Monday, 31 December 2007

OMG what a boring New Year

Ok so I am having the most boring New Years Eve ever.....

I want to be out having fun but I just can't seem to leave mum here by herself when it is Dad's birthday... it really sucks.

I felt like Nigel no friends.....

Was there anyone else out there that didn't go to a party etc?

We have been playing Trionimos and having rum and cokes.... and cheese...

Eating too much tonight... sigh... going to gain this week sigh...

But I do feel that I am going to get to 99 kilos this year!!! I am I have to stop fucking around!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Love Chubbymum

Funny for the night.

Mum screamed out... "There are 2 tarts in the cupboard"
Jeremy said "OMG Norma what are you doing with 2 tarts"
I burst out laughing....
and because my mum is hard of hearing she said what and
Quinn said "Nana why do you have 2 tarts in the cupboard" and she still didn't get it... neither did Quinn he he he... just had to write it down because Quinn shouted it to the top of his lungs and there were people walking at the golf course and looked in at us quite strange he he he. I couldn't stop laughing..


New Years Resolutions 2008

My New Years Resolutions

I know people do these resolutions and don't stick to it but I haven't been doing too badly since 2004 when I did my first New Years Resolution and I have been chipping away at this weight. I am also doing little things on my resolution list for me to tick off..

1: To get to 99.9 kilos by December 2008.. OMG I have to get to that magic number I just have to. I am 119.2 kilos at the moment (lowest this year was 118.7 kilos). I need to stop stuffing around and actually work hard at getting this weight off as I have maintained for too long.

2: To actually do the Huntly 10km Walk as I was supposed to do it last year but did my back in.

3: Do more creative stuff in my room and try and sell them.

4: Go to the gym at least twice a week

5: Run on the treadmill for 5 minutes continuously (I can do it for a minute at the moment)

6: Take an art class with hubby and learn to draw either painting or learning to life draw something like that.

7: Save some money for a change

8: Use our caravan at least 6 times this year to get out money's worth out of it.

9: Learn a language maybe Italian?

10: Do a Digital Scrapbook page a month

11: Take lots of photos

12: To make sure every 6 weeks I get a new gym program and really try hard to stick to it and go for gold.

13: Keep going on the weight loss journey and NEVER give up and really try.

14: Associate with positive people and not to get caught up in negative talk at work.

15: WIN LOTTO and pay off mortgage he he he... ok had to put a dream in there.

Going to achieve this year.

Going to see that magic number 99... gonna gonna gonna.


Have had verbal diareha he he

Ok so lately I have had verbal diareha but I suppose it is better than not posting at all.


On the exercise talk....

I have been trying my hardest to do some exercise even though it is the silly season.

Saturday: 4 km (around the lake)

Sunday: 3.3km (around the block)

Monday: Gym

Went to the gym and worked so hard that I felt like throwing up. Ran on the treadmill at 1 minute 30 seconds each time OMG I have gone from 30 second run minute off to 1 1/2 minute run... felt very proud. Did my weights and extra rep of situps 80 situps woohoo, 5 minutes on the rower and J and I did punching on the kickboxing pads woohooo... felt fantastic but sick in the tummy oh well.

Going to get dressed now as we are taking a drive to Te Awamutu for morning tea.

Little sad also today it is my Dad's birthday and if he were here he would have been celebrating and spending time with my boys... life is unfair sometimes.

Sunday, 30 December 2007

29 Dec Saturday and 30 Dec Sunday 2007


Ok so I weighed in today:


Weight last week: 118.9

Weight this week: 119.2 kgs

Loss/Gain: Gain 300 grams

Total loss from WW: 35.5 kgs

Total loss from start:
40.8 kgs


We were supposed to be going to go Rock Climbing today but it didn't happen because we went for a walk around the lake (what a beautiful day it was) and then the boys had a choice of going Rock Climbing after the walk or going on the water bikes and OMG Corbin has been bugging us about the Water bikes for at least a year that we finally got him on them.

