Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Tuesday... day off with hubby and no kids woohoo

Why is time going so fast.

I don't go back to work till Monday and my week off is going to fast already. I don't go back till Monday but I don't want to go back at all. I have been enjoying doing my Papaya business in the last couple of days.

Today got up (didn't wanna he he he too cold and raining) and Jeremy and I took the boys to school and went in their classrooms and saw their work and did things together until the bell went.

Then we took off for the gym and to be quite honest we got to the door and I said "don't really wanna be here" and so hubby smiled and turned to go out and I said "No we are here now" we went towards the main room and OMG you could feel the enthusiasm NOT and so I said to him let's go and do the tone class OMG OMG WHY DID I SAY THAT.... Liz was doing the class and OMG she worked us like a dog and I did running and weights and sit ups and thighs and butts and calves and tummies ACTUALLY everything in my body hurts big time..... arghhhhhh.

Went shopping afterwards for food and then shopping for papers for more invitations to make for the wedding expo (which is getting toooooooo close) and then came home and painted my picture frames for the expo while hubby made such a yummy lunch. We made pasta bows with the kids yesterday so there was some left and we cooked it with shredded chicken and mushrooms and hmmmm what a lovely dinner.

Another recipe we tried today was the Weight Watchers Chilli con-carne from the Really Contented Tummy cookbook and it was done with gravy beef instead of mince and it was the yummiest chilli ever and the boys loved it too.

Picked up the kids from school and took them out for a fluffy and we had a coffee for lunch today it was nice relaxing and talking with them and Corbin was reading his book for a while soooo cute.

I have been good with food this week but with my monthly things don't look good for the scales. I am not quite getting it... and have been talking with Jeremy about it because I can't understand why I am not losing as I am not eating anything that I shouldn't and I have been having ok portions and not as big as normal and I have also been doing exercise.

Maybe my body is sooo used to what I am doing that I am not losing weight.. or maybe it is because I am contented at the moment and I like spending time on my business and not totally focussing on the food. I can't quite understand where I want to be focussing at the moment. I want to loose weight and I want to do my business but I can't seem to focus on them both... quite upset about it...

Quite a good day but went too fast aye....

Love ya all


Wanna_B_slim said...

SOunds like a lovely family day..
It is hard to balance everything. I find I need to put alot of concentration into eating right. Sux hey. I guess oneday it will just come naturally. Stay happy and enjoy the rest of your week off..

Anne said...

The paragraph you wrote about the gym sounds like me today!! Strange how the thought of it can be a lot harder than actually going.

Sounds as if you are having some lovely time for you. Enjoy.

Scales can be really frustrating - maybe try to ignore them for a week or two. You have committment and I know you will get to where you want to be - hang in there!