Friday, 29 July 2005

Good Websites

I have started filling in my tracker so go and check it out. I wasn't very good yesterday and I cannot say that today was any better because work had a morning tea to welcome me this morning and believe me I could have been worse but I had a mini croisant. I should have been better than that but I couldn't say no... wanted more that is for sure.

Work was full on today but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It went so fast as I was learning so much and the girls were teasing me heaps and said to my boss "she is being bossy" (meaning me) and my boss said "Good I pay her lots so that she will be bossy with you" he he he and then she had me in the office and said "you are so quick to pick up things" OMG I thought that I was slow or something and she said I am easy to teach. OMG I felt on a high after that.... this lady scares me a little only because she is such a perfectionist (in a nice way).

I am going to the gym at 6pm as I didn't go last night but decided it would be my day off. Feels like it has been week since I have been to the gym.

I have been looking around for a good website that has some motivational tips to keep me going on this new lifestyle. I can't seem to find a good website so that I can read an article each day and keep me on track so if anyone has a good site please feel free to put it on my tag board so everyone can have a look too.

I might update some more tonight after the gym if I have the chance.

Good night all.

Thursday, 28 July 2005

First day on my new job

Today was my first day in my new job. It wasn't as bad as I thought and I wore my new skirt and top today. It felt really weird to wear a skirt he he he just that at the University it was really casual but here it is a little more up market but not totally. She said I can be casual but presentable but felt a little weird so once I see what everyone is doing then I can start dressing differently.

It wasn't that taxing at all (not like I thought) and I quite enjoyed it. I do miss all my friends at my old job and especially my morning tea friends as it was just so relaxing at morning tea and it made my day he he but that is ok. The day went really fast.

I must admit I was not a very good person with Morning tea though I had a chocolate muffin (I will point it but it was naughty but just did it ;-(

Well anyway that is me. My son wants me to play ballbuster with him before I start dinner so I better go and do it or he will bug me forever.

I did feel rather sexy in a skirt today... and the skirt was flowey and two layers... he he he felt nice.

Good Night

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

$250 spent woohoooo

Went to the gym this morning to meet up with Liz my trainer and she was so impressed. I went to the gym 9am yesterday morning and when I scanned my card it wouldn't let me through and the girl said "hold on there must be something wrong with your account" I said "there better not be as I paid a year in advance" and then she started laughing and I said what are you laughing at (nicely) and she said the Liz my trainer has put a note on your account to say "Woohoo well done girl you are doing fantasically and keep up the good work. Wow 6 days you are amazing" so that put me on a high that is for sure.

So I am the meeting with her this morning to go over my program and see what I doing and to give me another couple of things to do to keep me going and not to get bored. So I got wall squats and they have this new machine that pushes water and you ride it with your arms like it is a bicycle and that was a killer. Six minutes was how long she made me do this with resistance and then made me go fast every now and then for a minute OMG OMG my arms are killing me now... he he he

I start my new job tomorrow. I went and brought some new clothes today as hubby said that since I am starting a new job and they dress up more there then I have to go and buy some clothes soooooo… I spent $250.00 on about 15 different tops, skirts etc… it was so much fun there was a sale on and hubby was fantastic and my mum looked after Quinn so I didn’t have to bother about him either. I felt sooooooo good. I tried on size 26 in a skirt which is usually my size but it was too big and then hubby went and got me a 24 in the skirt and it was too big and so I tried on a size 22 and it fit but a little big but the 20 was too small.. he he he ehe he you should have seen my face. I must have lit up a big city with my smile he he he he.

But I felt so guilty afterwards for spending so much and hubby just rolled his eyes and said don't be silly you haven't had any rewards yet for all the hard work you have been doing and for 13.8 kilos you have lost so it made me feel so good.

I go in for my weigh in tonight ARGGHHHHH I have been working hard and been tracking but I have my monthly ho hum and so I don't think I feel like I have lost the 1.5 that I wanted to this week to get to my 10% so I am going to be happy with what I get but I will tell you this I have worked at the gym for 6 days and if I stay the same or gain I will be PISSED OFF because that just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway I will update later with what the results were.

BYE everyone

Sucked really! I lost 100 grams. OMG I have worked my arse off this week and I have tracked and look at that 100 grams. OMG THAT JUST F**KS me off... this always happens. I am not giving up but it is really discouraging when I work hard and track and that happens. What the hell is wrong with me...????? I know with my monthly it wouldn't have helped but I want that 10% ya know? Anyway thanks everyone for your kind words.

Love ya all!

Monday, 25 July 2005


Hey everyone.

