Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Feeling better today

What great choices did I make today?
Went for a walk at lunch time instead of just sitting at my desk and eating my lunch and then getting back to work.

What am I looking forward to tomorrow?
Not sure really.  Just work and not really wanting to be there lately.  Love the work I do but feeling angry about the last month at work

What extra thing do I wish I had done today?
I wish that I had gone for a walk at night to get my steps up better than they were.  Hard getting steps when I sit as a job all day

How many steps did I walk today or what exercise?
5500 steps today NOT ENOUGH

What was my artistic outlet today?
OMG I didn't get an artistic outlet today as it was all about catching up at work as I had been away Friday to Monday and no one does my work when I am away

How did my tracking go today? 
Kept within my WW points today

2 Wholemeal bread
Scrambled Egg
Shaved ham

Leftover Lasagne (with veges) that J made last night

Mashed Potato


What have I planned for this week or looked in to in regards to going away?
J and I have decided that we are planning for a trip next June but there are a couple of choices and we can't make up our minds

Rarotonga, Canada, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Barcelona OMG too many choices and what one to do first.  We want to travel now our boys are getting older.

My mind has changed a little and I am getting back in to tracking and back in to trying hard not to eat badly.  Starting off slowly and I know some things aren't right but I am slowly looking at the pointing and then we are going to refine things.  I am tracking once again on the Weight Watcher app and feeling like I can have anything I want as long as I track 

Thanks Jaxx and Tracy for commenting.  I needed that and I am glad you have taken the time to read and comment. 

I'm finding it hard to find weight loss blogs to read at the moment.  People seem to be doing it on Facebook and I hate Facebook for this outlet.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Getting there

What great choices did I make today?
I went for a walk tonight when I was so tired from lack of full sleep because of taking Q up to Auckland airport for 3 am check in.  It was a great one because we didn't take our dog this time.  It takes longer with him and he sniffs everything I MEAN EVERYTHING along the way.  He did have a walk with C today so it wasn't like he hadn't been out.  I find having a dog has been harder for me for exercise.  We stop so much my calves get sore and I hate the walk.  I love our dog though.

What am I looking forward to tomorrow?
Having a day at work where I don't have any training or auditing woohoooooo.  Was supposed to have annual leave but J and I are saving to go to Rarotonga next June to celebrate 30 years together.  I need to lose this weight for that and be able to feel fantastic on the beach (well I know I won't be skinny but I can feel better)

What extra thing do I wish I had done today?
I wish I had had more time with Q before he boarded the plan and not let the team go so quickly.  They waited for an hour inside OMG!!! 

How many steps did I walk today or what exercise?
7011 so far today and it is only 7.23pm.  Walk tonight was bloody freezing but it was fantastic for J and I to get out and have some time talking

What was my artistic outlet today?
Nothing today as it was busy with taking my youngest to the airport and also recovering from the car trip and lack of sleep.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Miserable B&*&)ch

What great choices did I make today?
Wanted to be positive but I wasn't.  I sucked at being positive today because my baby (16 year old) was going to California tomorrow and I wasn't dealing with it properly.  I felt like a little 2 year old and I acted like one too.  I miss him so much when he is gone for a weekend let alone 2 weeks.  We get on so well and I sucked at being the grown up today

What am I looking forward to tomorrow?
NOTHING!!!!! he is going tomorrow.  Wow I started this journey off well didn't I?  But then again at least I am writing in here.

What extra thing do I wish I had done today?
Burnt his passport so he couldn't go (you know I didn't mean what I just wrote but I thought it lol)

How many steps did I walk today or what exercise?
Hardly any as I was wallowing in self pity.

What was my artistic outlet today?
Being an out right cry baby

How did my tracking go today? 
Ok that I did

1 Bread
Scrambled Eggs

1 Bread roll
Left over lamb
V energy drink (I know not good choice)

Chicken casserole with carrots (Friend in Auckland made it)
Bread Roll


Could have done so much better in so many ways and I see it now but not at the time.

Tomorrow will show you photos and you will see that I didn't look happy either.  Miserable B*&(&ch I was.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

What great choices do I make.

I can't seem to keep my mind on blogging or on weight loss so hubby and I have been going for walks every night and today we decided on a couple of things I need to blog about every day

What great choices did I make today?
Great choice in getting our walk over and done with today.
My Samsung health said:

  • 9.50am this morning for 25 minutes for 3km's.
  • 1 minute maximum
  • 29 minutes Vigorous
  • 5 minutes Moderate
  • Average heart rate 130 bpm
  • Maximum Heart rate 157 bpm
  • 13 Degrees today.  Rather warm for a winters day

Pretty pleased with that.

What am I looking forward to tomorrow?
Keeping my steps up and spending time with my family

What extra thing do I wish I had done today?
I wish that I hadn't had the buttered tart that hubby made but then I did enjoy it immensely even though it wasn't good for me.

How many steps did I walk today or what exercise?
6174 steps today.
Working every day I can't manage to get enough steps in as I have a sitting job so I am aiming for 6000 steps a day.  Not that today was a working day but I did do a lot of things around the house today with labeling for sons travel to California and make stickers for their helmets and sticks for the team.  They are representing NZ in California for 2 weeks in Inline Hockey.

