Friday, 29 July 2005

Good Websites

I have started filling in my tracker so go and check it out. I wasn't very good yesterday and I cannot say that today was any better because work had a morning tea to welcome me this morning and believe me I could have been worse but I had a mini croisant. I should have been better than that but I couldn't say no... wanted more that is for sure.

Work was full on today but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It went so fast as I was learning so much and the girls were teasing me heaps and said to my boss "she is being bossy" (meaning me) and my boss said "Good I pay her lots so that she will be bossy with you" he he he and then she had me in the office and said "you are so quick to pick up things" OMG I thought that I was slow or something and she said I am easy to teach. OMG I felt on a high after that.... this lady scares me a little only because she is such a perfectionist (in a nice way).

I am going to the gym at 6pm as I didn't go last night but decided it would be my day off. Feels like it has been week since I have been to the gym.

I have been looking around for a good website that has some motivational tips to keep me going on this new lifestyle. I can't seem to find a good website so that I can read an article each day and keep me on track so if anyone has a good site please feel free to put it on my tag board so everyone can have a look too.

I might update some more tonight after the gym if I have the chance.

Good night all.

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