What a weekend I have had. I don't think I have stopped since 8am yesterday morning.
8am Saturday morning and Tania picked me up to go the gym. OMG I so so so so did not want to go to the gym (especially that time of the morning) if you know me you know I am not a nice person at that time of the morning. So it was an interesting morning at the gym and lots of people there but it was the 6th day that week that I had been to the gym and I think it was too much. I think 4 to 5 days is enough for me. I feel lately that I am trying to please everyone in my life at the moment (once again) and I am not going to do that anymore. I had enough of that with BLONDE.

Sooooo this morning I decided no I was not going to go with Tania to the gym as it would be tooooooo much and besides I was out on the booze Saturday night with my new work mates... OH MY GOD I am going to be in trouble with those ladies he he he such party people and I boogggied down all night it was fantastic he he he.

So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the gym days this week and I am going to have the weekend off.

I have 1.5 kilos to loose to get to my 10% and I am soooooo nervous that it won't be this week but I have been tracking and I have been exercising (6 days this week argghhhh) so the only thing that will be against me is the alcohol last night he he he. I have kept within my Wendi Plan points this week as well.

Today washed both the cars, took youngest son to a girls birthday party and saw BLONDE there and wanted to smack her little BLEEP of a son... God she lets him get away with Crap... he was eating and then standing up and dancing with his mouth full (while ALL of the other children were sitting down and eating) and she just laughed at him... so he did it more and wouldn't sit down the whole time... GRRRR that child just rubs me the wrong way.

I didn't do too much exercise way today woohoooooo I felt free from sweat and pain today and it was good.

Anyway... I am going now so everyone have a good night.


Friday, 22 July 2005

Naked or Something

I have homemade pizza for dinner tonight hmmmm cheese, pineapple, feta, salami, corgettes (yep I know strange but hubby likes it), tomatoes, spaghetti.... but not on all of the pizza's we are making three and they are just looking devine and the smelll hmmmmm can't wait to finish this post to eat it he he.

Well now that I have made you all hungry he he I have had an ok day. Feel like I might be getting the flu as I have a scratchy throat. I missed going to the gym tonight and kept feeling like I was missing something he he he it is so addictive that is for sure.

I am on a high in a way too as Kris is coming to my Tuesday WW meetings from now on... that is sooo cool. I get on with her so well... feel like I can say things to her and don't feel like I have to be someone that I am not around her. It is a nice change from BLONDE that is for sure. My life seems more positive since not being around BLONDE. So Kris girl you can do this!!! If anyone wants to go read her diary please do and give her lots of encouragement... she is a nice person.
My last day at work tomorrow ho hum... I have such an upset tummy thinking about it. I took all my photos and kids paintings out of my office today and it felt so cold and empty. I am going to miss my beautiful view over the University Lake and the lovely trees in the autumn oh well. I know that the new job is going to be good and a challenge but scared of the unknown. I have been with the University for 14 years and it is a bit of a big change for me he he.

Ok.. so anyone that is reading my diary and not made yourself known yet COME OUT :-) and let me know!!! I love reading my tags and look at them so so so so often to keep my motivation up so if you are there lurking please write to me.

Anyway going to have my pizza now he he he

P.S so what do you all think of the photos page... OMG I have been fretting about putting them up live like that... I feel like ohhhh I don't know naked or something he he he.

Thursday, 21 July 2005

Combat Class

OMG what a full on day I have had. I don't think I even had time to breath.

Took Q(son) to creche this morning and left C(son)home with his Dad.

Went to the gym at 9.15am to the Combat class and worked my big butt off with the kickboxing... OMG it was a goer today. I felt it burning in my arms the most today. And Kris stayed for the whole hour... woohoooo it was fantastic and I knew as soon as I got to the floor at the end I would laugh. I don't know what it is but I get down on the floor to do situps and my body says laugh girl laugh he he he.

Then I had to go and organise bank accounts for the business I am starting with a partner. OMG that just took forever. Then went to get my drivers licence renewed and had the eye test and sign my life away and take another horrible photo he he he I hope the photo turns out well he he.
Then went to the new Warehouse with mum and she was on her crutches. OMG I wish that she would have rest up. I know it has been a week and a half since she sprained her ankle but she needs to rest it up properly and I know she is depressed... she was crying today (which if you knew my mum just doesn't happen) she feels couped up and I can understand that but it will take longer and longer if she doesn't get that ankle rested. So it was good to get her out but it was a slow process. There were wheelchairs there but she refused for me to push her in one GEESH.

I had a bath when I got back and hubby looked after the boys.

Oh also hubby went for a job interview today.. not that he doesn't have a job just that he saw this and it was for more money so thought why not and he had the interview today so we shall see what happens.

Anyway gotta go... feeling exhausted and just want to read others diaries and go to bed.

Good night


Ok I am sick of worrying whether blonde will see so I am going to now post my photos etc on here... look on the side panel for the site.

