Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Weigh in Tonight

Went to the gym today at 3.30 and worked my butt off again.

Treadmill 20 minutes3x15 crunchesRower 11 minutesBike 20 minutesSide crunches (on machine)

Not as much as last night but I still felt like I had done enough. Had so much fun with Kris tonight... we couldn't stop teasing each other which made our time go faster.

So it was my weigh in tonight!!! I have been on the Wendi plan this week as I have mentioned and I lost 1.5kilos. I had lost 1.4 and I was annoyed because I was still in the 140's so I was quite angry as I have yoyo'd so much I wanted to be out of the 140's so I went to the toilet and re weighed in and woohooooo I am not in the 130's.... I weight 139.9 now woohooooooo I have to get way below I don't want to be in the 140's or 150's anymore!

13.8 kilos down now! Woohooo hopefully the scales will keep going down as I am doing 5 times a week at the gym and I am keeping to this Wendi plan for a while to see how it works.

Anyway I am tired.. had a really long day
Good night

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