Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Weigh in day - 27 June 07

Weigh in day at home

Lost: 200g

Current weight: 120.6 kgs

Total loss: 34.1 kgs

Small challenge: 119 kgs

Started: 12 June 07

How much to go: 1.6 kgs

June's total loss is: 900 grams (it is down not up woohooo)

Ok so I am a little dissapointed and the reason being I have been good and watching what I am eating and yesterday I had the scales saying a loss of 500grams and I was pleased with that and I wasn't bad in the last couple of days for me to gain 300 grams so it sucks.

I am also in a mood that hey I have lost and not gained in 3 weeks so I am doing something right. So in the last three weeks I have lost 900 grams and that is 900 grams that I am not going to see again.....It is all going down and that is the main thing aye and I am still losing even though I am not with Weight Watchers anymore and that is a bonus too so I am losing and saving money great aye.

I am feeling better about the loss because as in my post here it is better the weight to be off than on and I keep looking at that post whenever I feel I haven't lost enough.

I want to consistantly loose the weight and not gain one week and loose the next because it does my head in so hey... a loss is fantastic and even if I had only lost 100 grams it is a loss aye...

So my goal for this week is another 200 grams loss. If I can lose 900 grams next month and the month after that etc then by the end of the year I will be the following weight: 116.2 and that is fantastic compared to what I started with 154.7 wooohoo me.

Slow and steady wins the race they say and at least this way I am not going up and down and up and down and then in the end giving up and gaining it all back again.




Roll on next weeks weigh in!! I am not going to let anything stand in my way again.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the yoyoing and I tend to do it after I have lost a huge amount and then the next week I either gain or I loose a small amount but when I am losing small amounts consistantly I don't go overboard and think... wooohoo I have lost a huge amount I can have this treat and this treat and this treat ya know?


Chris H said...

WOOOO HOOO .. what motel have you booked???

Anne said...

Totally agree with your post - exactly how I'm feeling, any loss is great!!

Rachel said...

We are ON FIRE girl!!!!

I also let myself go with a bigger loss because I think "aren't you a good girl, now you can eat heaps"...naughty eh? So I reckon if we are losing it slowly we aren't getting overconfident and that is how we will continually get it off.

I am soooooooooo going to Chris H's August party, Helena and I are going up together and have booked 2 single beds at Chris H's so LOOK OUT!!!! I promise I won't got to bed before dinner is finished - hahaha I've been getting in heaps of drinking practice LOL.

Can't wait to see you again.

celtic_girl said...

A good strategy to have, well done on the loss.

Lisa said...

Great work hun....I am really getting sick of trying to figure out the whole weight loss/gain thing. Small loses are great because they do keep you more motivated to try harder next time.

By the way you've been tagged - check my blog for details.......

Lyn said...

well done chickey! Very proud of you :)

Helena said...

Hi gorgeous, fantastic work on your losses this month - stand tall and be proud, cos YOU really are doing this :D One month until we get to giggle our heads off again :D

Tania said...

Good for you! I was yoyoing all over the place, big loss, big gain and back and forth and got myself off the roundabout with the same attitude you have now - small losses DO add up!

After doing that for a while i'm no longer happy with those small losses and i'm stepping things up a notch, it works for me.