Monday, 25 February 2008

Cathan's mum stopped me this afternoon while going to get Quinn from class and she said "have you lost more weight" I said no I have stayed the same... she said "your face looks a lot slimmer" OMG that made me feel good.

I am buggered today from the weekend and I don't think I slept that well and so the whole day felt really slow like in slow motion or something.

I had to travel a lot today with work and went to teach the Directors some of the accounts. OMG sometimes these ladies need to go to time management classes because one of them keeps saying I don't have time... I don't have time... and I said "well too bad because it needs to be done and from next week you will be doing it all yourself" OMG she thought well if she put it off and off then I would end up doing it for her NOPE NOPE NOPE. I have to get hard that is for sure.

So I am off to Morrinsville tomorrow for work so that should be exciting... I love the Director out there she is a hoot. We thought we migh go out for morning tea so that will be great.

Been reading a lot of scrapbooking magazines lately. OMG I am so excited about being a Guest CT I have already done a layout below woohoooo.

I need to do another one which I will try and do tonight (if I don't go to bed early because I am not sleeping right).
I didn't go overboard on my food in the weekend but I must admit I haven't tracked since Friday so I need to get my act together.
Anyway hope everyone has a fabulous night.
Love Mandz

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Something to cheer me up

Got another charm


Had a deal with Dh that if I got to 120 kgs on the scales then I could get another charm.

I had gained last week and got to 120.8 (from 119.9) so this morning I got there... I got to 119.7 kilos...

I think I needed that. It was supposed to be when I got back down to 118 that I got my next charm but it was doing my head in thinking I had so long until I got a reward.

So my charm today was "I love my boys".... so appropriate I reckon.

Start Weight: 160 kgs

Last weigh in recorded: 120.8 kgs

Weight this week: 119.7 kgs

Loss/Gain: 1.1 kilos

Total loss from WW: 35 kgs
Total loss from start: 40.3 kgs

I am so pleased with this result after the week I have had...

I got my charm... I am sooo happy.

Kate... thank you! thank you for being a true friend.

Kate said...
Yay for you!! The charm sounds perfect!

(And you're welcome!)

Sunday, March 02, 2008 6:38:00 PM
Jeremy said...
Hi Honey

I'm glad the charm has given you a little motivational kick in the pants. Hopefully you'll have another one in a few days, and before you know it I'll have to order another batch of them.

Luv, me

Sunday, March 02, 2008 8:42:00 PM

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Jet Skiing woohoooo

As you can see below I am getting ready to get on the jet ski woohoooo... plus my new board shorts OMG I can get in to board shorts... I can I can.
In front of me is my friend Marina (who I go to coffee with) she is a fabulous friend. She is the one with the mansion (she calls a batch) but she makes everyone feel incredible... she treats you with respect and never says a bad thing about anyone. I really enjoy spending time with her and her family. Her husband David gets on really well with Jeremy too.
Had a fabulous day can you tell?

Below fabulous hubby.... squinting he he he but isn't he a cutie (ok I am biast he he).

Here is is telling me how fab the jet skiing was GRRRRR he got to go first GRRRRR I was pissed (in a nice way) it was one of my goals and he got to go first grrrr he he he.
Mind you he looks absolulty sexing on the red jet ski.
So these amazing machines are BLOODY expensive. I was inquisitive and asked how much they cost BLOODY hell around $20,000 each. Now I shouldn't have asked one of them costs more than my car ha ha ha.... and it is not that old at all.
Quinn and Dion below getting ready to go on a ride and totally excited.
Marina is telling me the ins and outs of how the jet ski works, and me looking at the huge jet ski and thinking WHAT THE HELL HAVE I GOT MYSELF IN TO. Especially when Jeremy and David were up behind us laughing at me.
Here I was pointing at them saying they needed to stop laughing. I had to get on the back of the jet ski and I said to them "great you guys are taking photos and laughing.. all I need to do now is stick my big arse in front of the camera and tip in to the water and it will be all a huge laugh for you guys" he he he
This is where I was laughing my head off and couldn't stop.
I was scared to get on the bloody thing ha ha LOL.
Ok the big arse is on the beast and now I am going to take off Farrrrrrrkkkkk.
Woohooo bloody woohoo this is fab and scary at the same time. I wanted to go faster but I was in the 5 knots zone and had to wait till I was past it.

