Monday, 10 December 2007

7 Habits

Have had a headache today and hubby seems to think I have a sinus infection... but it was not going to make me eat the wrong things. I have tracked today and feel good about it... work was hectic today but that is fine.

Got to school this afternoon to pick up the boys and James (Quinn's friend) asked Quinn if he wanted to come over for a play date..... and the father said that since Corbin is friends with James older brother then why doesn't he come over too... OMG both kids gone for an afternoon OMG OMG what to do? What to do? So I decided to get in my study and make cards... OH WHAT A CHORE he he he.... he he he...

Going to lose this weight!!

5 kilos to be gone by the end of January even with Christmas... it is going to go!!!

That is 5 charms from hubby for my Italian bracelet too he he he... they aren't expensive but hubby start saving!!! he he

Have any of you had lots of things that you wanted to do but couldn't work out which is first etc... I want to make cards, digital scrapbooking, read the magazines I have in a bag because I haven't had the time to read them. Books on my book shelves that have been sitting sitting on the shelves that I haven't had time to read. There are so many things that I want to do but can't seem to find the time.

I remember doing a course by Stephen Covey "7 habits of highly effective people" that the Uni put us on about 8 years ago and it was amazing... it certainly made you think about your priorities in life and I was going well until my Dad died but then about 4 months after my Dad died we went to a refresher course with the same tutor and I got to thank the tutor because it had a part where you sorted out your life by your roles... like I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Employee, Friend and most of all Me role etc and to sort out your week every week to cover at least one thing a week for these roles so that you are balanced etc... and so I managed to do that for about 6 months and every week I made an appointment with my Dad to show him things on the computer... it was great because I treasure the times I made with my Dad and without doing the course I wouldn't have done it because there were too many things to do...

So I am going to try and sort out doing this again so that I do things with everyone but also most importantly to make sure I have time for me...

I have tried to be more positive today even with a headache woohooo and I think I am doing better. The other thing I am going to try (TRY) to do is blog everyday as it was helping me when I was losing.

Good night



libra said...

I hear you, I have books left unread, the house is never tidy, some days it feels like I just run around after everyone but there is no one to run after me.....balance wish I could acheive it.. hope your headaches better though, have a great rest of week, Iam counting down only 1 week and 4 days of work then a bit of r and r :)

Jules said...

Good night missy. I need to do so many things and I am just accepting that they will be done when they get done.

As for the Secret, you better believe girlfriend. I put all my good carparks down to the Secret of positive thinking.

Rachel said...

Ooooooooooo blogging everyday, can't wait....LOL

Write a list of all the things you want to do and when you have a spare minute, tick one off. If you start at the top and work your way down, you will make sure you get to do everything and not the same thing all the time.

Have a fabulous weekend sweets.

Anne said...

The Secret - like Jules I get carparks with positive thinking LOL - and with money left in the meter! Must get that book out and read more!