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Weigh in Tonight

Went to the gym today at 3.30 and worked my butt off again.

Treadmill 20 minutes3x15 crunchesRower 11 minutesBike 20 minutesSide crunches (on machine)

Not as much as last night but I still felt like I had done enough. Had so much fun with Kris tonight... we couldn't stop teasing each other which made our time go faster.

So it was my weigh in tonight!!! I have been on the Wendi plan this week as I have mentioned and I lost 1.5kilos. I had lost 1.4 and I was annoyed because I was still in the 140's so I was quite angry as I have yoyo'd so much I wanted to be out of the 140's so I went to the toilet and re weighed in and woohooooo I am not in the 130's.... I weight 139.9 now woohooooooo I have to get way below I don't want to be in the 140's or 150's anymore!

13.8 kilos down now! Woohooo hopefully the scales will keep going down as I am doing 5 times a week at the gym and I am keeping to this Wendi plan for a while to see how it works.

Anyway I am tired.. had a really long day
Good night

Monday, 18 July 2005

Gym by myself

Went to the gym by myself tonight and worked my butt off. But there were so many people there tonight it was a little off putting.

I did my workout but instead of 15 minutes on the bike I did 30 minutes woohoooo 30 minutes it was fantastic.

I did the rower and 24 secs less than last night he he he but I think that will be it for a while I will try and beat it but I don't think I will make it in less time than that for a while. I don't want to overdo it.

Well this is my last week at work and it feels strange and I still don't know if I am doing the right thing. My new boss was at the gym again today and I think I tried harder because she was around he he he but it didn't do me any harm that is for sure.

My muscles are sore realllly sore he he woohoooo.

I missed having Kris there though tonight as I really felt like have a sauna and spa tonight but didn't because I quite enjoy our chats together he he.

Well I can't wait for desperate housewifes tonight I have heard it is a good show.

Anyway Good night everyone.

Wendi Plan

Ok I am back and fiestier that ever!! he he

I went to the gym tonight, and this is what I did. Now it doesn't sound like too much but when you are 140 kilos I have more weight to carry as well he he he.

15 Minutes Treadmill10 flights of stairs (20 stairs in each flight)3x12 of the pulling weights sideways for the abs2000m Rowing machine ***Did it in 11.35 minutes*** 2 minutes less than Friday woohoooooo20 minutes on Bike3x15 CrunchesStretches and then a sauna and spa woohoooooo and I feel fantastic.

I have tried the Wendi Plan this week. I was talking to my trainer and she said for the first couple of weeks don't fret about weight loss and maybe expect none and then it should all come right. So I have now had 2 weeks and I am not fretting about Tuesday night.

Well with this Wendi plan. I have 26 points a day until I get under the 130kilo mark so I have taken it to 25 because I was talking to my WW leaders and they said to maybe go down to 25 as my body was too used to 26 points after 6 months. So this is what I have planned for since Wednesday last week:

Wednesday: 21 points
Thursday: 26 points
Friday: 22 points
Saturday: 36 points
Sunday: 22 points
Monday: 25 points
Tuesday: 23 points

So we will see how it goes this week and then next week I will change it again so that my body isn't used to the amount of food that goes in.

I feel sore right now so I might go read your diaries.... and go to bed he he he.. Plus watch CSI... sooo hooked.


Saturday, 16 July 2005

Farewell Morning Tea

I am sore!!

I am tired!!!

Had a full on today. Feel like I have been on the go all day.

Had my farewell today from work (don't leave till next week but too many meetings on next week)

OMG I cried in the farewell. They had a big table full of nibbles and fruit and scones with jam and cream and asparagus rolls and mini spring rolls, sandwiches. OMG there was so much food it was unbelievable.

The Chairperson said a really nice speach and I didn't think that he knew what I did but mentioned it in the speach that he has heard all the things that I do that isn't part of my job but above what is expected and that I am always willing to help.

My boss said that I feel for the students in situations and I am always out to get the best results and so much more.. I just couldn't believe it. I got a hug from her and she had tears... it was nice. I was so torn today. I don't want to go but I want to sort of too... I guess it is on to another part of my life.

Well I went to the gym at 4.45 today and left at 7.15 he he he he. Worked out in my program till 6.30 and then had a sauna and spa and it was fantastic.

Helena... I did the 2000m in 13.40 minutes. I am going to get it down!!! I am, I am, I am.

It was great going with Kris it makes time go faster. My trainer has me doing stair climbing... realllll stairs arghhhhhhhhhhhhh they were killing me he he

So I am now going upstairs to have my hair dyed he he he my hubby is just the best. Putting highlights in my hair too. (smile)


Thursday, 14 July 2005

Back hmmmm?

Yep me again!!

