Saturday, 16 April 2016

Walked around the lake today

Saturday 16th April 2016

Highest Weight: 160 kgs
Start Weight 2 January 2016: 145.6 kgs (320.3 lbs)
  • Weight Last week: 145.8 kgs (320.76 lbs)
  • Weight This week: 144.4 kgs (317.68 lbs)
  • Lost this week: 1.4 kgs (3.08 lbs)
Total lost since 2 January 2016 : 1.2 kgs (2.64 lbs) 
Total loss to get to 119.9: 24.5 Kilos to go

Beautiful day today so J and I went for a walk around the lake.  It took us 48 minutes.  Slow compaired to what I used to do it in.  But I got the steps up.  Charlie got his walk and J and I had fun talking while we went around the lake.

Felt energetic after that that I made a beautiful casserole which was meaty with lots of vegetables. Track Track Tracking.

It took 2 days to get over my trainer's kickboxing class and didn't want to get up out of my chair at work as the thighs were killing me... I hate doggy lifts in the kickboxing class... and my trainer knew that she was laughing at me and in the middle I said "Shit" and she said "ahhhhh she is back" lol.

Head in the game.

Steps goal met
Food met

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ouch... sore....tired....arghhhhh LOL

Sore. Sore. Sore

Did a kickboxing class with my old trainer tonight and I am feeling it already

It was great and I kept a picture in my head to motivate me.  Everytime I thought I was going to give up as it was too hard I saw this picture of someone (not going to say) and thought I am going to get there.  OMG it worked.

Work was great had two training workshop and felt so buggered afterwards talk talk talking in front of a class of 25 adults is draining.

So hopefully I am going to sleep better tonight

Yayyy me

And.... the scales were down this morning OMG I was so happy as I have been tracking (still having treats) but keeping within points.

I feel on top of it now!!!!

On top of it!!


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Doing better

Doing better and focusing on me and seeing the scales coming down yayyyy

Got my trainer on Wednesday and a little nervous as it has been a while but so looking forward to it.

Work has been full on but some great things coming my way.  So feeling great about that at the moment.

Tracy.  I hope things are going well with your mums operation.  Thinking of you.

Been thinking more about the food that goes in to my mouth in the last couple of days and trying to make better choices but not being boring.  As long as I am keeping within my points I am good.

I am sitting here updating my blog and Charlie is looking at me from the ground GRRRRR so now I am feeling like I have to rush this so I can take him for a walk.  Yukky rainy weather and it is Quinn's turn to take him.  Grrr Quinn.... stop being out with friends.

Sunday, 10 April 2016


Woke up this morning early as C had to be taken to a school gala where he was volunteering and making coffee's from a coffee trailer.  C wants to learn how to make coffee's so it when he needs a part time job while studying at Uni (if he goes) then he is set.

Then had to take mum to the shopping mall so she could do things and then Q had to be taken to meet up with friends as they were going to Raglan with his friends parents.

THEN.... we were going a my best friends place to pack things as tomorrow she moves in to their first home.  So excited for her... her and her hubby deserve this.  Bit jealous as she is having exciting things happen but not jealous of her.  I just want a challenge or something happening with me so I don't feel like my life is boring.  I know it isn't but you know when others are excited about something and you don't have anything at the moment ya get a little jealous.

Got a Facebook message from my old trainer today saying she was thinking about me as she went through some photos of the boot camp and tough guy gal challenge and all the fantastic things we did back a couple of years ago.  She asked if I wanted to come to her kick boxing classes she is having in her garage.  OMG I jumped at it.

So excited... this trainer kept me going and really helped me so much with my self esteem etc.  So J and I are going to go every Wednesday night OMG I am so excited but really really scared as I am sooooo unfit compaired to what I used to be with her.

It feels like it is all happening again and I feel like this time I am going to kick some of my fat butt.

Food... food is my problem.... I need to sort out my food.  I love food so much at the moment.  I have a problem with sweet stuff... I never it had it before... never worried me if I had anything sweet ever... but now grrr.

So.  I know that there are at least 18 people reading my blog at the moment.  Come and chat.... stop being in the background LOL... I don't bite :-)

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Expensive but it might be the motivation I need

Highest Weight: 160 kgs
Start Weight 2 January 2016: 145.6 kgs (320.3 lbs)

  • Weight Last week: 143.9 kgs (316.6 lbs)
  • Weight This week: 145.8 kgs (320.76 lbs)
  • Lost this week: Gain... again
Total lost since 2 January 2016 : Gain 200 grams 
Total loss to get to 119.9: 25.9 Kilos to go

Losing weight takes concentration.

