Saturday, 30 June 2007

Things off my Chest about G & P

I was so proud of my husband tonight.

Well after 7 weeks we finally got a phone call from the so called friend (the one that has been treating his ex and his kids bad)..

All I saw was Jeremy saying "yes" then his forehead did this you know that angry look when they are telling off the kids look and then he said "No sorry not tonight we are having dinner and then going out to my brothers place" then he said "yes I have heard" and then "ok"....

So here I was thinking I didn't know we were going out to your brothers place tonight why the hell didn't you tell me... and then I said to him "Who was that?" and he said "G" I said to him why did you tell him we were going out.. he said because right now I don't want to talk to him and not too sure how I am going to handle this.

We had a good chat and he said he has left it up to G to ring back later but he is a little angry about how he has gone about all this and doesn't think tonight was a good time for him to turn up.

I said I wasn't keen on seeing him and Jeremy said that he would like it if I was there because we need to be hearing both sides but we cannot not think about what the kids are saying to our kids and how they are feeling and maybe we need to be telling G what we think. I do agree but he better not be bringing over the slut (yes I know that is a harsh word but it is how I feel at the moment).

The reason I am sooo angry at him at the moment but the last couple of weeks we have been going through hell just as much because his ex is ringing me because she has no one... no family no one to count on and I want to be there for her. Well the reason I am even more angry at G is because he turned up at her place last Thursday and he forced his way in to the house took her by the arm and she has bruises and he was shouting and saying that he will smash things if he doesn't get what he wants. The kids were there and he was abusing her verbally and they heard (but she thought at the time that they didn't wake up but the kids said they did hear the next morning)

She phoned me at 9.30 crying and I was telling her that she needs to phone the police.. he had no right to do that... he said that if she refuses him then he will start smashing things... (now this is a mild meek guy that both my hubby and I never never never ever thought he would do this NEVER and now we are seeing things differently).

I was telling her she had to call the police... was saying to her that I am calling the police or I will contact G one of the two... she was pleading with me no no it will make things worse. I said ok then you need to be emailing your lawyer and copying it to his lawyer stating that this is not going to happen again and if it does then the cops will be in on it and that will make sure that he will never get another teachers job ever because he will have an abuse record.... it is not going happen again.

She didn't know this was happening but her boss went to the Deputy Principal of his school and said to the DP that she has to talk to G about the situation and that he has to stop all this or his career is going to be on the line and that it is not good enough. Apparently the DP said that his work is suffering and realises that G's ex was doing a lot when he was at home with work and that now it is suffering Woohoooo is what I felt... arse.

So that is why in the last couple of weeks I haven't been updating because I have been involved in this situation trying to help her out as she is having a huge hard time at the moment.

Anyway I needed to get that off my chest at the moment.

Love Chubbymum

Friday, 29 June 2007

Steps are great

I am soooo pleased with my steps today... it is only 1.00 and I have done 8,731 steps woohoo me!!!

I got out before it pissed down with rain and it felt great.

Car is in the garage today to get it's warrant... which will fail I can tell you that now he he he we need two new tyres and then we have to pay for the registration... OMG all in one week... plus had my bosses on the phone today because they short paid me by a day and so they will pay it to me next week. I felt like saying and I hope it will be with interest you arse's because I have to wait an extra week for my money when it was your error GEESH... they only have one transfer a week and can't help it... bugs the hell out of me I can tell you.

Will update later....


Thursday, 28 June 2007

I didn't want to get out today!!! It is soooo cold that we have two heaters on today and I can't get warm. And school holidays start soon and I don't want that for TWO WHOLE WEEKS.

I am sooo looking forward to getting together with everyone in August it is going to be so much fun. Hubby and I are going down Friday and doing the romantic thing down there woohoooo... so if it is cold woohoo for us getting to stay in bed all day...wink wink nudge nudge..

I have been tagged by Lisa........

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What were you doing ten years ago?

I was going through hell because I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and it took 3 months for a specialists appointment for him to say that he was on call that night and if they would have called him in then it all could have been sorted then and there.... that I had a condition called drusin and not a brain tumour...

Five snacks You Enjoy:

1. Hummus and crackers

2. Vitawheat with cottage cheese, tomatoe

3. Almonds

4. Marshmellows

5. Fruit

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

1. }


3.} I am like Lisa and I actually suck at remembering words of songs.



Five things you would do if you were a Millionaire:

1. Buy a house in the South Island and North Island

2. Personal Trainer full time

3. Go to Graphic Design school full time

4. Get my business up and running in a shop

5. Make my kids and hubbys dreams come true.

Five Bad Habits:

1. Going in to my shell when things get overwelming.

2. Staying up too late as I don't want to waste the day by sleeping

3. Spending too much time on the computer blogging etc.

4. Spending too much money on stuff that we don't need.

5. Trademe

Five Things You Like Doing:

1. Blogging

2. Reading Blogs.

3. Digital Scrapbooking

4. Helping my friends in need

5. Bike riding and walking with my family.

Five Things You'll Never Wear Again:

1. Pointy shoes

2. Lacy belts (like Madonna used to wear he he)

3. My size 26's

4. School uniform

5. Bows in my hair he he

Five Favourite "toys":

1. Laptop

2. Colour Printer

3. DVD comedy's

4. Photoshop

5. Her Business Magazines

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Weigh in day - 27 June 07

Weigh in day at home

Lost: 200g

Current weight: 120.6 kgs

Total loss: 34.1 kgs

Small challenge: 119 kgs

Started: 12 June 07

How much to go: 1.6 kgs

June's total loss is: 900 grams (it is down not up woohooo)

Ok so I am a little dissapointed and the reason being I have been good and watching what I am eating and yesterday I had the scales saying a loss of 500grams and I was pleased with that and I wasn't bad in the last couple of days for me to gain 300 grams so it sucks.

I am also in a mood that hey I have lost and not gained in 3 weeks so I am doing something right. So in the last three weeks I have lost 900 grams and that is 900 grams that I am not going to see again.....It is all going down and that is the main thing aye and I am still losing even though I am not with Weight Watchers anymore and that is a bonus too so I am losing and saving money great aye.

I am feeling better about the loss because as in my post here it is better the weight to be off than on and I keep looking at that post whenever I feel I haven't lost enough.

I want to consistantly loose the weight and not gain one week and loose the next because it does my head in so hey... a loss is fantastic and even if I had only lost 100 grams it is a loss aye...

So my goal for this week is another 200 grams loss. If I can lose 900 grams next month and the month after that etc then by the end of the year I will be the following weight: 116.2 and that is fantastic compared to what I started with 154.7 wooohoo me.

Slow and steady wins the race they say and at least this way I am not going up and down and up and down and then in the end giving up and gaining it all back again.




Roll on next weeks weigh in!! I am not going to let anything stand in my way again.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the yoyoing and I tend to do it after I have lost a huge amount and then the next week I either gain or I loose a small amount but when I am losing small amounts consistantly I don't go overboard and think... wooohoo I have lost a huge amount I can have this treat and this treat and this treat ya know?

