's bloody freezing water from memory! Brrrr. That is one F#*ked tyre mate! MEN, WHY don't they listen to us? Have a great day!

Anne said...

Apart from the tyre - it sounds like you had a lovely time away. Greaat experiences for the boys as well.

Lyn said...

What a wonderful weekend away you had!! Very envious!!

celtic_girl said...

Caravaning brings back some great memories for me. Looks like you had a great time.

Name: Lynise said...

Hi Mandy,
looks like you had a great weekend camping in the new caravan. I'm a huge fan of 'road tripping' and feel like I've explored NZ with a fine tooth comb in the campervan we used to have.
Next road trip will be Europe, (here's hoping, its been on the books for ages, so one day I hope to make it finally happen).

Helena said...

I love the way you guy take family time out, so important I reckon these days with everyones busy lives. Plus the added bonus is you guys always have an adventure! Awesome stuff.

Jules said...

Is it rude for me to say I only got half way through this post?? It was just so darn long and it's 11.22pm.

I loved the photos and love the house bus, a dream of mine.

You should have just nipped in there for number twos!!

Me said...

It sounds like you had a great time away - gosh I can't believe how much you have changed since I last read your posts ! You are doing an amazing job and should be soooooo proud of what you have accomplished.

Looking forward to staying in touch. Take care and look after yourself !

Tania said...

I'm jealous - what a great weekend you guys had - love the photos!