Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Weigh in Tonight

I have really enjoyed the gym in the last week. I feel so comfortable there and going with Kris does help that is for sure.

I don't feel like I have lost weight this week (I am going to Weight Watchers tonight). I know that I am going to the gym etc but going to the gym doesn't mean that I have lost weight. I was really bad in the tracking this week and my monthly is coming this week but I think I am ok with it.

I am doing more steps in a day then I have ever done. Usually I come home from work and I have done around 2000 steps or just around there and then the rest of my steps are made up from home or walking or the gym but since Wednesday I have been coming home from work and my steps have been 4,000 or over. I think I am getting more energetic and not realising it??? maybe??? hmmm

I was reading in one of the weight watchers books that I should remind myself everyday why I am doing this lifestyle change. Well for me today I am going to say I am doing this because I want to feel fitter than I am now even though some days I feel sooo skinny (yes I know I am not but that is how I am feeling) I want to be riding a bicyle by Christmas and I want by the end of September that my brother in law notices my weight change (as he hasn't seen me in 2 years because he is living in London).

Anyway I will update when I get back from Weight Watchers tonight!

I gained!! I BLEEP BLEEP gained after all the work I have done... I feel upset at the moment and I think I will take a break on here.. I have had the last four weeks of this and it is just getting me down.

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