Monday, 18 June 2007


I am in a sulk today....

Hubby away on a conference in Wellington... first time in years and I miss him and I am miserable!!

I am sad!!

I am sad!!

I am sad!!

I would never like to loose him because I would kill myself!!!

I am bitchy and I don't wanna be and I am eating the wrong things and I don't care!!



Karen and Rachel said...

*hugs* hun! It sure does suck to be away from our loved ones!
Hope hubby isn't away for to long...
Take care xxx

celtic_girl said...

Big Hugs! Don't be sad just start thinking of the romantic homecoming. I'm sure your hubby really misses you as well.

Felicity said...

I was gonna say same as Celtic girl plan a lovely homecoming for your man...but enjoy your me time too.