Ok I am going to keep updating. I was really upset last night as you might have guessed. I couldn't stop crying last night and was really angry (mainly at myself) I didn't eat anything nasty last week but I didn't track and that was a big mistake.

I just have been feeling like I have really tried with the exercise last week. I know I know I cannot give up!!! I know this but last night I didn't see the point. Felt like I had to just break away.

OMG I had an email from Jaxx (thanks), all the tags (thanks guys) and KRIS OMG girl you can be bossy when you want to be.

So 11,206 is the amount of steps I have done today OMG OMG I am getting so much better at the steps.

I went to the gym with Kris today and we did a Combat class (kickboxing)it felt exhausting he he he but worth it. I managed to get in there and didn't give Kris a chance to think about whether or not she wanted to do the class. And she did!!! even though you didn't do it with us you would have been proud of her too.

I managed to do the whole hour and was sweating like a pig but was so happy that I did it... I felt fantastic afterwards too and it was WAY harder than the Uni gym workout too and they had air conditioning in there but it was soooo hot and sweaty it was unbelievable. The weirdest thing was that my new boss (for the new job) arrived after 20 minutes to do the class... OMG felt weird that she was there but good as well.

After the hour class then I had my appointment with my trainer to go through my program... OMG what a fantastic program it is going to be challenging and I am looking forward to it.
Got home and sorted out mum to make sure she was comfortable as she is still in bed. But my friend who is a paramedic came and checked her out and her foot isn't broken just sprained so it is elevated and strapped up and he brought over some crutches so it is easier to go to the loo etc in the middle of the night... She won't eat much which is annoying the hell out of me. The reason she is being like this is tomorrow is the anniversary of Dad's death so we go through this every year now and then again at Xmas and then again on New Years eve (as it is dads birthday) he would hate it!! he would be so upset that we are miserable on these days I know that for sure. But she does that and gets all depressed. I do understand that she loved him all her life and they were married 48 years before he died but he would want her to celebrate the time they had and not morn the day he died.

Anyway so went out to lunch with a friend I haven't seen in over a year and then took my son to Madagascar and it was the best movie for big screen. Corbin really loved it and was just excited that we were spending a special day together with lunch and movies.

Tonight was spent on the phone with another friend in Auckland that I am going to visit on Saturday as her son will be 5 on Saturday so we are taking the boys up to go to Kelly Tarltons. They will enjoy that totally.

Signing off for now!!I have been tracking but considering doing the Wendie Plan as I am feeling like the same points every day isn't working for me... so will see how it goes.

Chubbymum signing off and thanking you all for your kind words! Thank you! you wouldn't believe it but without your support I don't think I would have carried on! I have lasted 6 months because of you all. I just get discouraged when others are loosing it faster... and I know that we are all different and I know that we didn't put it all on in a month so I can't expect it all to come off in a month but it is discouraging.


Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Weigh in Tonight

I have really enjoyed the gym in the last week. I feel so comfortable there and going with Kris does help that is for sure.

I don't feel like I have lost weight this week (I am going to Weight Watchers tonight). I know that I am going to the gym etc but going to the gym doesn't mean that I have lost weight. I was really bad in the tracking this week and my monthly is coming this week but I think I am ok with it.

I am doing more steps in a day then I have ever done. Usually I come home from work and I have done around 2000 steps or just around there and then the rest of my steps are made up from home or walking or the gym but since Wednesday I have been coming home from work and my steps have been 4,000 or over. I think I am getting more energetic and not realising it??? maybe??? hmmm

I was reading in one of the weight watchers books that I should remind myself everyday why I am doing this lifestyle change. Well for me today I am going to say I am doing this because I want to feel fitter than I am now even though some days I feel sooo skinny (yes I know I am not but that is how I am feeling) I want to be riding a bicyle by Christmas and I want by the end of September that my brother in law notices my weight change (as he hasn't seen me in 2 years because he is living in London).

Anyway I will update when I get back from Weight Watchers tonight!

I gained!! I BLEEP BLEEP gained after all the work I have done... I feel upset at the moment and I think I will take a break on here.. I have had the last four weeks of this and it is just getting me down.

Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Sprained Ankle

The last couple of days I have felt on a high. This gym is fantastic...

But at 9.30am this morning I got a phone call at work from my mum saying "you have to come home right now" (now if you knew my mum you would understand that she is afraid if we have a sick day that we will loose our jobs, so if she wants me home right now it is serious). She had slipped on the garage floor and fell down on her back pretty hard. I was freaking... (because this Thursday is the anniversary of my dads death) So I locked my computer, turned off my office lights and locked the door and went to boss and said going home mum slipped on garage floor. Go home in 7 minutes (takes me 15 minutes to get to work etc) and when I opened the garage door she was on the floor with a pillow under her foot and the boys standing beside her. She couldn't get up as she had done something to her leg. My friend Michael said it was a sprain (he is a paramedic).