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Big day

Was nervous all weekend about Monday at work. I was meeting my new bosses for the first time.... not too sure if you all know what I do..... but here goes.

I am a financial administrator for 10 creches in the Waikato and I do it from one creche in Hamilton... anyway I have had in the last 2 years 4 bosses and I have only ever met one of them and that was the first one OMG... and they all reside up in Auckland...

So paranoid me was worried when the big big boss said her and my new boss were coming down on the Monday and are we ok with that... so my mind started thinking OMG they are going to make my job redundant bla bla bla but no it was really informative and I was quite bossy he he he well maybe not bossy but I said what I thought (in a diplomatic way he he) said I haven't had a pay rise and I went from doing the accounts for one creche to 7 and I always get my job done and no complaints so she is looking in to that WOHOOOOO.

Also said that I haven't been on any courses and she said well they are organising for all of the adminstrators from the whole of NZ to get together for a couple of nights down in Wellington or Auckland Woohooo bloody woohooo and she said it isn't all about the work but going out for dinner and having some fun so that is fantastic. I felt soooo much more relaxed after that.

So finally after two years I meet a boss instead of chatting over the phone or on email.

So my day was pretty good and then.......

I went to pick up the kids from school and I was driving in and I saw this lady sitting in her car and I thought to myself I know her (it was pissing down with rain) and so I shouted out Tracy and she looked at me strange and then she looked at her mother sitting in the other seat and said something and then just kept looking at me.... and then she clicked. I sat in the back seat talking and about 10 minutes later she said OMG I have to tell you when you shouted my name I couldn't work out who the hell you were and it took me until you sat in the car to realise who you were you have lost a lot of weight and look fantastic... OMG you could have pushed me with your little finger and I would have flown he he he it was great to have someone that hasn't seen me in a while to give me a compliment like that.

So I was on high...... until I got to my son's class and he was under the table hiding while everyone was in a circle doing their reflection at the end of the day. I didn't know what was happening so at the end when the bell went the teacher came over to me (and Corbin ran out the door) and said that he has been acting quite strange in the last week and he hasn't been his bubbly self and doesn't want to do things in reflection time and is acting not himself and she was worried (as she really likes Corbin).... so I said I would try and find out. So I had a good chat to him (took a while for him to tell me) and he said he was feeling pressured to get his literature done and he is struggling and that if he doesn't get it done then he isn't allowed to do some of the fun things on the last day of term... he said it was hard and sometimes people think I can do something but he finds it difficult...

So I will have to see what we can do to ask the teacher if we as parents can help him get back on track with the literature at home or something as he isn't liking the pressure of it.... (I know he isn't a child that mucks around so it can't be that he wasn't foccussed).

Then when we got home he wouldn't get out of the car and said he wanted to sit and think... so I let him and then a few minutes later I went back and he was crying and so I asked him what was the problem and he said that his friend Cathan is being mean to him and not wanting to sit with him and making him feel terrible. I said to him did he ask him why? he said no.... I said that friends don't treat friends like that and that if he wasn't going to be nice then he needs to go and find someone that will treat him with respect (and he said I don't understand that word) I said that someone that treats you like you would treat them and is nice to you. He looked at me and said yes. I said that you have plenty of friends and that Cathan is missing out on a wonderful friendship and that is his loss.

I mean what else do you say aye?

I hate seeing him go through this... it isn't fair that some kids can make friends and stay with them and my son wants so much to be friends and can't manage to find a nice friend that treats him right. My heart went out to him. I want him to have a best friend but Cathan isn't the one.... he can be a nasty child and goes with the people that can get him something or that is rich with lots of toys etc... it isn't something I want my child being like that is for sure.

So I said to Corbin that in the school holidays we will get some different boys from his class over and do some fun things with them... so he said he would get some phone numbers today so I can talk to the parents.

Anyway I better get on with my work.

P.S I am feeling really good about this weigh in tomorrow morning... wohoooo

Love Chubbymum

Monday, 25 June 2007


Well things are going well for the Wedding Expo... I am still stressing heaps but I am getting there.

I did a really really nice elegant invitation set in the weekend and was sooo proud of it. I am going more for the black and white invites and have to get out of that and try some funky ones but for now I am enjoying the designing he he he.

On Saturday took the boys to soccer and it poured down with rain... Corbin's team lost and Quinn's team won but they were both close games and Corbin's team didn't have subs for the day as a couple of kids didn't turn up... not suprising really as those parents always wimp out on the rainy days and it bugs the hell out of me because when you go in to a team you should teach your children that you stick to it because you made a committment... grrrr hate parents like that.

Came home and my mother in law was over for lunch and we had a really nice chicken soup with hot bread and it was soooo yummmy.

I went to Tania's florist shop to help her out from 2pm till 5.30 to dress up the window. It looks sooo beautiful. We have a round table in the window with the table settings with my wine bottle, menu's, place names and little chocolate boxes and it looks soooo beautiful and flowy... the colour scheme was mainly white and a pale green... sooo beautiful... I was sooo proud of my table settings. Got a little tired of how bossy Tania was and the other lady helping us said to me when Tania wasn't there "take 10 deep breaths" OMG I could have strangled her but hey that is life aye...

Hubby was really good with the kids this weekend and letting me be in my study with the heater to get these invites done and I was sooo happy with him for helping me out like that.

Took a computer over to my friend that has been going through hell because other half left them and set up broadband for them... I got a wonderful email later to thank me because it really lifted the kids spirits... I was happy to do it for them that is for sure.

The ex moved out like 5 weeks ago and now he is living with the woman he left her for and she has 2 kids, 10 year old and a 12 year old and the 12 year old is a child in his class OMG I thought that was against the law or frowned on anyway. He brought a house with this lady and has brought a brand new car OMG it really pisses me off that he did this so fast and was fighting with my friend to have the kids over for the day on Saturday to meet the new woman OMG 5 week relationship and he is going to fast for these kids... ASS... ok so I have that off my chest.

Corbin went to a birthday party on Sunday and they all went to see Shrek 3 the boys birthday party had 4 girls and 3 boys he he he that is soooo funny... he is a little bit of a ladies boy I think he he he.

I have been really relaxed with my food and how I am dealing with it in the last 2 weeks and last week I lost 200 grams and this week I think I am going to have the 400-500 gram loss... the scales are looking that way anyway. I am really happy with that.

I haven't been to a PT for 2 weeks now and I haven't missed them to tell the truth because everytime I see my trainer it makes me think of Kris and how she took Kris's word over mine (until she found out the truth that is). I have been talking to hubby and I said to him that I am giving up the PT's with Joy as I would rather have the money to go for our gym membership that is due this month coming so that I don't have to fork out 2 memberships all at once....

My main concern is losing the weight at the moment and not how fit I can be. I know there needs to be a balance and I am out walking and going to my kickboxing classes and that is enough for me at the moment. I did so much with the gym last year as you all know 9 things accomplished but it didn't help me lose the weight and I have to consider the weight first this year as I have to get this weight off. I do not want to go another year and only loose 5 kilos...

