Thursday, 27 December 2007



I am losing my patience already and I have a week to go.

My mother is driving me insane she just doesn't listen and I have to repeat things like 50 million fucken times and then there is an arguement because in the end I don't want to fucken talk to her... it is worse than having a child.

I would rather be at work when I have to do that..

Also I am not in a good mood because we had to take the cat to the vet today because we thought he had ring worm but he didn't and now we are waiting on blood tests... apparently his kidneys are great for a cat that is 15 years old but she thinks he has thyroid problems which means giving him tablets in morning and afternoon... so in the middle of her telling me this before going to get the blood tests on the boys I burst out in to tears because he is my baby!!!! I have had him for 15 years and I love him sooo much... I know that he is only a cat to some people but to me he is more... he knows when I am sick and always snuggles up and he loves being around me.

So after $247 at the Vets I am assuming there is going to be more costs arghhhhhhhh it is worth it but at Xmas it is hard.

Anyway going to go and finish my MIL clock for her birthday now as hubby has taken my mum out YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.


Felicity said...

mum's at close range can get ontop of us-I know..we luv 'em BUT some days are hard work..keep ya cool girl...hugs hun

Name: Lynise said...

I can understand how frustrating you must be feeling. I love having my family to stay for a little while, but after about 48 hours we are all ready to have our own space again. My mother would drive me absolutely batty if I had to live with her, and I imagine my father would be worse.
At the moment I'm having my own share of misery with Warren as I agreed to do him a favour and am now regretting it big time as he is back to telling me what to do and comment if he doesn't think I am doing enough. (for goodness sake, its my christmass holiday and I don't appreciate being told that I'm doing nothing by him. I was silly enough to forget that he does that and am now regretting the fact that I am letting him use my she until his own place is ready in April) grrrrrrrrrr I could slap him.

Anyway, hope things with your mother improve. I should come across and we could take the kids to the pools or something.

Tania said...

Oh I so hope your cat is ok! I have two very spoilt little dogs who are family to me so know exactly how you feel.

As to your mum - I can only imagine how frustrating it is, but when things get to you try and take yourself away from the situation - even if it's just to have some time out at a local coffee shop or an outing with the boys.

Hope things improve for the rest of your holidays.

Chris H said...

Take a chill pill mate, things are just getting on top of you with the silly season, and of course the worry and expense of the cat. You and your Mum will be fine too I'm sure.

Whoever I want to be said...

I hope the cat is doing ok and just letting you know I have started blogging again in my original blog and it is now public again.

just janene said...

Yep, am having similar feeling toward my Mum at the moment, and she lives across town from me! Today is a day for me and Jorja though, so it will be a nice break hehe

Sorry to hear about your cat, I know how hard it is when they get sick, I spent over $1000 on my old cat Blackie and she lived another 3 years after that, it was worth every cent :) *hugs*