So needless to say I was worried and fretting and got all the washing out to dry (but they didn't in this miserable wet weather)he he he. She didn't want anything to eat all day and was stubborn as when I mentioned she needed food. But apart from the leg she is feeling ok. But still cannot walk on it.

So anyway apart from all that I spent the day with my kids and it was good. I took them to lollipops as they looked like they were going to go insane in the house any longer. I didn't have anyone to look after the boys so I took the day off.

Went to pick up husband at 4.45 and before we left the AA place phoned to say that they had finished the pre purchase checkup on the car that we wanted to buy and WOOHOOOOO it only had a cambelt to be fixed so we talked them down in price and at 5.15 I was a proud owner of a 1994 Honda prelude with all the bells and whistles and sunroof and I feel HOT in it he he he he a married wife, mother of two boys feeling hot in a car he he he but I did!!!Woohoooooo and it has a car alarm too woohoooo. Silver sleek and all mine!!!!

Then I picked up Kris from home as I wanted to show her my new car... I was rather excited he he he but I think she understood. Kris I promise I will come down to earth tomorrow he he he.
So I went to the gym with Kris again and Woohooo it was fantastic. I must admitt that my enthusiasm wasn't there tonight but we managed to do a hour and a half at the gym and mostly cardio so I felt fantastic and also went in the spa and sauna too so I feel soooo relaxed but after an hour my muscles are feeling sore though and it is sooo good to know that I must have done some work even though my heart wasn't in it.

I can tell you this I soooo hope that the scales say there is a loss tomorrow or there will be hell to pay. I don't know if I feel like I have lost anything but I hope the scales prove me wrong he he he
Good night everyone... and Helena get those travelling feet ready because we are going to go overseas when this body is trim and taught he he he he


Monday, 11 July 2005

Wohoooo Great Steps

How do I begin to say what my day was like.

I can start off from saying I did 11,636 steps today WOHOOOOOOOO.

I have just gotten back from the gym with Kris and WHAT A FANTASTIC night I had tonight. It was fantastic to go with someone I feel so comfortable with and that I don't feel like I have to compete with by a little bit of competition in a way because I feel like I push myself a little more and then we went for a sauna and a spa OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I feeellllll

FANBLOODYTASTIC and as my hubby said "you have rosey cheeks and are looking vibrant" I feel so good.

Being Sunday I didn't feel like doing much but we spent most of the day looking for washing machines and dryers and got one of each and hubby organised the kids this morning in the bath and made me breakfast in bed woohooo.

Work tomorrow and I have only 2 weeks to go but hey I have to move on and the next challenge is on my way.

OH GOD I am watching NZ Idol and it is painful.. but getting quite annoyed with how rude the judges are. It would be better to just say no and that be that.

Anyway... love ya all

P.S Helena I did 1500 in 10 minutes he he he not up to your time but I will get there he he he he.

Saturday, 9 July 2005

Tag your it and gym twice argghhhhh

Ok... I have been tagged twice today ARGHHHHHH so I am only going to do one but it is the same questions he he he

Three names I go by:
1. Chubbymum
2. CM
3. and my friends know what my real name is he he

Three screen names I’ve had:
1. Chubbymum
2. -
3. -

Three physical things I like about myself:
1. My eyes
2. My lips
3. My ankles he he

Three physical things I don’t like about myself:
1. My Tummy
2. My sore knee
3. That my hair goes girl when it grows longer

Three parts of my heritage:
1. Bermuda
2. England
3. New Zealand

Three things I am wearing right now:
1. Tracksuit pants as I have just got back from gym
2. Creme T Shirt
3. Smelly socks he he

Three favorite bands/musical artists:
1. Fleetwood Mac
2. Norah Jones
3. Violent Femmes

Three favorite songs:
1. Patience by Guns and Roses
2. Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes
3. Professional Widow by Tori Amos

Three things I want in a relationship:
1. My husband
2. That he is my best friend
3. Trust

Two truths and a lie:
1. I was born in Bermuda
2. I have a tatoo of a butterfly on my shoulder blade
3. I went to school with Rachel Hunter

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to you:
1. Eyes
2. Taller than me
3. Eyelashes

Three favorite hobbies:
1. Computer Scrapbooking
2. Cross Stitch
3. Reading

Three things I want to do badly right now:
1. Go to Venice
2. Get to 100 kilos
3. Be fit enough to keep up with my kids

Three things that scare me:
1. Spiders
2. Losing my family or close friends
3. Not living to see my kids get married

Three of my everyday essentials:
1. Shoes
2. Lipstick
3. Family

Three Careers you have considered or are considering:
1. Graphic Designer
2. Scrapbook Shop Owner
3. Coffee Shop owner in Tuscany

Three places you want to go on vacation:
1. Venice
2. Tuscany
3. Greek Islands

Three kids’ names you like:
1. Corbin
2. Quinn
3. Rhiannen

Three things you want to do before you die:
1. Seeing my kids walk down the isle
2. Go to Venice and Tuscany
3. Spend time as much time with my family as I can.