They had so much fun. I didn't go because I was taking the photos chicken aren't I.... (I think it was because I was scared they wouldn't have a life jacket that would fit me.... still in the 160kilo mind frame still I think).

I did 9,860 steps today and felt great for it because my normal steps suck at like 5,000 to 7,000 steps a day.

I am tracking again and I am happy that I have only gained 300 grams over this week but that doesn't mean it isn't going to show up more of a gain next week as my body is a weird thing.

So anyway back to the walk around the lake... it was cool because the boys took their digital cameras and were having fun taking photos with me wohooooo... here are some photos for ya.

We had a great BBQ at home that night... what wonderful weather we have had in the last couple of days.


So we went to my MIL birthday thingy and we were expecting to out to lunch in town but the Brother in law's fiancee decided in all her glory that we wouldn't go out to lunch but we would go for a picnic which was fine if I didn't have the boys all dressed up. It was a great idea if they could make up their minds... they changed their minds like you wouldn't believe before deciding 15 minutes before we were to go.

Got to the gardens and it was nice weather and really nice where they picked out where to sit and we got MIL to open the presents and she was showing off the clock I made for her to BIL fiancee and she said "Oh" and that was it... fine I thought.

Then the whole time she was raarking up Quinn so he got in trouble because as a 6 year old he doesn't know when to quit and then Corbin got cake all down his new shirt and she laughed and then the subject of kids came up and I said "I can't wait to see what your kids are like because you hype up mine and then take off" OH dear am I getting brazen he he he and then MIL said "the twins don't you mean" then MIL said "when you babysit you can do the same thing to her kids" I wasn't thinking and said "I won't be babysitting" oops... but they have never babysitted for me... and the only time the BIL has taken the boys was when Jeremy and I were away for the weekend for about 2 hours so why the hell would I be babysitting for them??? tell me that.

OHHHH and then MIL went on about not contacting us in the last couple of days because she was scared that I would guess that they were engaged OMG... and said to me "so what do you think" with a grin on my face (screaming inside) I said "Oh yeah good aye!" my MIL was sooo excited. On the way home in the car I said to Jeremy "bloody hell I got so much crap when we got engaged and she wasn't that happy or excited as she was with your brothers engagement.."

I shouldn't be against them... I shouldn't feel like that but I have been with Jeremy for 18 years and in those 18 years the last 3 have been the only years that I haven't felt like she hated me... and all of a sudden this girl comes on the scene and she is the bees knees... it hurts.. it sooo hurts.. you wouldn't believe what my MIL has done to me over the years (yes I know some of you are going to say Get over it and you can't change it and bla bla bla but this blog is somewhere where I have to get the frustrations out)... anyway.... my MIL asked what Jeremy wanted for his birthday one year and I said that he wanted to go and see this stage show and I was going to go and get him and I tickets to go and see it... she said.. can I get them... I said yes well..... the bitch went and got a ticket for Jeremy and his brother and (KNOWING that they were allocated seats) didn't get me one... so I missed out on it and Jeremy couldn't work out why I was sooo unhappy at the time because I didn't make a scene as we were at someone elses house... but later on I went out to the front of the house and burst out in tears at what this woman had done. Why did she make my life such hell... am I such a nasty bitch?

I have fought the last 18 years to have what I have with my MIL and this bitch comes along and she is extatic... yet she has made her son quit his job to go on a holiday and use all his savings for it and has nothing to his name... yet I put Jeremy through school while I worked as she didn't have enough money to help him and he lived with me free and I am the one that has saved our butts off so we can have a great house and home and family and now am made to feel quilty like I shouldn't be working part time as her poor son is working hard.

I hate the fact that my BIL being the youngest is treated differently and better and worshiped and I don't even think he realises it. I bet he didn't even get her a birthday present stating that they couldn't afford it.... when they went and brought a fucken laptop only a day ago....

