Tuesday, 1 January 2008

First day of 2008

Ok... everyone seems sooo positive at the moment.. it is great.

I wanted to be positive this morning but I am sick in my tummy... not sure if it is my ulcer back again or not... or it is all the crap in the last week I have been eating.

I didn't even drink myself to a stupour or anything... I had 2 drinks and that was it and I am feeling like I have a hangover and I want to throw up. I get the feeling it is because I have not been eating right.

Today we have taken down the Xmas decorations and sat in the sun for 20 minutes and I have started some crafty things he he he... OMG I am getting right in to my craft room at the moment it is like my hide away.


Tania said...

That's great that you have something just for you - I think all us busy working mums need that. Hope you feel better soon (I can relate as i've started 2008 with a sore back). HAPPY NEW YEAR - may it be one where many of your dreams come true.

Chris H said...

We stayed home by choice.... and went to bed at 12.02 ... so for once we 'saw' the New Year in! Boring old farts we are! As for the day today, beautiful eh?