Three ways I am stereotypically a boy:
1. I love wearing pants
2. Love shouting on the sidelines at soccer (nice comments)
3. I fart in good company... ;-)

Three ways I am stereotypically a girl:
1. I cry a lot
2. I am a gossip
3. I am sentimental and emotional

Three celeb crushes:
1. Sean Connery's voice ahhhhh
2. Chris(doctor) off Shortland Street
3. Matthew McConnaghey

Three people I am tagging with this list :
1. Leenie
2. Karen
3. Katey

Ok. WHEW that is over and done with!! he he he

Well I have been to the gym twice today he he he OMG twice in one day.

OMG I have Never sweated so much in my entire life. It was fantastic…. Except for the fact that I had to get on the rowing machine he he he… well if you have ever scene the rowing machines you have to put your feet in stirrup things and then get the handles to row but when you are big you get your feet in and then because of the tummy you can’t get the handles… so off the shoe stirrups so I could get the handle then put the stirrups on the feet then (rolling on the floor laughing by now) I had to be able to turn the machine on which is further away so I had to take it all off again so that I could turn it on first then get the handle then put the stirrups in he he hehe he I was laughing so much my tummy hurt he he he.

Then I went with Kris at 6pm and I was definitly feeling it after that in my thighs and my arms and I could only manage to do 50 minutes as it was too much... but so much fun with Kris there. I feel so comfortable talking to her and do the exercise with her... there is no judging and it feels comfortable THANKS KRIS!!!

But I am going to do this… and this new gym is fantastic and people are friendly and they come and talk to you. Yes it is rather expensive compared to the other one I was with but it is closer to home and the people there live around my area so I can meet some new people and they are the friendliest people I have met.

So I am tired and have a friend coming over to talk about his website then I am going to have a nice long Spa Bath ahhhhhhhh


Friday, 8 July 2005

London Terriorists attacks

I went to a linen party tonight so I am getting to update my diary at 11pm tonight.

OMG I am watching the tv where there is the terriorist attacks on the London trains and buses! Lots of casualties and my husband was really worried about his brother but managed to get hold him on his cellphone and he was good. His brother usually takes his bike but decided since the weather wasn't too good he would take the train but decided that he would take the early train instead OMG that was sooo worrying. I feel so sorry for the people over there at the moment as it is horrendous. How could anyone do such a thing? Why would they want to hurt innocent people? What sort of people are they? It makes you scared to go anywhere nowadays. I don't want to go over there!!! I cannot understand why our world has become so sad and dangerous? It is beyond me! I just have a pit in my stomach. We will probably in the next couple of days hear that they are calling it the 7/7 attacks... hmmmm :-(

Apart from that I have been good with food today. I haven't done any exercise but I have had such a busy day. I have had a tummy ache for 2 days now.. think that my ulcer is playing up again. Lots of things happening in my life lately.

I am a little excited but nervous about my meeting with the gym tomorrow about my fitness levels and what my program will be.

I have to sort this week out to loose some weight I just want to go on and stop this stand still I am having!!

I am going to do this.


Thursday, 7 July 2005

First Day of a new life

Well what a day I have had. I have one day a week that I have off (apart from the weekend)and it consists mainly of taking my mum around as she lives with us and she doesn't usually get out during the week as she doesn't drive. Now I am not saying I mind but sometimes it would be nice to have a day that I don't have to do for other people... either my kids or husband or my mother a day to myself. Today was that day. Mum didn't feel like going out she wanted to do some vacuuming and then catch up on some sleep so I made arrangements to go with Tania to join the gym to take up the 1 free week. Tania couldn't stay to do a workout as she had her son home sick but it was great that she was there to show me around.

The people were fantastic!!! I mean they are friendly. So I went back to Tania's place for a coffee and it was so good to relax and just talk about a lot of things.

I went to meet Kris at the same gym at 10.30 because I really wanted a work out and it was great to go with someone and we laughed so much I was scared my muscles were going to explode it was fantastic. I didn't realise until today that the workouts I have been doing at the gym were benefiting me. I did Kris's work out and it was a good work out but I didn't feel like it pushed me only because I have been building up my fitness since first going to the gym from January till June. I thought that the time I was there that I didn't really achieve anythign but I did achieve something and I found that out today. The crunches are the things that used to get me when I first started in January but doing 3 sets of 15 crunches today was really good and I didn't feel the hurt like I used to.

