Monday, 25 June 2007


Well things are going well for the Wedding Expo... I am still stressing heaps but I am getting there.

I did a really really nice elegant invitation set in the weekend and was sooo proud of it. I am going more for the black and white invites and have to get out of that and try some funky ones but for now I am enjoying the designing he he he.

On Saturday took the boys to soccer and it poured down with rain... Corbin's team lost and Quinn's team won but they were both close games and Corbin's team didn't have subs for the day as a couple of kids didn't turn up... not suprising really as those parents always wimp out on the rainy days and it bugs the hell out of me because when you go in to a team you should teach your children that you stick to it because you made a committment... grrrr hate parents like that.

Came home and my mother in law was over for lunch and we had a really nice chicken soup with hot bread and it was soooo yummmy.

I went to Tania's florist shop to help her out from 2pm till 5.30 to dress up the window. It looks sooo beautiful. We have a round table in the window with the table settings with my wine bottle, menu's, place names and little chocolate boxes and it looks soooo beautiful and flowy... the colour scheme was mainly white and a pale green... sooo beautiful... I was sooo proud of my table settings. Got a little tired of how bossy Tania was and the other lady helping us said to me when Tania wasn't there "take 10 deep breaths" OMG I could have strangled her but hey that is life aye...

Hubby was really good with the kids this weekend and letting me be in my study with the heater to get these invites done and I was sooo happy with him for helping me out like that.

Took a computer over to my friend that has been going through hell because other half left them and set up broadband for them... I got a wonderful email later to thank me because it really lifted the kids spirits... I was happy to do it for them that is for sure.

The ex moved out like 5 weeks ago and now he is living with the woman he left her for and she has 2 kids, 10 year old and a 12 year old and the 12 year old is a child in his class OMG I thought that was against the law or frowned on anyway. He brought a house with this lady and has brought a brand new car OMG it really pisses me off that he did this so fast and was fighting with my friend to have the kids over for the day on Saturday to meet the new woman OMG 5 week relationship and he is going to fast for these kids... ASS... ok so I have that off my chest.

Corbin went to a birthday party on Sunday and they all went to see Shrek 3 the boys birthday party had 4 girls and 3 boys he he he that is soooo funny... he is a little bit of a ladies boy I think he he he.

I have been really relaxed with my food and how I am dealing with it in the last 2 weeks and last week I lost 200 grams and this week I think I am going to have the 400-500 gram loss... the scales are looking that way anyway. I am really happy with that.

I haven't been to a PT for 2 weeks now and I haven't missed them to tell the truth because everytime I see my trainer it makes me think of Kris and how she took Kris's word over mine (until she found out the truth that is). I have been talking to hubby and I said to him that I am giving up the PT's with Joy as I would rather have the money to go for our gym membership that is due this month coming so that I don't have to fork out 2 memberships all at once....

My main concern is losing the weight at the moment and not how fit I can be. I know there needs to be a balance and I am out walking and going to my kickboxing classes and that is enough for me at the moment. I did so much with the gym last year as you all know 9 things accomplished but it didn't help me lose the weight and I have to consider the weight first this year as I have to get this weight off. I do not want to go another year and only loose 5 kilos...

I do know that you are all going to say I need a balance of weight and cardio and I am going to achieve that but I don't have to pay $50 a week for a PT it is too expensive and I only work part time and we suffer with doing other things.

Anyway I better get some work done


Name: Lynise said...

Oh my goodnessss, that guy is unbelievable. Obviously he was cheating on his wife prior to leaving which will just be another kick in the teeth to her.
5 weeks is so quick to be jumping straight into a new relationship and it sounds like the guy is totally clueless.
I would be fuming if someone did that to me and hurt my child/ren like that. I can't imagine what the children must be going through at the moment, my heart goes out to her and the kids.
Is this guy a teacher? as there is certainly a 'code of ethical conduct' that teachers are suppose to follow. Its hard to get someone if what they are doing is part of their private life, (ie, outside school) BUT if his new woman has a child in his class then his ex could certainly pen a letter to the BOT and bring this sordid affair out into the open. It is really up to the BOT how they deal with it but she could also write a letter to the teachers council as his teaching registration relies on him keeping his nose clean and having an affair with a students mother would no doubt attract some attention.

Abba said...

Sounds like the wedding expo is going to be just fine. How excited you must be!! Don't stress. It will be wonderful!

Chris H said...

At least now your friend knows just why he left eh? He is a shit, down and out low life arsehole to be sure! As for exercise and diet, I lost my weight just following WW religiously and walking, full stop end of story. I only joined a gym after I had lost all the weight, mostly to tone up what was left! Don't go stressing about not doing the gym thing is you don't want to, walking and biking is all you need for now if that's what makes you happy. Good luck for a good weigh in this week.

Anne said...

Some men!! There just had to be another woman involved and he's gone and thrown away his life with his wife and children. I hope he lives to regret it! Aren't I nasty?

You are persisitant with your efforts with weight loss and exercise. I've started to ease up a bit on exercise, I think it's all about finding what works, what you can fit in and also what you can afford to do.

Christine said...

Oh boy I just love wedding talk. I would be in my glory at the wedding expo!