I need to sort out my food.  I am going to the gym with J once a week at lunch time and going both days in the weekend with Quinn and J.  Stress at work doesn't help at all either.  I need to make myself a priority.  I know this and I know what I have to do but had no reason to do it.  Not even my health.

Brought myself a Gear2 watch a week ago and it has been making me sort myself out. I am trying to keep my heart rate at the right level for weight loss.  I have tried to do at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.  Even if it is getting off my fat ass at work and walk for 15 minutes and then walk 15 minutes back.  It is sort of helping with my stress levels at work.

The food is doing my head in.  I have never been a sweet tooth person usually been a cheese, potato, chips sort of person.  But it has changed in the last couple of months and doing my head in as I want chocolate ALL the time.

J dropped me and charlie off on the side of the road so that it would take me 30 minutes to walk charlie home today.  It was nice as it was a different route.  When  you are walking around the block it is always the same and I am bored with it but I didn't feel like going down to the lake or river as I get a bit bored with doing the same route again and again.  

Was a lovely day today. The sun was shining. Charlie was happy and it wasn't stinking hot in the middle of the day.  I love Autumn.

Had a huge heart to heart with J last night as I am so stressed at work and working 50 to 60 hours a week and my health is suffering and gaining weight is so not what I want anymore.

In the next couple of weeks I am going to get as much of my work up to date and then I am going to try and stick to only 40 hours a week only.  I am going to do at least 30 minutes a day of walking or gym and food is going to be better.  I want to be the chubbymum that was happy when at 119 kgs.  I know I need to be smaller than that but losing the BLEEP BLEEP weight again is not exactly making me motivated.  So getting back to the 119 is an aim.

I have a motivation now... not a cheap one but motivation at least.  If I can get down to 119 kgs then as soon as the 119.9 comes up hubby will help me to get something I have wanted in a while but my weight is letting me down (in my head)

Monday, 18 January 2016

Weigh in - Oops haven't posted in a while

Highest Weight: 160 kgs
Start Weight 2 January 2016: 145.6 kgs (320.3 lbs)

  • Weight Last week: 144.8 kgs (318.5 lbs)
  • Weight This week: 143.9 kgs (316.6 lbs)
  • Lost this week: 900 grams

Total lost since 2 January 2016 : 1.7 kgs (3.7 lbs)

I didn't realise that it has been a week since updating my blog.  Also for some reason the comments want to be monitored by me when I didn't have that happening.

It has been a lot harder being back at work and trying to be good with food.  I decided that I am not having snacks in between meals as it was doing my head in so I am having good main meals and if I want something sweet I will have it after dinner.

With my head right at the moment and thinking that I am going to lose 500 grams a week and not worry about how much I have to lose. If I don't lose a kilo I used to get mad so it has been better for me.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saturday Weigh in

Highest Weight: 160 kgs
Weight Last week: 145.6 kgs (320.3 lbs)
Weight This week: 144.8 kgs (318.5 lbs)
Lost: 800 grams (1.8 pounds)

I am so happy with that.

Christmas and being home all day which is hard with all the food.  Plus with the rain the last week I haven't got off my arse to go for a walk.

Hmmmm I should have done more but had a depressed week and sat down instead and thought of ways to sort out my mind as this is what is letting me down.

My aim is for 500 grams a week and I did more.  If I lose 500 grams per week that is 26 kgs in a year.

Went for a walk with Charlie and Jeremy this morning for 30 minutes... man it was hot out there at 10 am.

Took mum out to Frankton markets today and what a let down that was.... it was deserted and not many stalls.  Grrrr.

Got home and thought what a lovely day to go for a bicycle ride OMG NOT!!!!! I haven't gone on the bike in such a long time and when I brought the bike I was down to 119 kgs grrrrr and so unfit.  Going up the hills almost killed me.  The heat almost killed me and I almost killed me lol.  We went for 32 minutes.  But I did it and I will do it faster and better next time.  Baby steps baby steps CM.

Got back and went for a swim in our pool, man we needed that.

I am getting back in to this blogging thing.

I was a little worried about getting back to blogging since it has been 8 years since I stopped but I think it is better to write it than to bottle it.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.