Friday, 1 July 2005

Gym Again

Well I feel really positive today.

One of the ladies that I read (Kris) her daughter is in my son's class and we decided to be Gym buddies. So I have a free week to check it out and see if I like this gym because I have been going to the University gym but with BLONDE and you all know how that worked out.

So I am really happy that I can do this and to know that we can push each other to get things done. It is really nice to have someone that is over the 100's (currently but not long to go for Kris) unlike me he he he.

I do have to do more exercise. I am walking twice to three times a week but I want to get this weight off. I have 3 months till my brother in law comes home and I WANT TO BE TO THE 20 KILOS.... please everyone help me!!

Now this water thing I don't drink my water... I hate it.. as some of you have read before I have tried everything to drink the bloody stuff but it is hard.

Anyway have a good night everyone.
Love Chubbymum
posted on 6:34 p.m.

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