Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Pissed off with Quinn's Teacher


Went in this morning to say that Quinn was strange last night and kept telling me that Sameer had crashed his head to the concrete.... I said to him did he tell the teacher and he said yes but Sameer told them it happened a different way and it didn't.... I didn't lie they said that I was lying.

I want to believe my son and he was strange last night and he had a headache and was not himself. He went to sleep early and he woke up 3 times in the night with nightmares. He also said that he had a sore heart everytime he moved.... I was worried like you wouldn't believe as Jeremy was away on conference and wasn't coming home till 9.30 and he wasn't well either....

So anyway this morning Quinn said I still have a little headache but not as much so I don't think he was lying when he was still mentioning it a day later.

I went in to take Quinn this morning and had a talk with his teacher Mrs Williams and I wasn't too happy with the way she said things. She said that there was something yesterday but they couldn't get to the bottom of it all and I said to her that Quinn was saying that someone hurt his head yesterday and I won't mention his name and she said it was Sameer. I said that I am not worried about who or where just that he wasn't right last night and that I would like her to keep an eye on him today.

She started to tell me what she had heard and then said that she didn't think that Sameer would have been nasty and that they couldn't get to the bottom of it and that Sameer is a pretty honest kid.. OMG I can imagine my eyes went wide then..... was she telling me that my son was lying? or that he isn't honest or am I being too sensitive... I am not sure now that is for sure. I was a little peeved when I left because I know Quinn can be a little rascal (in a nice way) but he is not nasty and I don't think he would have said something as hurtful as that and been like he was if it wasn't true...

So now that has upset me and I thought I would come in to my blog and put it down because then it will not seeth in my head.

I have decided that for a month I am not going to put anything in this blog for others to read but I will put the results of my losses and gains. I don't feel that they really wanted to help me... I know I have to help myself and I do realise that but there were 33 people that looked at my blog yesterday and only 3 answered which really hurt.

So maybe I am not worth being kind too... I always comment if I read someones blog!! What is the point in blogging if you aren't going to get comments... I don't understand that.

I need to do this weight loss for myself....

It frustrates me that when I try things don't happen in the weight loss but when I am just going about my day things happen.

So anyway today I had my weekly weigh in and I lost 200 OMG I almost keeled over and died. Yesterday I weighed myself and I wass 122.9 OMG I freaked like you wouldn't believe and this morning I was 121.6 Woohooo for me. Now the results I give everyone is what it would be if it was at WW and that is less 800 grams so when I do my update on the next sheet it will be 800 grams less.

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