I do know that you are all going to say I need a balance of weight and cardio and I am going to achieve that but I don't have to pay $50 a week for a PT it is too expensive and I only work part time and we suffer with doing other things.

Anyway I better get some work done

Friday, 22 June 2007

My day...

Took the kids to school and then slept all morning as I was exhausted after looking after everyone this week and soooo didn't want to get up at lunch time that is for sure.

I have finally finished the table setting for Tania's shop window tonight. I had to do 4 boxes, bottle of wine label, menu's (that I have made to fit on the inside of the plates) and table labels. Phew finally finished. Tania is the most fussiest lady I have ever met so anything I had designed I didn't feel it was good enough but I have finally finished it tonight so I am pleased.

Well in the last 3 weeks I have won two draws at the scrapbook inn and it was $20 each so I had $40 to spend there today and I brought and embosser and a GEORGEOUS album that was in the shape of a handbag and not tiny either... it is georgeous and funky and I thought I might use it for the invitations at the expo that are bright and different... hmmm thinking about that still.

Took the boys to Rock and Roll tonight and they were even more interested in dancing tonight... and there is a workshop in the school holidays on a Saturday and I signed them up for it.... the teacher said that it would help them a lot so that is brilliant. I can't wait to see them enjoying the dancing and talking to other kids and making friends.

Corbin was being taught but three girls... he he he and he went all shy but they were having fun trying to teach him the tummy tickle and the hug moves... he he he and I had to take a photo.

And as you can see from Quinn's little smile he was chatting up the girls again.
He learnt how to do a turn and how to twirl a girl... it was too cute.
I should have taken more photos but the flash kept coming on GEESH....

He is getting quite blaze about it all in this photo.... like he is saying "OMG I know this move give me something interesting to do. he he

Another big weekend this weekend.... trying to concentrate on getting more invitations and painting the rest of my frame up for the expo. I am soooo scared of doing this and I am procrastinating a little and I don't know why. Feeling like it is overwelming at the moment. I can't wait till the expo is finished and I can get on with the weddings etc and not have to be on show. I think that is the thing that I am not liking is the having it all on show and it being good enough for everyone to see.... and what are the other professional sites going to look like ya know.

Jaxx the website is being worked on at the moment and hopefull will be up and running for you to show your friends (thanks :-) ).

Can't think of anything else I want to say...


Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Weigh in - 20 June 07

Weigh in day at home

Lost: 200g

Current weight: 120.8 kgs

Total loss: 33.9 kgs

Small challenge: 119 kgs

Started 12 June 07

How much to go: 1.8 kgs

I am still around but hubby came home as ill as a dog and Quinn has been sick and I have been attending to them and

Pissed off with Quinn's Teacher


Went in this morning to say that Quinn was strange last night and kept telling me that Sameer had crashed his head to the concrete.... I said to him did he tell the teacher and he said yes but Sameer told them it happened a different way and it didn't.... I didn't lie they said that I was lying.

I want to believe my son and he was strange last night and he had a headache and was not himself. He went to sleep early and he woke up 3 times in the night with nightmares. He also said that he had a sore heart everytime he moved.... I was worried like you wouldn't believe as Jeremy was away on conference and wasn't coming home till 9.30 and he wasn't well either....

So anyway this morning Quinn said I still have a little headache but not as much so I don't think he was lying when he was still mentioning it a day later.

I went in to take Quinn this morning and had a talk with his teacher Mrs Williams and I wasn't too happy with the way she said things. She said that there was something yesterday but they couldn't get to the bottom of it all and I said to her that Quinn was saying that someone hurt his head yesterday and I won't mention his name and she said it was Sameer. I said that I am not worried about who or where just that he wasn't right last night and that I would like her to keep an eye on him today.

She started to tell me what she had heard and then said that she didn't think that Sameer would have been nasty and that they couldn't get to the bottom of it and that Sameer is a pretty honest kid.. OMG I can imagine my eyes went wide then..... was she telling me that my son was lying? or that he isn't honest or am I being too sensitive... I am not sure now that is for sure. I was a little peeved when I left because I know Quinn can be a little rascal (in a nice way) but he is not nasty and I don't think he would have said something as hurtful as that and been like he was if it wasn't true...

So now that has upset me and I thought I would come in to my blog and put it down because then it will not seeth in my head.

I have decided that for a month I am not going to put anything in this blog for others to read but I will put the results of my losses and gains. I don't feel that they really wanted to help me... I know I have to help myself and I do realise that but there were 33 people that looked at my blog yesterday and only 3 answered which really hurt.

So maybe I am not worth being kind too... I always comment if I read someones blog!! What is the point in blogging if you aren't going to get comments... I don't understand that.

I need to do this weight loss for myself....

It frustrates me that when I try things don't happen in the weight loss but when I am just going about my day things happen.

So anyway today I had my weekly weigh in and I lost 200 OMG I almost keeled over and died. Yesterday I weighed myself and I wass 122.9 OMG I freaked like you wouldn't believe and this morning I was 121.6 Woohooo for me. Now the results I give everyone is what it would be if it was at WW and that is less 800 grams so when I do my update on the next sheet it will be 800 grams less.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Thank you

Thank you Celtic girl, Karen and Felicity for caring!! I did appreciate your comments it is nice to know someone cares as I was in a terrible space yesterday.

I was feeling really sad yesterday. Because of dealing with my friend and her breakup and her kids etc and also... I know a lot of people go away from their other half's but we are hardly ever apart and I missed him yesterday.

The kids missed him last night too and I kept saying that he will be home soon. We do a lot together and for him not to be around was upsetting us all... wusses I know but that is how we felt.

I went to bed a little angry at him because we phoned him and fair enough he was in the middle of something so had enough time to say goodnight to the boys and then had to go to the dinner that the conference was having so we got 3 minutes and that was all for the boys but then I thought he would have texted last night to say good night or this morning to say good morning as we don't go a day without speaking normally ya know...

So I went to bed sad and woke up sad too thinking he was having a wonderful time and didn't miss or the kids at all.

Well got to work and then sent an txt to a friend and noticed that I had a red envelope and SILLY ME had a full in box and there were two messages from hubby... "Nighty, night, sweetie. Love ya! (I love the fact that because he is an english grad that he puts punctuation in he he he and then there was another that said "Morning Sweetie" OMG I felt bad then and send a txt to say that I missed them because my inbox was full.

He then phoned me and said that he has a huge cold and not feeling well and misses me this morning so I was crying on the phone... soppy I know but I really don't know what I would do without him... I would spend 24/7 with him if I could and it has been like that for 18 years.

I have to start getting back into reading blogs and replying and tracking... I am slacking everyone and I am in such a low and don't know how to get out of it and I am scared to write in here because I don't want to come across as a moaner so I just don't blog anymore because I haven't had anything great to say.

I am lost!!! I am lost in this weight loss!! I know what I should be doing but I am not doing it. My weekend was eating chips and chocolate biscuits and too much V and I didn't care!!!

I don't want to go back to my old habits and I keep yoyoing and can't get my mind out of it. I know I have to be positive and I have to take responsibility but don't know how as I think I have sunk too low!!

