Friday, 29 June 2007

Steps are great

I am soooo pleased with my steps today... it is only 1.00 and I have done 8,731 steps woohoo me!!!

I got out before it pissed down with rain and it felt great.

Car is in the garage today to get it's warrant... which will fail I can tell you that now he he he we need two new tyres and then we have to pay for the registration... OMG all in one week... plus had my bosses on the phone today because they short paid me by a day and so they will pay it to me next week. I felt like saying and I hope it will be with interest you arse's because I have to wait an extra week for my money when it was your error GEESH... they only have one transfer a week and can't help it... bugs the hell out of me I can tell you.

Will update later....



celtic_girl said...

Wow, on your steps, how far did you have to walk for that result?

Iv'e also njust had car rego, it certainly oputs a hole in the cashflow.

Have a great weekend hun

Chris H said...

Cool on the steps chick... sorry I havn't been commenting. I'm a bit sick. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Leyanie said...

Well done on your steps that is a fantastic effort. I also am wondering how far that is??
Shame about the car, I have only just got my learner's permit, so I have all those car hassles to come.
All the best with it, and I hope you have a good week ;-)

Helena said...

send them an invoice for the interest lost :D LOL