Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Post every day.

Went to the gym last night and did my new program OMG I am sore today. The new program pushes my limits... I have to go hard out until I fail... it isn't like I do 3 x 15 or anything and man it is hard. But... the weird thing was my scales were soooo down this morning and that is sooo weird but I felt good with this program.

The only thing that I wasn't too happy about was that I have to do the rower first and I am not warmed up and it felt really really horrible to do it without being warmed up and especially for 15 minutes on the darn thing he he.

I promised I would post every day but last night I got way laid with all the things I needed to catch up on but I am still managing to tell about the day so that isn't too bad.

I think I am catching a bloody cold because I have had headaches and blocked sinuses and now a sore throat... but that is not going to beat me... I am going to lose this weight and I am not going to feel sorry for myself... I am trying sooo hard to be positive and I am chanting postive things when I can feel that my mind is wandering.

I keep picturing this lady that I saw in the weekend from WW and how fantastic she looks and I suppose that is keeping me going as well this week.

Only 3 more working days for me and then I am off from next Wed at 2.30 woohooooooo I just cannot bloody wait.

Corbin took some Xmas cards in today to school and for Ashley's one he put a candy cane in it awwwww how sweet (even though she is Kris's daughter she is a nice little girl) and Corbin blushed when I said "So why does she get a candy cane and the others don't" he he he it was just tooo cute.

Oh Well....

Might update later on what I have done today




libra said...

Good on you going to the gym :) Like you I am counting down to the christmas break only 7 working days to go ahhhhhh I hope the weather picks up its a tad bit wet at the moment but very muggy...
Hope to have more time while not working to make some more necklaces :)
Have a good rest of week

celtic_girl said...

Maybe try warming up on the bike before you go on the rower, I always do 5-10mins on the bike before I start my weights (thats when I go of course!!!)