I can't wait to go with Kris again she is a fantastic gym buddy.

So after that I came home to see if Mum wanted to go out but she didn't so I read my emails and I read one email that said in it... don't leave for tomorrow what you could do today and phone friends that you haven't phoned in a while and so I did and spent an hour on the phone with a friend I haven't talked to since April because our lives have become so busy... it was fantastic to catch up with her.

Then had to go and pick up my oldest son from school and the mums were really chatty today and it was great to catch up with them too. I got changed before going out of my gym clothes into a pink top and I felt sooooo girly. I don't normally wear pink clothes but today felt feminine and girly. How fantastic is that. Took my son to the library and he sat there reading books while I was reading it was really nice and he was such a good boy.

Food wise it has been good and I felt so energetic today. Well that is a good start to my week.

Roll on loss!!

Hope everyone is having a good one!

Wednesday, 6 July 2005


Nothing much happened today.

I have been thinking about my life today... he he he not that I don't always think about my life.
I have been soooo slack the last couple of weeks. Yeah I have been doing my walks and I have been (up until this week just been) tracking but not having my full heart in it.

I am going to start with Kris... the gym. I have to do it!! I have to get my arse into gear and get my butt into shape.

I want to loose enough weight by the time I go to Melbourne in November... hmmm how much could I loose before then? I want to fit in the plane seats and have a great holiday!

It is about 18 weeks to go till we go.. maybe a little bit more. So I reakon that 9 kilos all up will be realistic. What do you think???? So that will be 22 kilos all up off for the year.

So ladies I need your pushing!!! he he he. Sometimes I have to be reminded about what I want to achieve... so if I forget please give me a kick up the backside he hehe

Well I have my weigh in tonight so I will update then. I am not feeling too hopefull tonight.. feeling quite bloated.


I gained 100 grams

OMG I know why but I don't want to admit it.... I didn't track so I have suffered yet another week. I don't want this to happen for another week so next week WATCH OUT!!! because I am going to have a fabulous loss A FAB ONE.

I start the gym tomorrow with Tania and I am looking forward to it. I have to get this fat off me I have had enough of being fat... HAD ENOUGH!!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2005


Hey everyone. Just thought I would tell you about my latest tag board entry from Tricia!!! Well there is a background to Tricia... she is like my oldest oldest friend that I lost to bloody Australia about 16 years ago arghhhh he he he nothing wrong with Australia apart from the fact that I lost a great friend to over there.

Well she has gotten in contact again after a couple of years of us being busy with our family lives and I gave her my address to this diary. Woohooo welcome Trixie!!! Missed ya babe!! come and read and tell it how it is girl.

Today has been an ok day. Nothing to report apart from the school calling me to get my oldest son as he still wasn't feeling very well. I was a bit of a soft mum this morning when he said he wanted to go to school I said no I don't think so but he cried and said he didn't want to go home... I suppose I don't want to discourage him from going to school he he he

Food wise I SUCKED today... felt like eating all day!! I had 2 mini pinky bars cause the craving for eating something I shouldn't was extreme.

Anyway feeling quite tired today... going to be early. Might update with something tomorrow.

Love ya all

Monday, 4 July 2005

Wohoo so much to tell

Well I have been thinking about my life all weekend. I went to bed early last night as hubby went to his mates to watch the rugby. Which was great because he hardly goes out and it was nice that he went to do that. I was asleep by 8.30 last night OMG I never go to bed that early but it felt fantastic.

Thank you everyone for the posts in my tag board.

Margaret thank you for your kind words, I took some time to sit and think about what I wanted. I do want to get this weight off but I think I sat there thinking I have been on this for 25 weeks now and I have only lost 13 kilos... that it is going to take 10 years to get my weight off... in the last month I only lost 1 kilo with all the yoyo jumping on the scales... it is just disconcerting sometimes that is all.

Thanks Karen you are right I have come a long way and I know for me I have lost a lot because after 3 kilos normally I would have given up.

Yesterday consisted of going and getting groceries and then when we got back home at 12 the kids granddad and grandmother were there. Then half an hour later we had my two boys at A & E as they both had terrible fevers that pamol wasn't taking down. It took us 1 hour and a halfs just to get to see the doctor and then we found out they both had throat infections and my oldest had a sty and they were both way up in the temperature (yeah like we didn't know that). After have the antibiotics what a difference that made OMG they were like normal again. Yayyyyy
Today we went shopping WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I felt on such a high after coming out of Farmers you just would not believe. I took six tops and 1 skirt into the changing rooms and you could have heard my laughing all the way to Wellington... THEY ALL FITTED ME... ALL OF THEM. I even had a lovely flowing black skirt that was too big for me TOO BIG can you believe it... never had that before it was always too small ho hum and wouldn't fit up over my hips wooohoooo TOOOOO BIG woohoooo.