This afternoon was great I had 10 minutes out in the sun as I hate my fat sausage legs being so white so I am giving 10 minutes a day in the sun to make them not look so white and pale he he he and then spent the afternoon learning how to make some necklaces (will put a picture up when I finish it) and then doing some scrapbooking brag books while the boys were playing with the hose outside and Jeremy reading outside and mum as usual in bed because she doesn't sleep at night... instead bangs doors and kitchen things while we try to get to sleep.

I am on holiday and feel like I need a holiday away from my family today....

I do love my family but I have only had a week and getting to the stage where I am getting sick of screaming at them to stop fighting or screaming or just STOP!!!! and I am losing my patience...

And for a mother that is moody and slams things down because she can't say what she is thinking... or as she did this morning... blames Corbin because yesterday she gave him her rings to put in her room and today she can't find them but my mother isn't remembering things and so after a half an hour of trying to help her find her rings.

Everytime I went to go in her bag she said she has looked in there.... I went back in to her room and said "have you found the rings?" she said "Yes they were in my bag" and I said (turning Corbin to face her)... "haven't you got something to say to Corbin?" meaning aren't you going to say sorry?? and she said "I didn't blame him" both Corbin and I left the room and I said as I left "what a child" Man that pissed me off because she expects others to say sorry but she can't say it to her grandson.

Need to get out with some friends....

Friends away.....

Friends online are mostly away.....

NOT good!!!!

K... frustrations are out and now I am going to do my Life Journal maybe that will make me feel better.


Friday, 28 December 2007

Second post for the day

Went in to Chartwell to meet my step mother in law for a coffee and for her to get our drivers licence so that she can transfer the caravan over to us. Wohooo and she hugged us and said she was happy that the caravan was staying in the family and also that she knew we would treat it right so that was great.

She sensed that I was not happy that we were going back home to have Jeremy's brother visit... I think she feels the same way about them.

So anyway..... got home to have Brother in law and his girlfriend Annabelle come over. It was the first day we had seen them since they got back in the country on boxing day... FUCK FUCK I was pissed the whole time they were here... they went away for 6 weeks and they are my kids only uncle that they will ever have and they didn't even bring a FUCKEN bring a souvenier for the kids... not Xmas present not even a fucken $2 present or anything... absolutly nothing... what an arse..

So they were here at home and all they came over for was for Jeremy to tell them what sort of fucken computer to buy CAN YOU TELL I AM PISSED they can afford to buy a fucken laptop but can't afford a Xmas present for their own family. So the stuff we brought for them stayed upstairs and we are keeping it and my mum brought them a big tray of Ferriero Rocher Chocolates so we gave them to the kids he he he... bastards...

So we have spent the last hour talking about how wonderful their fucken trip was and how they were buying this laptop etc and then... GET THISSSS

Just as they were leaving his BIL went to Jeremy and said "Well I suppose it is time to say that you better congratulate me"????? WTF for?? He looked at Jeremy (who was sitting down) well you better congratulate me and my fiancee OMG really... I stayed still... wasn't going to jump up and down to people that were as selfish as them... and the only thing I said was "I suppose miracles happen huh" and that was it... didn't give him a hug or anything. was still seething how he could be so shit to our kids yet wanted us to say how wonderful to him.

All I can say is that he will find out when his kids grow (if they have any) that I am going to do exactly what they have done to ours... no birthday or Xmas presents from their only uncle.

Man I am seething....

What the Fuck is wrong with this family... even when we couldn't afford it we always brought something for them ALWAYS... not again... EVER it is not happening.

While they were going out the door the Vet rang and our cat has Thyroid problems and will be on tablets for the rest of his life morning and night... so there is more expense for us.. OMG I feel like we are forking out so much money at the moment and money we don't have.

