Wednesday, 6 July 2005


Nothing much happened today.

I have been thinking about my life today... he he he not that I don't always think about my life.
I have been soooo slack the last couple of weeks. Yeah I have been doing my walks and I have been (up until this week just been) tracking but not having my full heart in it.

I am going to start with Kris... the gym. I have to do it!! I have to get my arse into gear and get my butt into shape.

I want to loose enough weight by the time I go to Melbourne in November... hmmm how much could I loose before then? I want to fit in the plane seats and have a great holiday!

It is about 18 weeks to go till we go.. maybe a little bit more. So I reakon that 9 kilos all up will be realistic. What do you think???? So that will be 22 kilos all up off for the year.

So ladies I need your pushing!!! he he he. Sometimes I have to be reminded about what I want to achieve... so if I forget please give me a kick up the backside he hehe

Well I have my weigh in tonight so I will update then. I am not feeling too hopefull tonight.. feeling quite bloated.


I gained 100 grams

OMG I know why but I don't want to admit it.... I didn't track so I have suffered yet another week. I don't want this to happen for another week so next week WATCH OUT!!! because I am going to have a fabulous loss A FAB ONE.

I start the gym tomorrow with Tania and I am looking forward to it. I have to get this fat off me I have had enough of being fat... HAD ENOUGH!!!

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