Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Private - Challenges this week 13 - 20 June 07

So this weeks challenges are:

Weight Challenges

  1. Track

  2. Drink my water

  3. Exercise - more than 7,500 steps a day

  4. Smaller portions

  5. Get to bed earlier

Business Bookings

  1. 10 invites drawn up so that next week I can put them on different papers (5 done)

Kids Bookings

  1. Spend time doing their homework

  2. Doing the jigsaw puzzle with them

  3. Take them on a walk on Thursday and Friday.

Hubby Bookings

  1. Go to Rock'n Roll together

  2. Spend one night going to bed early and reading

  3. Have a hot bath together (maybe a foot rub in the bath)

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