What was my artistic outlet today?
I am not sure if was artistic but made stickers on my cricut to go on son's stick and helmet

How did my tracking go today? 
Tracking went over points.  I have 37 a day but had 47 arghhh but I tracked and that is the main point isn't it.  I need to be aware of what I am eating and change my habits.  Tracking and exercise are my things I can control.


  • Coffee
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • 1 White sandwich bread slice
  • Margarine


  • Pulled Beef
  • 2 rolls
  • Margarine


  • Lamb Roast
  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Carrots


  • Buttered Tart
  • Tea
I could have only had one roll at lunch and I could have chosen not to have the buttered tarts.  I need to look at my food differently and choose better choices

What have I planned for this week or looked in to in regards to going away?
Plan for this week is that my youngest (16 year old) is leaving for California on Monday to represent New Zealand in the Inline Hockey world games and he is excited but I am a little nervous as I hubby and I are not going with him.  I trust one of the lady parents going and her son is staying in the same room as my son so I am happy with that.  The weekend will be spent getting him ready.

We will have two weeks with no inline hockey what so ever OMG what ever shall we do.

I know what I am going to do is blog and track and go for walks.  I need to get back in to a routine so when he comes home I don't go back to my life being all about what he wants.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Saturday and Sunday

1 week tomorrow (Monday) until Quinn goes to California to represent New Zealand in the World Inline Hockey.  I am a bit scared but proud.  Scared because we are not going but proud because he has worked so hard for this.

Went for a walk each day this weekend. 

Jeremy and I are trying to walk every day and we have some beautiful walks in our town.

I just need to keep focus and track and do some form of exercise a day.  I am finding it hard to keep on track.  But I need to so do this. 

Even when we were out of town this week our country gave us some beautiful photos.  I think sometimes we forget to just be and enjoy the moments we have.  

I think my problem is... is that I don't know if I will lose the weight and keep it off.  I have lost the same amount of weight over and over again and I can't seem to enjoy the weight loss when it happens and so I need to enjoy the process and work out a way to keep this up for the rest of my life and that is what I am struggling with.  How to do this?

I know it isn't working more and more like I have over the last 10 years.  It is more time with my family and on me.  Work pays me for 40 hours but I do way more and they don't care about me and in the long run they get more out of me and I get nothing.  Need to take back my life.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Struggling to be honest

Struggling with work life balance.  Thought that my co-ordinator was pretty decent until last week.  It is interesting when you find out who you can trust in situations.

I have been involved in two major projects for my company in the last year and both really successful and one of them making millions for the company and thought that the support would have been better but apparently I see it differently.  So I suppose it has made me realise that I can trust no one and I need to do what is right for me and I won't be doing anymore than is required for work from now on.  Have to start looking after me and not after work who aren't looking after me.

Traveled so much for work this past two weeks that I haven't had time to blog.  I have been in Auckland Christchurch, Palmerston North, Whanganui, and New Plymouth OMG I have been everywhere man.  But with that comes travelling and not so wonderful food choices.  I did walk around Hagley park at 5.45am in the morning with my work mate so that wasn't so bad.  With her out there with me I don't eat as bad as I could if I was by myself.

Only 4 weeks until Quinn goes to California to represent New Zealand I have still have more fundraising to do.  We are doing a step challenge fundraise up the Hakarimata's, a movie night (which is costing me at the moment as I can't seem to get anyone to come and we have paid for the seats) so if you want to come to see Deadpool on Sunday 27th in Hamilton please please buy a ticket off me.  They are $20 but that is about only $3 more and it will go towards Quinn's fundraising.  I am having such a hard time selling them.  If not we have 78 tickets and we paid for empty seats.

I have also made so many signs for people and feel like a little factory at the moment.  Here are a couple to show you.  I have done more but didn't take the photo

Stayed the same with the weight.  Work stress and trying to find money for Quinn to go away in 4 weeks time with has put a toll on me.

Just got back from a walk.  Decided I am still going to keep up my walking at least

So are you all posting as well?? Tracey? Wanna B? Lee-Anne?


Sunday, 6 May 2018

Out with my boys

I want to come on here and say it all. I am a little scared to now.  I used to be able to say what I think but things don't feel the same since I gave up blogging years ago.  I hope it will get better but been burnt.

Last night was amazing.  J had his buddies over for Poker so the boys and I went out for dinner (probably not a good choice of dinner but I spent time with my boys) and then we went to the pool hall and played a couple of games of pool.  It was good to relax with them and just be us and not worry about other people.  We laughed and I won 2 games out of 4.  I don't think Corbin thought I could play and the first couple of times I was just sinking one after the other and he was like getting a little mad lol but as I said to him when I first start off I am good then I get worse lol.

Had a really tough week this week.  Someone told J and I something and I am struggling to come to terms with it.  I can't say right now but at a later date I might but it turned my world upside down and inside I have been struggling to understand. 

I lost 500 grams this week.  I am all good with that.

J and I will be together for 30 years June 2019 and we were thinking of going to Rarotonga so I have a year and 1 month to get myself in order.  If I lose 500 grams a week then I can make it to 115 kgs by then.  If I lose more then that will be even better.  But realistically 500 grams is enough.  I have decided that when I go hard out I FUCK up so I need to be realistic.

I need to lose this weight and keep it off and not gain it back.

I need to read blogs and support people and have people support me.  So please comment so I can come and comment on your blog. 

Let's support each other.