Monday, 18 July 2005

Wendi Plan

Ok I am back and fiestier that ever!! he he

I went to the gym tonight, and this is what I did. Now it doesn't sound like too much but when you are 140 kilos I have more weight to carry as well he he he.

15 Minutes Treadmill10 flights of stairs (20 stairs in each flight)3x12 of the pulling weights sideways for the abs2000m Rowing machine ***Did it in 11.35 minutes*** 2 minutes less than Friday woohoooooo20 minutes on Bike3x15 CrunchesStretches and then a sauna and spa woohoooooo and I feel fantastic.

I have tried the Wendi Plan this week. I was talking to my trainer and she said for the first couple of weeks don't fret about weight loss and maybe expect none and then it should all come right. So I have now had 2 weeks and I am not fretting about Tuesday night.

Well with this Wendi plan. I have 26 points a day until I get under the 130kilo mark so I have taken it to 25 because I was talking to my WW leaders and they said to maybe go down to 25 as my body was too used to 26 points after 6 months. So this is what I have planned for since Wednesday last week:

Wednesday: 21 points
Thursday: 26 points
Friday: 22 points
Saturday: 36 points
Sunday: 22 points
Monday: 25 points
Tuesday: 23 points

So we will see how it goes this week and then next week I will change it again so that my body isn't used to the amount of food that goes in.

I feel sore right now so I might go read your diaries.... and go to bed he he he.. Plus watch CSI... sooo hooked.


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