Thursday, 14 July 2005

Back hmmmm?

Yep me again!!

Ok I am going to keep updating. I was really upset last night as you might have guessed. I couldn't stop crying last night and was really angry (mainly at myself) I didn't eat anything nasty last week but I didn't track and that was a big mistake.

I just have been feeling like I have really tried with the exercise last week. I know I know I cannot give up!!! I know this but last night I didn't see the point. Felt like I had to just break away.

OMG I had an email from Jaxx (thanks), all the tags (thanks guys) and KRIS OMG girl you can be bossy when you want to be.

So 11,206 is the amount of steps I have done today OMG OMG I am getting so much better at the steps.

I went to the gym with Kris today and we did a Combat class (kickboxing)it felt exhausting he he he but worth it. I managed to get in there and didn't give Kris a chance to think about whether or not she wanted to do the class. And she did!!! even though you didn't do it with us you would have been proud of her too.

I managed to do the whole hour and was sweating like a pig but was so happy that I did it... I felt fantastic afterwards too and it was WAY harder than the Uni gym workout too and they had air conditioning in there but it was soooo hot and sweaty it was unbelievable. The weirdest thing was that my new boss (for the new job) arrived after 20 minutes to do the class... OMG felt weird that she was there but good as well.

After the hour class then I had my appointment with my trainer to go through my program... OMG what a fantastic program it is going to be challenging and I am looking forward to it.
Got home and sorted out mum to make sure she was comfortable as she is still in bed. But my friend who is a paramedic came and checked her out and her foot isn't broken just sprained so it is elevated and strapped up and he brought over some crutches so it is easier to go to the loo etc in the middle of the night... She won't eat much which is annoying the hell out of me. The reason she is being like this is tomorrow is the anniversary of Dad's death so we go through this every year now and then again at Xmas and then again on New Years eve (as it is dads birthday) he would hate it!! he would be so upset that we are miserable on these days I know that for sure. But she does that and gets all depressed. I do understand that she loved him all her life and they were married 48 years before he died but he would want her to celebrate the time they had and not morn the day he died.

Anyway so went out to lunch with a friend I haven't seen in over a year and then took my son to Madagascar and it was the best movie for big screen. Corbin really loved it and was just excited that we were spending a special day together with lunch and movies.

Tonight was spent on the phone with another friend in Auckland that I am going to visit on Saturday as her son will be 5 on Saturday so we are taking the boys up to go to Kelly Tarltons. They will enjoy that totally.

Signing off for now!!I have been tracking but considering doing the Wendie Plan as I am feeling like the same points every day isn't working for me... so will see how it goes.

Chubbymum signing off and thanking you all for your kind words! Thank you! you wouldn't believe it but without your support I don't think I would have carried on! I have lasted 6 months because of you all. I just get discouraged when others are loosing it faster... and I know that we are all different and I know that we didn't put it all on in a month so I can't expect it all to come off in a month but it is discouraging.


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