Monday, 31 December 2007

Have had verbal diareha he he

Ok so lately I have had verbal diareha but I suppose it is better than not posting at all.


On the exercise talk....

I have been trying my hardest to do some exercise even though it is the silly season.

Saturday: 4 km (around the lake)

Sunday: 3.3km (around the block)

Monday: Gym

Went to the gym and worked so hard that I felt like throwing up. Ran on the treadmill at 1 minute 30 seconds each time OMG I have gone from 30 second run minute off to 1 1/2 minute run... felt very proud. Did my weights and extra rep of situps 80 situps woohoo, 5 minutes on the rower and J and I did punching on the kickboxing pads woohooo... felt fantastic but sick in the tummy oh well.

Going to get dressed now as we are taking a drive to Te Awamutu for morning tea.

Little sad also today it is my Dad's birthday and if he were here he would have been celebrating and spending time with my boys... life is unfair sometimes.


Tania said...

Well done on the exercise!

As to your dad - just think how proud he would be of his daughter who's giving it her all to make her life better - i'm proud of you too :-)

Have a great New Year!

libra said...

Have a great new year-this time of the year is hard when we remember loved ones-I find christmas hard since my nana passed away she taught me and my girls so much and she was so spirited but I know she is never to far away, I am sure your dad will be the same he will be watching over you and your boys and be so proud watching you achieve your goals :)