Thursday, 21 July 2005

Combat Class

OMG what a full on day I have had. I don't think I even had time to breath.

Took Q(son) to creche this morning and left C(son)home with his Dad.

Went to the gym at 9.15am to the Combat class and worked my big butt off with the kickboxing... OMG it was a goer today. I felt it burning in my arms the most today. And Kris stayed for the whole hour... woohoooo it was fantastic and I knew as soon as I got to the floor at the end I would laugh. I don't know what it is but I get down on the floor to do situps and my body says laugh girl laugh he he he.

Then I had to go and organise bank accounts for the business I am starting with a partner. OMG that just took forever. Then went to get my drivers licence renewed and had the eye test and sign my life away and take another horrible photo he he he I hope the photo turns out well he he.
Then went to the new Warehouse with mum and she was on her crutches. OMG I wish that she would have rest up. I know it has been a week and a half since she sprained her ankle but she needs to rest it up properly and I know she is depressed... she was crying today (which if you knew my mum just doesn't happen) she feels couped up and I can understand that but it will take longer and longer if she doesn't get that ankle rested. So it was good to get her out but it was a slow process. There were wheelchairs there but she refused for me to push her in one GEESH.

I had a bath when I got back and hubby looked after the boys.

Oh also hubby went for a job interview today.. not that he doesn't have a job just that he saw this and it was for more money so thought why not and he had the interview today so we shall see what happens.

Anyway gotta go... feeling exhausted and just want to read others diaries and go to bed.

Good night


Ok I am sick of worrying whether blonde will see so I am going to now post my photos etc on here... look on the side panel for the site.

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