$250 for the Vet yesterday

$50 today for the tablets

$100 for Registration for Vehicle

Jeremy's mum birthday on Sunday and him and his brother organising a lunch out as well as presents for her birthday.

I am feeling really low and depressed today and I just want to scream.

I am back tracking today as I feel like I want to eat that whole box of chocolates with the mood I am in today.

I need my tracking buddies today.... really need the


Paget seems better today but we still haven't received the results from the Vet yet so who knows what is going to happen. He is cuddling up with us and being a little bit more normal than he was a day a go so I will keep you all posted.

So I have been using my drawing tablet to do some tutuing in the last day... been really busy or I would have done more... he he he so here it is. It is hard to get used to drawing on the side and it turning up on the screen instead of where I am drawing.So today we got up and said to ourselves that we have to get back in to it. I did take a sneaky peak at the scales because I know I have gained but didn't know how much... and it wasn't as bad as I thought but it wasn't good either but that is fine as long as Saturday is the start of my tracking and gettting back in to it.

So we got us (as I was saying he he he) and we went to the gym and I ran my big backside off on the treadmill and also did the rower and sit ups and arms... felt good at the time but feeling buggered now he he he. We are also going tomorrow morning as well... gotta do this!! Want to be my hubby's weight by at least my birthday and he is 103 kilos... (assuming I will be around 119.9 he he kilos) then I have about 17 kilos to go.... that is 500 grams a week I have to lose to get there... that is doable... if I stick to the plan and track..

So by Xmas next year I will be under 100 kilos... it has to happen.

Love ya all

OHHHH and finished my MIL clock so will take some photos and post it... sooo much fun being creative.. Also started my Art Journal too... it is sooo way out and isn't pretty but it feels great.



Thursday, 27 December 2007



I am losing my patience already and I have a week to go.

My mother is driving me insane she just doesn't listen and I have to repeat things like 50 million fucken times and then there is an arguement because in the end I don't want to fucken talk to her... it is worse than having a child.

I would rather be at work when I have to do that..

Also I am not in a good mood because we had to take the cat to the vet today because we thought he had ring worm but he didn't and now we are waiting on blood tests... apparently his kidneys are great for a cat that is 15 years old but she thinks he has thyroid problems which means giving him tablets in morning and afternoon... so in the middle of her telling me this before going to get the blood tests on the boys I burst out in to tears because he is my baby!!!! I have had him for 15 years and I love him sooo much... I know that he is only a cat to some people but to me he is more... he knows when I am sick and always snuggles up and he loves being around me.

So after $247 at the Vets I am assuming there is going to be more costs arghhhhhhhh it is worth it but at Xmas it is hard.

Anyway going to go and finish my MIL clock for her birthday now as hubby has taken my mum out YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day 2007

Boxing day

We went out shopping today... went to to Spotlight OMG am I a craft junkie or what he he he and brought more stamp inks and chipboard stuff and the boys got these Easy Mini Knitter things he he he they are like the one things we used to make on cotton reels with nails and they make like a knitted effect... that has been keeping them occupied and they have said they are going to make snakes wih them.

We also brought two big plastic boxes with wheels on them for only $9.00 each for the boys to put their clothes in for the caravan camping so that we can have the drawers in the caravan for other stuff and that we didn't have to keep taking the table down for them to get their clothes.

The only thing I want to get now is a little fold away pantry so we can have more storage for food if we go away for a week or more.... and then that is the end of the set up... soo cool. I am loving this caravaning....

We got back after Boxing day shopping and mum looked after the boys and told us to go out so we did he he he... we went to the Hamilton gardens and had a drink and a piece of cake and talked and laughed and we went for a walk around the gardens arm in arm and just enjoying each others company.

Got a lot of texts yesterday on Xmas day and they made my day it was nice and I felt loved.... so if that was you thank you!!!

We also sat down with the boys today to ask what they wanted to do over the Xmas break and we wrote a list of 10 things and so we are going to try and do some of them.

