Wednesday, 27 July 2005

$250 spent woohoooo

Went to the gym this morning to meet up with Liz my trainer and she was so impressed. I went to the gym 9am yesterday morning and when I scanned my card it wouldn't let me through and the girl said "hold on there must be something wrong with your account" I said "there better not be as I paid a year in advance" and then she started laughing and I said what are you laughing at (nicely) and she said the Liz my trainer has put a note on your account to say "Woohoo well done girl you are doing fantasically and keep up the good work. Wow 6 days you are amazing" so that put me on a high that is for sure.

So I am the meeting with her this morning to go over my program and see what I doing and to give me another couple of things to do to keep me going and not to get bored. So I got wall squats and they have this new machine that pushes water and you ride it with your arms like it is a bicycle and that was a killer. Six minutes was how long she made me do this with resistance and then made me go fast every now and then for a minute OMG OMG my arms are killing me now... he he he

I start my new job tomorrow. I went and brought some new clothes today as hubby said that since I am starting a new job and they dress up more there then I have to go and buy some clothes soooooo… I spent $250.00 on about 15 different tops, skirts etc… it was so much fun there was a sale on and hubby was fantastic and my mum looked after Quinn so I didn’t have to bother about him either. I felt sooooooo good. I tried on size 26 in a skirt which is usually my size but it was too big and then hubby went and got me a 24 in the skirt and it was too big and so I tried on a size 22 and it fit but a little big but the 20 was too small.. he he he ehe he you should have seen my face. I must have lit up a big city with my smile he he he he.

But I felt so guilty afterwards for spending so much and hubby just rolled his eyes and said don't be silly you haven't had any rewards yet for all the hard work you have been doing and for 13.8 kilos you have lost so it made me feel so good.

I go in for my weigh in tonight ARGGHHHHH I have been working hard and been tracking but I have my monthly ho hum and so I don't think I feel like I have lost the 1.5 that I wanted to this week to get to my 10% so I am going to be happy with what I get but I will tell you this I have worked at the gym for 6 days and if I stay the same or gain I will be PISSED OFF because that just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway I will update later with what the results were.

BYE everyone

Sucked really! I lost 100 grams. OMG I have worked my arse off this week and I have tracked and look at that 100 grams. OMG THAT JUST F**KS me off... this always happens. I am not giving up but it is really discouraging when I work hard and track and that happens. What the hell is wrong with me...????? I know with my monthly it wouldn't have helped but I want that 10% ya know? Anyway thanks everyone for your kind words.

Love ya all!

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