Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day 2007

Boxing day

We went out shopping today... went to to Spotlight OMG am I a craft junkie or what he he he and brought more stamp inks and chipboard stuff and the boys got these Easy Mini Knitter things he he he they are like the one things we used to make on cotton reels with nails and they make like a knitted effect... that has been keeping them occupied and they have said they are going to make snakes wih them.

We also brought two big plastic boxes with wheels on them for only $9.00 each for the boys to put their clothes in for the caravan camping so that we can have the drawers in the caravan for other stuff and that we didn't have to keep taking the table down for them to get their clothes.

The only thing I want to get now is a little fold away pantry so we can have more storage for food if we go away for a week or more.... and then that is the end of the set up... soo cool. I am loving this caravaning....

We got back after Boxing day shopping and mum looked after the boys and told us to go out so we did he he he... we went to the Hamilton gardens and had a drink and a piece of cake and talked and laughed and we went for a walk around the gardens arm in arm and just enjoying each others company.

Got a lot of texts yesterday on Xmas day and they made my day it was nice and I felt loved.... so if that was you thank you!!!

We also sat down with the boys today to ask what they wanted to do over the Xmas break and we wrote a list of 10 things and so we are going to try and do some of them.

Now we are watching tv and I am on my laptop and just chilling... I love holidays where we chill out... sooo cool.

Love ya all


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Chris H said...

It sure is fun shopping on Boxing Day eh? Going to Wellington again on Saturday!!! The boys look angelic doing their knitting, wonder if I could get Griffin to do that???? Somehow I seriously doubt it!