I don't have anything to aim for! I don't have anything that I want to loose the weight for (not even for me or my family)

I want to get out of this!! I am going to have a gain of at least 500 grams this week so there you go again yoyoing!!! once again!! up, down, up, down, up, down and the cycle keeps going and I do realise that is why I am not getting many comments anymore because I am not motivating when I am like this and hey I wouldn't want to read me either aye...

Food today
Breakfast: 2 toast, chopped egg
Morning tea: V 3 Ryvita Wholegrain Crispbreads, tomatoe, Lite Cottage Cheese
Lunch: Noodles and Chicken (OMG it was too much and struggled and should have left some but I didn't grrr)
Afternoon tea: 2 Mandarins
Dinner: (don't know yet)

Monday, 18 June 2007


I am in a sulk today....

Hubby away on a conference in Wellington... first time in years and I miss him and I am miserable!!

I am sad!!

I am sad!!

I am sad!!

I would never like to loose him because I would kill myself!!!

I am bitchy and I don't wanna be and I am eating the wrong things and I don't care!!


Friday, 15 June 2007


So yesterday was my lazy lazy day and decided I would have a day that if I don't do exercise then that is fine.

I didn't want to do anything actually... he he he

I didn't want to spend time doing the kids spelling in Quinn's class and I didn't want to take my mum anywhere and I didn't want to do anything to do with weight loss.

So I didn't actively do exercise or steps and my steps for the whole day were 2587 but I wasn't unhappy about that.

I got up took the boys to school, told the teacher I couldn't do the spelling today and she was ok with that. I didn't give her an excuse because I got roped in to do the spelling anyway so one week off isn't going to hurt.

I then took my lazy arse he he he and went to starbucks and sat there for an hour reading my Her Business Magazine and pad and pen and had a croissant (naughty I know) and a coffee. It was a nice relaxing time.

Later that morning I went to my friends shop and talked about the table setting with invites and wine bottle etc that I am doing for her window dress up wohooo...

Then came back and had a cup of tea with a friend and my mum at the coffee shop and picked up the boys from school.

That night was Quinn's production at school with the 5 new entrant classes. We went really early so we could get a good seat and we got the front middle and it was soooo cool to have that seat so we could see Quinn and all the others. I was sooo proud of him and he had this higher than though look on his face. So that was a late night for the boys but I got lots of photos.

Today (Friday)

Corbin woke up and was coughing and coughing and coughing so I said he could stay home as long as he wasn't watching tv all day and had to spend some time in his bed to get rid of this cold (the only reason I said that was because I was afraid he would take advantage of not being at school) this is his first day ever in the 3 years that he has been at school that he has taken a sick day so I am quite proud of him for that.

I did a couple of invitations and I left Corbin with mum and went for a walk around the lake. It used to take 55 minutes to walk around it but today I took 35 minutes and I jogged about 7 time around it (4 km) and it was 5787 steps so that was a fantastic effort on my part. I was really happy about that.

After that I came home and managed to do some more on my invites and then took off for my friends shop again to show her the wine bottle and name plates I did but the colour of them wasn't quite right so I am going to do it a lighter colour and try again. Went there to support her as there was a nasty person put in a complaint to the authorities about her advertisement on the radio about child abuse and she didn't even do the ad the radio station did and they are going to sort it out... something about it sounding like a kid was being hit OMG some people aye. They could have gone to the radio station first but no had to get lawyers in on it. My friend was beside herself and I kept telling her that she knows that she isn't that sort of person and that it will get sorted and the radio station is going to sort it out.. apparently they have to prove that it isn't a child being hit on the advertisement OMG sometimes it can go overboard as if a child would have been hurt in an ad for flowers GEESH.

I went to Davidz Emporium to get my backdrop material for my site at the wedding expo today as they had a huge sale on so I got black calico for $6 for 5 metres and I would have paid more than that at other places I was sooo happy about that and I brought some ribbon for some invitations as well... it was a good price.

Went to Rock'n Roll tonight with the boys and Corbin is getting quite good at it and with a little more practice he can go to the next step of learning the turns etc and Quinn was doing ok... he was a little silly at the start and wasn't listening. When they had a free for all this little girl (maybe a year older than Quinn) came and asked him to dance and so he did and it was sooooo cute I wanted to go over and take a photo but didn't take my camera so I didn't embarrass them he he he mean mummy I am.

So anyway that is it for me.

My steps for today are 8776 so I am happy with those steps.
Have a great weekend everyone
I am not sure if I can update as it is a full on weekend this weekend.

Love ya all

Wednesday, 13 June 2007



Wow what an afternoon and I am only now just sitting down.

After work I picked up the kids and took them to the doctors.. Corbin had a sore throat and headache and Quinn had and ear infection and sore throat so $35 later we have antibiotics etc.

Then took both boys to separate parks for their soccer practice and off home after an hour and get ready for the kickboxing class and wow did I work hard there and my butt and thighs are aching me as she did a butt track that blew us away.

While I was there the guy that owns the gym ordered 50 bottle labels with the gym logo on it so I have another business client and if they turn out like he wants he said that there is Christmas around the corner and he would be ordering for that too woohooooo so I am going to do my darndest to make sure they are perfect in every way. I totally enjoy doing bottle labels so to do them for business for Christmas presents will be a great start aye.... I am sooo excited about this.

I wish I could say that my steps were as good as ChrisH but I don't think I will ever get up to that amount (as she is a machine he he) but I am proud of what I did today....

Steps: 7,893 woohoo me (I usually do around 5,000 normally so I have been stepping up.

Food today:

Breakfast: Wheatmeal Bread, Jam

Morning tea: Muesli Bar, Mandarin

Lunch: Wrap with chicken, lettuce, tomatoe, egg, little cheese

Dinner: Chicken stirfry with noodles

Happy with my day today

Weigh In results - 13 June 07

Weigh in day at home today:

Lost: 500g

Current weight: 121 kgs

Total loss: 33.7 kgs

Small challenge: 119 kgs

How much to go: 2 kgs

I am happy with that. I didn't think I would lose weight this week but stay the same even though I have been trying this week.

I have a little challenge with a work mate. We go for walks at morning tea usually to get a coffee up the road (even though we could have one here at work) and so we have decided we won't go for the coffee but go for a walk instead on the nice days. It makes us get out and we have a little excel sheet of the steps we start with and how many we do and we are going to try and improve on that. We only have 15 minutes for morning tea and so at least it is 15 minutes of exercise that we are getting and not sitting on our butts aye.

It was great as we did 1500 steps in 15 minutes so that was a great effort.

Feeling more and more positive this week and how my weight loss is going. Maybe due to the fact that I lost but also I think I am finally happy with my decision to not go back to WW... as hubby said the only reason that I want to go back to WW is that I miss the like minded people and people that are trying to lose weight and it inspires me to keep going but it doesn't justify the money spent.

I know I can do this but I have to start believing I can because in reality I am only weighing in at WW aren't I... and the rest is all me.

Anyway going now..

