Wednesday, 9 January 2008

On a roll and doing it for me

I have been focussed again today and still tracking it is great

Exercise is done for the day. Walked the 3.8 km in 45 minutes and it was up and down hills with the kids racing up in front of me.

Was going to go to the gym but decided that I had 3 days in a row at the gym and I should do something else.

I am going to get to 99.9 kilos by the end of the year.

I am tracking

I am exercising

I am reading heaps of forums and meeting lots of people to get me focussed. I am going to do this... and I have to keep repeating that to myself and I have to know that I can do this for me and that no one can do it for me but me.

Plan for tomorrow for my food and for my exercise is already sorted so I know what I am going to eat and how many points it is and my exercise tomorrow is a walk at 7.30 am around the block and then go to the gym for 45 minutes and home. Woohoooo. Going to take the boys to the movies tomorrow.

While I was at work today Jeremy's brother phoned and was talking with Corbin and said to him that he was coming over tomorrow. Mum phoned me to tell me but said that Corbin didn't pass the phone over for her to say that I was busy. I said to mum he probably wanted something out of me because that doesn't normally happen.

So I phoned Jeremy to tell him to phone his bro and tell him I wasn't going to be around tomorrow.. I am not having my day off doing something for him when he neglects his nephews.

So anyway he phoned his brother and asked why he phoned and apparently NOW GET THIS that he wants to come over and give me my birthday present... OK so any of you know when my birthday is.... SEPTEMBER 9th. Why? Why would he worry about getting me a present that was 4 months ago TODAY... Jeremy seems to think that they picked up my pissed off attitude (about the kids not getting a present not me not getting a present)..

For Fuck Sake.. I don't want a birthday present... I would rather they spent money on my boys than me... a bloody $2 Christmas present each would have been enough and Quinn to actually have his uncle buy him a birthday present (because he brought one for Corbin and not him)... I am not happy about this... I don't want a present... I want respect for my kids because I don't have brothers or sisters and he is the only uncle they will ever have.... man I am fuming about that.

Don't think that he should come over until I am cooled off because I don't want this... I want to tell him straight to his face that he is an arse and doesn't fucken think.... and that the only time he comes over is when he wants something.... or us to do something.


celtic_girl said...

Great to hear!!! I love your title 'Doing it for me", whihc of course is the absolute right reason.

Jules said...

Whoooa back there filly, sounds like someone needs another walk!!

In laws suck, it's just law that they do.

sandie_bee said...

sounds like you are really organized with your eating and exercise.. go you !! :o)

Family's can suck sometimes. We had a similar situation. The guy had not done anything for his own children birthdays (he didn't live with them) but then made a big deal for the birthday of a nephew that he had just met... and he couldn't understand why we were so pissed with him... some people!.

My suggestion, don't waste your energy being cross with people who obviously didn't waste much thought on you and yours.

have a good day
sandie :o)

Anne said...

Like Sandie Bee said - I wouldn't waste your energy with being upset with the BIL - he's not worth it!

Well done on your hard work - those double digits are getting closer.

Name: Lynise said...

drat, I just left one of my mammoth comments and see it didn't save. grrrr
Anyway, it basically said that I think your husband needs to have a brother to brother talk and encourage him to spend a bit of time with the boys.

Perhaps Jeremy could suggest that they all (4 of them) do a few things together doing 'boy things' so the relationship can grow.
I don't think J's brother is going to wake up to the fact that his actions arn't conducive to him having the type of Uncle/nephew that the boys would benefit from. I always say 'think of the end result you really want' then work out a way to get there. (like a plan). I don't think being angry at anyone ever achieves the results we want as it will just pull people further apart.
I don't know how old the brother is but it can take some guys a while to 'grow up' (so to speak) so he may not be aware his actions are hurtful.
In my opinion Jeremy should have a nice wee chat with his bro and encourage him to be more involved.
I hope it all works out.

Great to hear your so motivated and doing so well with eating etc. I am back off to ww next week (again) as I seriously need to get seriously motivated again.

Abba said...

It's a great idea to plan all of your food and exercise for the next day and have it all sorted. I should spend more time doing this. I am a good planner, it's following through that is the tough part.

Tania said...

Family huh? Don't you just wish they'd go away sometimes!

You most definitely will get into double digits this year, you're doing great. Enjoy the movies.

Leighanne said...

I think inlaws just do their best to

Great to hear that you are going great guns!! Talking to others in forums sure does help....kepp it up chickee:)

Lyn said...

Oh mandy lol honey ... you get yourself worked up about things sometimes. I know that's who you are ... a passionate person. And I love that about you! But for yourself sometimes just take the good with the bad. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that what the BIL did was right but for your own sake let it be his problem on his shoulders and save yourself some stress.

Glad to hear you back so motivated again, it's rubbing off on me too!!!

We are gonna do this mate!!!

Helena said...

I like Lynise's idea. J, the boys and the BIL do a "boy" thing together. Fantastic idea.