Now we are watching tv and I am on my laptop and just chilling... I love holidays where we chill out... sooo cool.

Love ya all


Christmas Day

Christmas day was a great one and relaxing too... I am glad my brother in law and his girlfriend wasn't here because then I didn't feel like I had to be someone I am not.

Got woken up at like 5.45 with this bloody couple behind out fence on the golf course walking their baby in a pram because obviously it couldn't get to sleep... I felt like saying OMG so just because you can't sleep then you are going to take it around the neighbourhood to wake everyone else up GEESH some people aye.

Kids woke up and got right in to their Santa sacks at the end of the bed and were playing with the fart machines he he he and chocolate money and other little things.

Corbin did a letter and a glass of milk with chocolate chippy biscuits with a green leaf lolly on the top he he he (he said it was for the reindeer) and a letter in an envelope to Santa. In the envelope was written "Dear Santa, can I have a toy that all boys would like thank you I would love it" OMG I was chuffed that he didn't say I want this and I want that... he was happy to get anything that a boy would get and would be satisfied how cool is that aye...

The boys came up stairs to show us all their stuff and then we came down and gave them their camera's each... OMG they were chuffed with their digital cameras and have had fun taking photos. Corbin is trying to be quite arty and getting people to sit and stand in places and really trying to make the shot's right. Also he borrowed my little tripod to steady it.

Corbin phoned his Nana Chris to come over as soon as she could because they can't open their present until she does. So she was around about 8.45 and we let them open the swing ball soccer game so they could be outside while we made our traditional croisants for breakfast... hmmmmm tomatoe, cheese, avocado in the middle heated in the oven ohhhh sooo nice.

The present were the first presents they could open before Nana Chris came (the cameras). Wohoooo finally.

So Santa wrote a letter back to Corbin thanking him for his letter and that he hoped all that he gave was what he would like... also said please can you say Hi to Quinn... he he he

The Christmas tree with all the present underneath. How great to have so many presents we are so lucky.

Below are the boys opening their camera's and Corbin's face was a little sad thinking that Quinn got a camera and not his... but when he found out that he had a camera he was soooo happy.

Look at the smile on his face while taking this photo... I just love how happy he was.

Quinn had the tripod in this photo but Corbin was the one that went and found my tripod to use.

Aren't my boys such posers he he he they love me taking photos and I love taking them of them too.

The picture below is of the swing ball soccer.

I made a brag book for Nana Chris and she was chuffed about it and was reading it intently and I am glad that

Below is my mum getting some silky pj's from us.

Below is my father in law and my step mother in law opening up the presents that the kids brought them and the ones we got too.

They brought a really cool games set to take with us camping for the boys and also Kathmandu sleeping bags each too... how cool is that.. our camping stuff is all up to date now wohooo.

They brought Jeremy and I a lizard to go on our black fence where we just painted on the side with the new rock garden tiled area... sooo cool especially when our house is a mediteranian look it looks really good.
Granddad and Quinn trying to get the sleeping bags out.

Christmas day went really well... but the best part was that I got a drawing tablet kit so that I can draw doodles on my scrapbook pages and it is the most fabulous thing I have ever gotten. I can draw flowers and stick men and be creative and so I am getting used to it right now and I am going to have so much fun he he he soooo excited... and that was from my MIL... OMG OMG it is the first time in 18 years that she has brought something that I reallllllly realllllllllllllllly wanted and not something that she just got because she thought I might like... chuffed to bits.

I wasn't bad with food Christmas day. I wasn't wonderful but I didn't over do it and I had salads with my meat etc and veges and I didn't go over board with the cheeses either.. in previous years the brie etc would have all gone by boxing day and there are two cheeses still in the fridge and I didn't over do it.. I wasn't stuffed and uncomfortable and I am not even wanting any of it today. So I am proud of myself... but I will still gain but I am not tracking either... a week off a year isn't bad I reckon.