Love ya all


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Private - Motivational and need to read

Excuses are just that.

You just weighed in and feel like you can eat whatever you want because you don't have to get on the scale until next week now.

Newsflash - it often takes days for your body to adjust to all you've consumed.

The scale is just one measure of your success at this.

Many things factor in to the number you see...not just what you consume.

Using the same excuse all the time without any attempt to change it does no good...fools no one.

The only one you're hurting or yourself.

Nobody else really cares that much. :)

One pound of fat

Hello, do you know me?

If you don't, you should.

I'm a pound of fat, And I'm the HAPPIEST pound of fat that you would ever want to meet.

Want to know why?

It's because no one ever wants to lose me;

I'm ONLY ONE POUND, just a pound!

Everyone wants to lose three pounds, five pounds, or fifteen pounds, but never only one.

So I just stick around and happily keep you fat.

Then I add to myself, ever so slyly, so that you never seem to notice it.

That is, until I've grown to ten, twenty, thirty or even more pounds in weight.

Yes, it's fun being ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT, left to do as I please.

So, when you weigh in, keep right on saying, "Oh, I only lost one pound." (As if that were such a terrible thing.)

For you see, if you do this, you'll encourage others to keep me around because they'll think I'm not worth losing.

And, I love being around you - your arms, your legs, your chin, your hips and every part of you.

Happy Days!!!

After all, I'm ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT!!!

Tracking - Tuesday 12 June 2007

12 June 2007


2 Wheatmeal bread (sandwich bread)

1 piece bacon

Morning tea

800ml water

Coffee, milk, 1 sugar

10 Rice Crackers


Afternoon Tea


Went for a walk at morning tea too and did about 1,200 steps and was pleased with that.

So far at 11.30am I have done 3,134 steps and feeling like I am getting back to it.

Steps Total today is:

Private - Challenges this week 13 - 20 June 07

So this weeks challenges are:

Weight Challenges

  1. Track

  2. Drink my water

  3. Exercise - more than 7,500 steps a day

  4. Smaller portions

  5. Get to bed earlier

Business Bookings

  1. 10 invites drawn up so that next week I can put them on different papers (5 done)

Kids Bookings

  1. Spend time doing their homework

  2. Doing the jigsaw puzzle with them

  3. Take them on a walk on Thursday and Friday.

Hubby Bookings

  1. Go to Rock'n Roll together

  2. Spend one night going to bed early and reading

  3. Have a hot bath together (maybe a foot rub in the bath)

Private and Upset

I am a little upset with Helena's comment and I know she was saying it to get my butt in to gear and maybe I do bag other people too much. Maybe that is the reason I am fat is because I am a horrible person and blame everyone else for my problems?

I felt like I could say anything on my blog but maybe they are getting tired of my moaning?

I don't want to blog anymore and I know that shouldn't deter me as I have to take constructive critisism but I don't feel like I can say anything when I get comments like that.

Helena's comment was: YOU my darling are creating your own web, I read your post from the other day ... it was debbie this and joy that and kris this and them all doing this and that ... you need to stop worry about every other bugger around the place and put the focus back on YOU. Stop using them as an excuse and get YOURSELF back on track and focussed. Sounds like you had a bloody fabulous family weekend, nice work ... those three men in your life should be all the motivation you need - they are wee stars! *smooch*

I realistically know that she is helping me but it made me feel like a little child and my mother was telling me off once again because I dont' conform to what she wants...

and then ChrisH said this: Ditto to both of the above.... go dye ya hair blonde.... you are acting like one! I too left WW for various reasons. . . then went back 2 weeks ago cos I missed all me mates etc etc.. but the reasons for leaving were still there and I ended up regretting going! Derr, so now I'm not going again ... again... and I AM BLONDE. So there! Have a lovely day tomorrow and get over other people and just do what's right for YOU

I don't think that I was acting blonde... wasn't too happy about how she put it.... like reading my blog was ditzy and that my feelings weren't right and that they were air headed... it isn't what I was trying to get at.

I am angry that Kris seems to take over my life but maybe I am being silly about that... am I doing the same thing with Debbie now? Is that why I can't seem to keep friends? Do I expect that I should always win? Maybe I do expect that?

I have tried today to drink my water and to eat right today and I can keep this up.

Deep down I don't really want to go to Weight Watchers for the right reason just because I am missing the get togethers but I can get that from Rock'n Roll or the friends I already have. I don't want other people to be seeing what I am seeing in Debbie at the moment with all the negativeness and all the moaning and groaning.

How can I make my life to be what I want? I keep asking Jeremy to help but he doesn't realistically know... amd I expecting him to sort out things that I can do myself because when I fail it is because I am trying to get others to help me when I have to help myself and I am not doing that and trying to blame hubby.

He eats the same thing as me... and he is losing but I do have little things here and there that he doesn't and that is what my downfall is. I am going back to eating chocolate and chips and dips and crap and not drinking my water and trying to fool myself that I am doing everything possible to loose this weight when I am not.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Caught in a web of indecision

Lee-Anne you are right.... it is time for me to update he he

You guys know what my weekends are like and ever since I have been to that parenting seminar I have been spending even more quality time with the kids.... so let's see what have we done

Saturday was busy shopping with the kids getting Lego and jigsaw puzzles because we knew the rest of the weekend was going to be crappy so we organised with the kids that from Saturday afternoon till Sunday morning we would have a camp out in the lounge... so we got their mattresses from their beds and their duevets and pillow and we camped in the lounge with popcorn and chippies and drinks and we played Lego and jigsaw puzzles and watched DVD's and basically spent time in our PJ's just doing things with them. It was great and the day went really fast and they even got to stay up till around 10pm watching the rugby (as we never let them stay up past 7.30 he he but I felt generous).... half way through the rugby they fell asleep woohooo so we got some time me and hubby chatting... We also went for a walk down and back on the river as it was nice in the morning when we went.

I totally enjoyed that day doing that and spending money on jigsaws as well.

Sunday was a miserable day but it was not going to stop me doing my exercise.... so we all got our raincoats, boots, umbrellas and warm weather gear on and went for a walk in the rain... I swear the people out there thought we were completely nutty but we enjoyed it and the boys got to trample in the puddles etc so that was great. We went 6,320 steps on our walk so I was pleased with that and felt that I didn't mind spending the rest of the day doing jigsaw puzzles and watching tv... woooohooo for us. I was smiling in the rain because the boys weren't too happy we were doing it at the start but they totally enjoyed it while we were out. We did manage to stop at the coffee shop and have a hot chocolate so that made their days too.

So I am back at work today boo hoo and not feeling like I want to be here but I am and hey that is life.

As you all know I haven't been going to Weight Watchers for about a month because I have been paying for it and feeling like I wasn't learning anything new out of it and that I could do it on my own....

Well anyway a lady turned up in my office today from Weight Watchers (not the leaders just a lady loosing weight) and said that she couldn't miss the opportunity (as her company delivers the bread to our creche) and she told them that she would go and deliver it today and so..... anyway she came in to my office and said that everyone is missing me and that I am such an inspiration to her and the reason she kept going and for me not to be there is quite a downer now.