One of the ladies getting changed heard me say it to my husband and she came out and she said "heard what you said and well done you must feel fantastic" had another lady come out and say "I heard too and I have lost 12 kilos on Weight Watchers too" it was just amazing. I felt like I was on a high. So out of the 6 things hubby told me I could get 2. So I brought a pink top OMG me in pink my hubby said I looked like a girl he he he because normally I don't choose pink never really liked it as my mum always put me in pink as a kid. And the other one was a black cardigan top thing with pearls coming down the front and on the sleeves... looked rather trendy and felt so luxurious he he he. So I felt like I was on cloud nine.

On top of that went for an hour walk - not a 45 minute one like I normally do and half way through the walk (which was down the river this time sooo beautiful today) I started to run.. he he he he I know I know I am still too big to run but it felt good because I have been getting fitter with all the exercise I have been doing but I ran he he he he he and then stopped he he he. The hour walk was just what I needed to know I had to keep going because I just want to feel better and better.

Got home and had lunch at 2pm ohhh dear and then took the boys to the soccer field to kick around the ball and I was running after my oldest son too he he he I was running and kicking the ball... running he he he he he

So far (and it is only 4.30) I have done 9,980 steps he he he he and I feel fantastic... now don't get me wrong later on I am going to feel it he he but right now WOHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO from me.

I don't care if I don't loose weight this week because doing what I did today has made up for not loosing weight for the next 2 weeks he he.

Ok now that I have blabbled on...

Oh and I forgot WELCOME Felicity-bubblesnz-pinkelephan (wish you had a website because I would certainly read it) thank you for your kind words and you can read my diary anytime. I don't mind if anyone wants to sit and read my diary. I know I have a friend that really got me motivated to loose this weight at the start and her name is Helena and I read her diary on our holiday in Whangamata one weekend and she inspired me to get off my arse and do it. Now not saying that others haven't but hers was the first diary I read and thought if she can do it so can I. I also thank Karen, Janine, Anne, Jo and Janene... you guys have also kept me going and were the ones that got me started.

Happy-P wish you also had a diary... why don't you start one and let us read... you are so kind with your words that I would love to get to know you more too.

Also thanks to all the new ones that I have been reading (you can see them on my reading list)it all keeps me sain when I read how good you are all doing. Please don't give up on me now... keep going and together we can have a big party at the end.

Was talking to Janine and said to her that I would like to get together with everyone again in April 2006. It would have been a year since seeing all you girls (and anyone else that wants to join us) and thought April every year would be fantastic to keep us going and to know how wonderful everyone one is in person as well as on their diaries. Anyone else interested?

That is enough of my babbling for now girls...

Thanks for listening everyone...


Saturday, 2 July 2005

Worth it or not?

I want to say I had an really excellent day but can't say that.

Pretty average actually. Been thinking a lot about starting the gym and really want to do this. I just want to be accountable to go. I find that I go when I have someone to go with but if I have to rely on myself then I don't tend to go. But mind you I have been going for walks since stopping it with BLONDE... and that wasn't ever something that I would do in the past.

I do want this to work, but sometimes I just want to give up!!! It just felt like what was the purpose as it takes soooo long to get to a certain weight. I have no one here in Hamilton that knows what it is like to loose as much as I have to loose.

I want to do this but I feel like I am giving my all with work and with my kids and my husband and also starting the small business I am starting and doing the weight thing I feel like I am going insane! I can't have it all but what do I give up... and realistically there is only the small business and the weight thing if I want to get back to sanity land again but then being big all my life isn't sane either.

Anyway that is me for now. I might update again later ???


Friday, 1 July 2005

Receptionist Thing

Please don't take the receptionist thing the wrong way... I wasn't mad just oh I don't know how to explain it.. it is all good really it is.

Feel alive today after my walk yesterday.

posted on 11:11 a.m

Gym Again

Well I feel really positive today.

One of the ladies that I read (Kris) her daughter is in my son's class and we decided to be Gym buddies. So I have a free week to check it out and see if I like this gym because I have been going to the University gym but with BLONDE and you all know how that worked out.

So I am really happy that I can do this and to know that we can push each other to get things done. It is really nice to have someone that is over the 100's (currently but not long to go for Kris) unlike me he he he.

I do have to do more exercise. I am walking twice to three times a week but I want to get this weight off. I have 3 months till my brother in law comes home and I WANT TO BE TO THE 20 KILOS.... please everyone help me!!

Now this water thing I don't drink my water... I hate it.. as some of you have read before I have tried everything to drink the bloody stuff but it is hard.

Anyway have a good night everyone.
Love Chubbymum
posted on 6:34 p.m.