Boxing day

We went out shopping today... went to to Spotlight OMG am I a craft junkie or what he he he and brought more stamp inks and chipboard stuff and the boys got these Easy Mini Knitter things he he he they are like the one things we used to make on cotton reels with nails and they make like a knitted effect... that has been keeping them occupied and they have said they are going to make snakes wih them.

Monday, 24 December 2007


Got my monthly Friday night and felt like crap ever since.

Gained 200 grams this week so I am back up to 118.9 grrrr but I suppose I should know by now that I lose one week and gain the next even though I tracked and didn't do much different than I did the week before grrr what the hell is up with my body.

The last couple of days I have been doing creative things... painting my new paper trays that my husband made for my scrapbooking paper... soooooo exciting. I chose white and I shouldn't have grrr because it is the hardest thing to paint as you have to do at least 3 coats instead of 2 coats.

Had a BBQ on Saturday with Pam and my MIL at our place and it was a great night and the BBQ is fantastic. We went up to the temple to see the Christmas lights and I got to use my camera and tried a lot of different ways to take the photos so they would come out at night time... and some artistic ways too and I think they turned out ok he he he. I might even do a Xmas page with them tomorrow as Xmas day is going to be a chill out day apart from the getting the Xmas lunch done.

I have wanted to spend spend spend lately and can't seem to control the spending... and it isn't like I have the money to do it... sometimes I think I spend when I am depressed with my life and there is no other thing that is satisfying it? The spending isn't making me feel any better.... hmmm but really there isn't anything that I am unhappy with as far as I know... as I have a wonderful hubby, great family, great home etc... there isn't anything there that I am unhappy about.

Ok Pictures are out of order and can't be stuffed to fix he he he

Look at my ham yummmmmmmy.... I did it with watties bit on the side sweet chilli and rum and oranges hmmmmmmm.... it was beaut.

Day before Xmas we were watching Jamie Oliver and he was making pizza's so we made them for dinner yummmy.... he he he so the first two photos were food ones oops... but I have been ok with my food and not really going over board but not tracking and I will gain but it is just one week in the year that I am not going to track and then I am back on track on Saturday so I am not unhappy about that at all.. plus I have my monthly so in a funk anyway he he it came at the right time.

Christmas Eve we went pea and potatoe picking with Pam, Brianna and Adam and had sooooo much fun and it was a nice day for it.

This is with our haul of peas and potatoes and me in shorts arghhhhhhh hubby taking photos of me with those chubby legs he he he

Corbin loves shelling the peas so he sat down to do that and then mum and Quinn joined in while I did the ham.

Yummmy fresh peas.

This is Pam and then Brianna and the boys running up ahead... such a lovely day.

Unfortunatley for us the peas were all in with the weeds so we had to try and find them he he but the boys were having fun.

Decided this year we would get red potatoes and oohhhh they were yummy cooked and left for cold with olive oil, garlic, paprika, parsley on them OMG I looveee them like this.

We went out on Saturday night to look at the lights and I got some nice photos.

Above is mum and Corbin playing uno spin it was nice to see them playing a game and not sitting and watching tv geesh.

This is Corbin and his friend Lachlan playing rugby in the front yard.... how cute.

Corbin in front of some Xmas lights at Temple View Church.

I decided to be creative with the camera and told Quinn to keep still and I moved the camera so it made the lights go funny he he.

Aren't these lights just beautiful and half of them are those bulbs that conserve energy or something... and by next year they will all be replaced with them.

Hubby.... isn't he just cute he he he

The temple from afar is beautiful.

We had the brassier going so we could roast marshmellows on the Saturday night when we got the BBQ going (that Jeremy got from his mum for Xmas (but early he he)).

All my boys cooking how cute. Pam took this photo above but I think she moved the camera too soon.

So they were the photos before Xmas and I was supposed to upload them but saved them to draft instead grrr but here they are now.


Merry Xmas everyone.