Said that she was sad to hear that I wouldn't be coming back... OH GOD now I feel quilty but happy at the same time because I didn't want to leave as I made some great friends but I couldn't justify the money either for the yoyoing I had been doing but I might reconsider as this might be the push that I needed??? She didn't have to do that and it was a nice thing for her to take time out to come and tell me that... hmmmm lots of pondering is going to be happening I think.

I was telling her about my delima with Debbie and that I felt like the competition wasn't good and I didn't want to ruin our friendship either and she said "she is such a negative person and I would much rather that you were there instead of her and that I should still be going and if the friendship was worth it then it would get through it" OKKKKKK so that made me feel like a bitch for saying it because I can lose this weight if I want to I just have to work out a way that I can not let Debbie and her competing get to me... I know it is in my head but it is hard to compete with a person that is 10 years younger and doesn't have anything stopping her because she is single with no kids etc....

I just don't know what to do. I spoke to hubby on the phone and he said the reasons that I left Weight Watchers were right and that I was spending money for nothing and that I know what to do I just have to do it and that is what we are working on at home. So now that made me even more confused... I don't know what I want to do.... sigh

I am feeling really great about the steps diet I am doing as it is a little like Weight Watchers but if I want something naughty I need to do more steps etc to make up for it and it seems sooo simple to me. But I do love the support I get from the ladies at WW too... grrrr

Anyway before I do my head in I am going to go.

I really should be blonde shouldn't I.... ditzy bitch I am.

Love ya

Friday, 8 June 2007

Geesh my rambling on again.

I have been confused on which plan to stick with in the last week. I have been reading Helena's bible, Step diet, Downsize me, and been thinking about Weight Watchers. OMG what is wrong with me that I can't find something that suits me. I have to stick to one and keep to it. I am missing WW but only missing the leaders and not the meeting or paying for it. I am not wanting to pay for it anymore when I know the rules but I am not keeping to it.

Why am I not keeping to it? Why have I lost my mojo? Why can't I keep to anything and do it? Am I the only person that switches so much? Do I stress too much like Lyn says? I suppose I do. Sometimes I just want a plan of the day of what I have to eat and what I have to do and that is it but then I want to rebel when I have a day where I have to do and eat from a list.

Went to my PT session with Joy today and OMG it was great and I did full sit ups 30 of them Wow I used to find it really hard to sit fully up with sit ups but I was doing ok with it today. She also made me do butt lifts too BITCH he he he but it was great to get it over and done with.

Ok so my food has been errational today as I felt sooo hungry when I got back from my PT so exucse the crap today.

Food today:
Breakfast: Fejoia Cereal 30 grams, Milk
Morning tea: Left over steak in the fridge (see told ya I was eating weird)
Lunch: 2 small bread rolls with chicken and salad, V
Dinner: Not sure yet

Why do I go through this? I am trying to understand how I think and why for the first half of the year I was doing so well and then what changed for me to suck at this?

I am not giving up and in the last couple of years I haven't but to stop losing is really getting to my head. While I was at my PT today I was getting sore arms because I was thinking of Kris's head while punching the punching bag and it made me feel great.

I want a challenge and exercise challenge so I was talking to Joy about it today because I am not with Lean I don't have any challenges and so I am not wanting to exercise etc because my team has disbanded over the last 6 months (Lean) because Kris joined I stopped going and about 6 of them don't go anymore either. Joy started a kickboxing class at the church up the hill from me and I was going to do that until Kris said she was doing it GEESH... am I stopping myself from going and losing out yes maybe I am but then I don't want have to deal with her shit anymore either ya know.

I am going to ask Debbie if she wants to go on Wednesday nights to Joys kickboxing and stuff Kris and if she gets pissed off that I am doing it with Debbie then too bad as well. I have to do something now for me and I do like Joy's kickboxing classes.

This coming week I am going to do the following exercises:

Monday: Kickboxing
Tuesday: Walk with hubby
Wednesday: Joys Kickboxing
Thursday: Go out for a walk while kids are at school
Friday: PT with Joy
Saturday: Go for a walk
Sunday: Go to the gym with hubby

I am going to up my steps too and if the weather is good at work next week at lunch time then I am going to go for a walk during the week as well.

I know what I am doing I mean for christ sake I have been doing it for 2 years... I can do this aye!! I can lose this weight I have to find something that boils my blood to make me stick to it. I don't have a goal and as those of you know that have read my blog for a while I find it really hard to find a goal that makes me go for it.

I think losing 200 grams a week for me at the moment would be a goal because then I won't feel the pressure and if I lose more then that will be bonus.

So I need constant reminders my friends to keep with this!!! To eat right and exercise and stop shovelling crap in my face. My hubby thinks I am not eating enough and that is why I am gaining but I am not sure... I get lost with the WW points in regards to exercise and whether to take them all or not. I used to do so much exercise that I couldn't eat all the exercise points.

We are taking the boys to Rock'n Roll classes tonight. Corbin had a chance to check it out at school on Thursday and they gave us a pamplet and said come along so we are going to take them tonight and see how they go. I hope there are a lot of kids their ages there and we can have some fun it should be great. I do worry about Quinn a little because he can be a cheeky monkey but when there are crowds and people he doesn't know he goes all silly and doesn't listen etc and goes shy it is soooo silly.

He he he Rachel it is such a pity you live such a way away because our sons sound like they like the same thing he he he and also the seminar (or talk not sure what they call it) was put on by Parents Inc the couple up the top of the website are the ones that do the seminar. The guy is absolutly fantastic and funny but his wife is not as funny but she knows what she is talking about. Also they do the parenting magazine and I find it really informative and I have a subscription to it because they go up to teenagers in it and not like the Little treasures magazine where it is only for babies.

So I will come back on and update and tell you how the boys went with Rock'n Roll. I want to take my camera but a little scared it is overdoing it for their first time he he he but if we go back next week then I will take it.

Anyway goodnight for now

Took the boys to the Rock'n Roll for kids and I swear there was about 30 kids in this little hall and there was about 15 at the start for the beginners but my two boys were the newest that started tonight so the guy was helping them heaps and they did sooooo well. Quinn is the youngest there being 5 years old and he did well too. I thought they would be shy and not do it but they got up and started and Corbin took to it like you wouldn't believe.

There was a girl there from his school and she said she had seen him at school but he couldn't remember her. Well they partnered up while he was learning and at half time Corbin was tired and had enough and she came and asked him to dance and he said No thank you OMG when the girl went I said to him "it is very rude to say no to someone that had the guts to come and ask you to dance Corbin and it was a nice thing she did"

I said to him how would he feel if he went and asked a girl and they said no" he then realised he did the wrong thing but he still didn't want to dance. I think next week he will go and ask her... she was quite cute too he he he and for her to ask him to dance she must have thought he was good he he he what a proud mummy I am.

They both want to go back next week and I am sure they will do well. I was talking to hubby and we might go on a Tuesday night to the adult lessons woohoooo some different exercise for me and for hubby and I to do something together this is going to be sooo much fun.