Coming back in... I didn't want to get off! I didn't!!

Came back and took Quinn out. Jeremy took him out before me but he said he like it with me instead. We did turns and bumps but with Jeremy he didn't like it... woohooooo.

We then went back for a swim and dinner at Marina and Davids... they totally love entertaining. Jeremy and I are slack with it but have made a New Year's Resolution to entertain more... so we are going to have to have them over hmmm.

I was smiling and laughing so much I was scared that I would have bugs in my teeth when I got back.


Today was a nightmare.

I think I pulled a muscle in my neck from the jet skiing and so all night I couldn't sleep and Jeremy gave me a pain killer (that I had from my back) and it didn't go down well. So this morning I spent a lot of time on the toilet throwing it up and the afternoon was spent doing that too... not much went in my tummy until dinner and that has stayed down so that is good. I still have a really bad neck and still feeling under the weather but hey that is life and it will get better. I am feeling better now but not 100% but better.

Well Chris, Anne and Janene it looks like it is just you guys and me for the get together in October... We can have some fun wohooo



Friday, 1 February 2008

2 things I need you to know.

Two things I want to mention on the blog today

Number One

OMG one of my 101 things to do list has my all time thing I want to try and that is jet skiing...... and I get to do it tomorrow...Yes fellow bloggers TOMORROW woohoooo. My friend Marina phoned this morning and asked if I wanted to finally get out and do it blooodyyyyy hell... scared but excited at the same time. Something else to cross off my list.

I was supposed to be going to a BBQ at Kris's (for her daughters birthday party) and so I phoned and said that Corbin will still be there but I can't. I was a little naughty and I don't usually like doing this sort of thing but F it I am not going to hold my life because of her she has pushed me aside like a piece of rubbish enough times. (bitch I am... aren't I?).

Marina is the one that owns the mansion (which she calls the batch) ohhhhh so excited but scared at the same time.

Hopefully hubby will take photos. Their jetski is like worth more than my bloody car and I paid enough for that as it was he he.

I have been on track and been doing my exercise this week since coming back from camping.... I must say I am really proud of the fact that I only gained 100 grams on camp... really proud as I wasn't wonderful but I was careful so that makes a lot of difference.. This week I better lose that is all I have to say as I am trying my hardest.


So for the Second thing..

Anyone interested in a bloggers camping get together in October (Labour weekend)? I thought it would be great to get together again but that it wouldn't have to be that it was at someones house and that way no one was having to do more than they should.... (I felt a little sorry for ChrisH last year with all of us there because wow can she entertain and it must have been a lot of work for her).

So what do you reckon?

9 months away so you have plenty of time to save (not that camping is that expensive anyway?) but if we are to do this then we all need to book it so that we are all in the same area of the camping ground so we can have a great party he he he. So if you have any suggestions as to where we could go then could you please email me at and we can sort that out.

Been really good today: Went for a walk with the family this morning and decided that I would jog at the park for one half of it and then I jogged from one lamp post to another and then I jogged up a hill OMG up a hill... it was exhillerating I can tell you. Jeremy and I have taken a leave of absence from the gym for a month to see if we could still do enough excercise and not have to pay for the gym as it is a lot of money for us and any money saved is good this year. So we have a kickboxing set and a boxing bag, and I am going to get a rebounder, and we are thinking about getting some weights as well (so if anyone knows of anywhere where it is cheap but good please tell me) so that we can do it from home and we can go out for walks (as we don't have a treadmill) and this year isn't the year that we can afford to buy one with buying the caravan.

So Jeremy has done an exercise plan for this week that started last night and I must say I am sticking to it so far.... it has been fun (well it is only really one day let's see what it is like at the end of the week ha ha ha).

I am going to try and get back in to my digital scrapbooking as well because I have been seriously slacking in that arena since November 2007 and need to get back to the creative side of me.

Wow am I rambling on or what....

Look forward to hearing your opinions.