Thanks for listening to me today guys it is much appreciated.

Love ya all

Thursday, 7 June 2007

More thinking

I was quite upset with my gain yesterday and said to hubby even though I knew it wouldn't be much I hadn't been that bad with food this week. Well I hopped on the scales this morning thinking I would have been the same and it was down by 800 grams and that made me feel better because I have been trying to be good in the last week.

Thanks guys... I do realise I do start having a mini meltdown after having morning tea's with Kris and I don't know why I keep doing that??? This time for morning tea Kris didn't bug me as she usually does and it wasn't all about her like it had been ALL the other times we had morning tea etc and to her credit she is doing really well. I do know I don't want to spend a lot of time with her anymore but I do have to see her a lot with school (as her daughter is my son's class).

My breakfasts have been really good this week and I have been not worrying about them and they have been really filling.

I had been doing soooo well until I started this 10 week challenge with myself and then with others... why do I do that to myself. I go in with all good intentions but the competition (even with myself) puts me on a downward spiral. I go the opposite way.

Thanks everyone re your comments on the bread and I have been cutting down on it for the last two days and feeling much better and less bloated so that has been a bonus that is for sure.

What a day I have had.... I didn't have time to work on my business as it was taken up by kids. This morning I tested all the kids in Quinns class with their spelling and then from 11 I was with Corbin's class as they had a belonging day. It was were lots of different clubs came to school to tell them about their clubs... there were scouts, girl guides, karate, orienteering, rock'n roll, zoo club, tap dancing, jazz dancing, table tennis.

The kids got to choose 4 activities they would like to go on and then their first two choices were chosen if they could get them in with the numbers and Corbin chose Rock'n Roll and Orienteering and so I went as parent help and it was fantastic and now we are going to the Rock'n Roll club on Friday and the best thing is that Quinn is old enough to do it too so they are starting young. I sooooo loved Rock'n Roll as a kid so having my boys wanting to learn just makes my heart skip a beat woohoooo. Told hubby about it and he said well we will just have to go on Friday night and take them and it is only $3 each a week and that isn't bad at all.

So that is exercise for the whole family if hubby and I do it as well.

Corbin loved the orienteering too and that will be good exercise for the family too as you have to walk to find the next part of the challenge so I am looking forward to that. Apparently they can go to the Hamilton gardens and they have orienteering maps there and little numbers on trees etc to find at the gardens so that will be great as a family thing as well...

Then I had to take some magazines back to my friends florist as she needed them for a wedding that she is doing and back to the coffee shop by the school for a coffee with the girls I have coffee with every Thursday and then picked up the boys from school..... OMG the day went so fast and now I am veging out because I am all kids and schooled out ya know.

So todays food is:

Breakfast: Fejoia cereal with green milk, mandarins
Morning tea: Pumpkin seeds, almonds
Lunch: 5 sushi, V
Afternoon tea: Mocha frappe (made with water, no cream)
Dinner: Soup made with only veges (homemade hmmmm)

I need to jazz up my exercise and find another group that I feel comfortable with because I am getting bored with my exercise and need to do something different. Rock'n Roll is going to be something different and something I can do with my family... also need to find other things to do at the gym to jazz things up.

Can't say I want to go aqua jogging or anything because it is too cold and I would chicken out more than go really.

Maybe a sports group but I am a little chicken to do that too... hmm something to ponder on.

Thank you to all of you offering for me to go with you down to Chris H's... hubby said he wants to go down and that we should go and get away for the weekend. I just worry ya know... I have to registrations for our cars and Corbin's birthday, Quinn's birthday 20 days later and in the middle of that my birthday and fathers day and on top of that the expo is costing a bit too he he he so too many money things in those couple of months but hey I will find a way. I really appreciate the emails and the comments because they made my day knowing what a wonderful bunch of ladies you are and so caring. Why aren't we all living in the same town aye!!! life would be fantastic with such a bunch of you in walking distance.

Went to a seminar thingy last night by parents inc on Raising boys and OMG I haven't laughed so much in my life and we had so much fun with the couple we went with. I learnt some things and I was happy that a lot of things we already did too it was great. Corbin asked Jeremy this morning "Dad what did you learn last night" and Jeremy said "That you are awesome" (I was listening to this upstairs while they were down stairs) and Corbin's voice went high pitched and said Really Dad is such a happy voice it was great to hear and Jeremy said that he was smiling from ear to ear and he had said the same thing to Quinn so my boys were in such a great mood when they heard that from their Dad. We learnt that at the seminar to say that everyday to your sons because they would love it and they did. So simple but so effective.

Love ya all

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

What the F**K is wrong with me

A wake up call today...

Kris asked me to go to morning tea with her this morning and sitting across from the table it made me even more aware that I am glad I am not totally in her life anymore but ok with going to morning tea with her. She has finally got her shit together with her life but it made me anry too only because she now goes to my lean and has my trainer and it still pisses me off that she took over my trainer and my team (and I know I could go back but I don't want to spend any more time with her than a cup of coffee).

Also she has no way to cause trouble for me like she did over this blog... it felt great that my life is a mystery in that aspect. Plus I can still blog and she doesn't have a clue what I am writing it is great.

It is good that her life is going well and she is feeling better but looking at her she has lost 45 kilos and looks sick... she is gaunt and look too skinny (not sure that that is the way to say it but not in a healthy way).... but it has made me aware that I am piss assing around and I am doing the right thing and not having nasty food but I have not in the last week worried about portions or food at all. I am happy that I am not obsessing but I am not happy that I am not losing it either... and really it is my own fault.

I gained 500 grams this week and to be fair we went out for lunch and I have had a little too much bread (which is my downfall) I haven't gone overboard but I could have had other options.

My portions suck... I am having the same as I have had since I started but I have lost 34 kilos so realistically I should be going down in size too as my stomach is not as big anymore ya know... and I haven't realised that until watching Downsize me last night. Too much of a good thing is not good.

I am sorry I haven't been around posting much lately but with trying to get everything up and running with the Wedding Expo (which is scaring me no end because I don't feel like my invites are good enough) and with also finishing a wedding at the moment for a customer I have been a little bit preoccupied. And Lee-Anne I am doing your invites at the moment too just want to have a couple of different options for you to look at ok.... I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!!! MWAHHH.

Also looking forward to getting together at ChrisH house in August that is going to be soooo exciting and to be getting away for a weekend without kids is a good thing too Woohoooo... hopefully by then I will be able to afford to go down as well arghhhh.

Seeing Kris today has put the shit up me (sorry for the language today) and made me realise I can do both but I HAVE TO WANT TO... and ok I am not gaining as such because every second week I am losing etc but it has to stop!!!

So far my food today is:

Breakfast: Hubbards Fejoia Cereal, Mandarins, Bottle of water

Lunch: Chicken Salad

I am going out tonight with one of the kids friends parents to a show about How to raise boys and that will be great... can't wait... it will be good to go out with them without kids being around and just being us and they have two boys as well. OH an exciting I lead huh NOT he he he.

I need to have Leanne (from Downsize me) at my house telling me to stop being a silly bitch!!!

Anyway I will come on later but right now I have to go and do some more invites.

Love ya


Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Tuesday... day off with hubby and no kids woohoo

Why is time going so fast.

I don't go back to work till Monday and my week off is going to fast already. I don't go back till Monday but I don't want to go back at all. I have been enjoying doing my Papaya business in the last couple of days.

Today got up (didn't wanna he he he too cold and raining) and Jeremy and I took the boys to school and went in their classrooms and saw their work and did things together until the bell went.

Then we took off for the gym and to be quite honest we got to the door and I said "don't really wanna be here" and so hubby smiled and turned to go out and I said "No we are here now" we went towards the main room and OMG you could feel the enthusiasm NOT and so I said to him let's go and do the tone class OMG OMG WHY DID I SAY THAT.... Liz was doing the class and OMG she worked us like a dog and I did running and weights and sit ups and thighs and butts and calves and tummies ACTUALLY everything in my body hurts big time..... arghhhhhh.

Went shopping afterwards for food and then shopping for papers for more invitations to make for the wedding expo (which is getting toooooooo close) and then came home and painted my picture frames for the expo while hubby made such a yummy lunch. We made pasta bows with the kids yesterday so there was some left and we cooked it with shredded chicken and mushrooms and hmmmm what a lovely dinner.

Another recipe we tried today was the Weight Watchers Chilli con-carne from the Really Contented Tummy cookbook and it was done with gravy beef instead of mince and it was the yummiest chilli ever and the boys loved it too.

Picked up the kids from school and took them out for a fluffy and we had a coffee for lunch today it was nice relaxing and talking with them and Corbin was reading his book for a while soooo cute.

I have been good with food this week but with my monthly things don't look good for the scales. I am not quite getting it... and have been talking with Jeremy about it because I can't understand why I am not losing as I am not eating anything that I shouldn't and I have been having ok portions and not as big as normal and I have also been doing exercise.

Maybe my body is sooo used to what I am doing that I am not losing weight.. or maybe it is because I am contented at the moment and I like spending time on my business and not totally focussing on the food. I can't quite understand where I want to be focussing at the moment. I want to loose weight and I want to do my business but I can't seem to focus on them both... quite upset about it...

Quite a good day but went too fast aye....

Love ya all

Sunday, 3 June 2007

18 years Anniversary

As you can tell from the lack of updates I have been busy..... I am terrible at multi tasking. I am working on things for the expo and doing a fair bit of wine bottle labels and getting creative with those at the moment.

My friend Tania came over on Friday afternoon to show me the colours she has chosen for her half of the site and I was sooo pleased as I thought she would have gone for the pinks she has for her shop colours but she has gone with chocolate brown, champagne and a lovely green soooo nice and so it doesn't clash with my orange black and white either. She is also doing a bouquet to go with my colours for around my stuff as well. I am doing some table name plates and a bottle with a bottle label to go with her colours so we can mix and match it is going to be great. You should hear what she is doing for the table setting hmmmmmm can't wait but you will have to wait for the photos of the weekend to show you.

So that is what I have been concentrating on. I have also been doing ok with my food and thinking about what is going in my mouth too. Hubby and I have been taking note about the foods I am wanting at different times and we are trying to adjust to that.

Took hubby to my PT session on friday with Joy and OMG she worked us hard.... I get that every week but I don't think he realised what I did till he did it on Friday and he was sweating like a pig... IT WAS FANTASTIC and she showed us some sparring stuff we can do so we might do some at home too. Also lots to do with the thighs and the tummies and it was great to work out with hubby I enjoyed it a lot.

We came home and got a shower and tidyed up our bedroom (which doesn't happen often as the kids annoy us in the middle of it) so we did that and then went and brought a new vacuum cleaner. It was so nice to have him home on a week day and to be able to take and pick up the boys together...

Today is our anniversary (of sorts) we met each other 18 years ago today OMG has it gone fast or what. Hubby took me out to lunch at the cock and bull and we had a couple of wines and our dinner and talked and he said to me "so what ya doing for he next 18 years?" I said "Why who wants to know" he said "a scruffy man" and I looked in to the distance and said "who point him out" we laughed... I am more in love with my hubby now than I thought it could be... I wouldn't like to lose him at all... he is my SOUL MATE. We have been married 11 years (almost 12) but 18 years being together seems like it was only yesterday that we met.

Not many people are still together after this long and I know I am truly bleased to be with him. We hardly fight (but a good fight now and then keeps ya on your toes aye) and we have 2 great children...

The only 2 things that would make my life complete would be for my invite business to take off (or have a little shop doing it) and for my weight loss to still keep going down.

I have been calmer since not being with Weight Watchers... Hubby and I have gone back to working out our meals and trying to make them out of he WW books and really really trying to have more veges. I know I am not losing a heap of weight but I am not gaining it either and so we have to tweak things aye.

We are reading two books and incorporating them in our lives at the moment and that is Leenies Bible and also Downsize me book (by the trainer in the Downsize me show). She makes a lot of sense and we have started her training program today too and it isn't that hard. It is a little confusing to do a lot of different exercises but it isn't that bad.

I am trying out different breakfasts this week because if I had my way I would have 2 toast with either Jam or Peanut butter every day and that would be me and on the weekends I would have eggs and toast. So this week I am trying out Pear on toast (sounds strange to me but hey) and also Scrambled eggs with fetta and mushrooms (all out of the WW books), Muesli, Yoghurt and fruit (which I must say sounds really weird as I can't think of the worst combination) but I am trying my hardest to stop my mind from stopping me from not eating good things.

We went to the flea market in Hamilton on Saturday morning and it was nice to walk around and look at all the things. I only took $5 and as usual it was spent on the kids and brought them some socks for winter. The kids took $5 each from their pocket money and brought themselves a tamagotchi toy and some fake tattoos as well so they were happy. There were sooo many things they wanted but luckly they didn't take all their spending money.

Went to Tania's flower shop afterwards to help her with her computer OMG if anything happened to her hubby she wouldn't know a thing about what to do with their computer etc.... they both were soooo bad with knowing what password went with which program etc and he was the only one that sort of knew and he lives most of the time in Hokitika with his business GEESH having a business and not really being organised it is really bad.

I have been thinking about my friend Pam a lot lately and not sleeping that well really. I don't want what is happening to her and her ex to ever happen to me... dreaming about it too much I think... the arse wants half the food in the cupboards now (and to think he was our friend before knowing her) I didn't think he would ever do such a nasty thing.... she used her inheritance from her parents (they both died) to buy their house and a whole lot of things and now he wants half of everything he is an arse!!! without her he wouldn't have achieved anything and for 3 years she put him through University and she supported him and now this is what he does to her.

I told her that if there was anything she wanted out of the house so he didn't get then she is to put it at our place because he is slime and doesn't deserve anything.... his kids are beside themselves and poor Pam has no family whatsoever to lean on... well she has me as far as I am concerned.

Anyway enough babbling he he he... I should update more GEESH I am a slack person.

Love you all and thank you for your comments... I love ya all.