Monday, 31 December 2007

Funny for the night.

Mum screamed out... "There are 2 tarts in the cupboard"
Jeremy said "OMG Norma what are you doing with 2 tarts"
I burst out laughing....
and because my mum is hard of hearing she said what and
Quinn said "Nana why do you have 2 tarts in the cupboard" and she still didn't get it... neither did Quinn he he he... just had to write it down because Quinn shouted it to the top of his lungs and there were people walking at the golf course and looked in at us quite strange he he he. I couldn't stop laughing..



Chris H said...

I ain't in ya cupboard, so WHO IS??? HA HA HA! HAPPY NEW YEAR Mandy!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Ha ha ha...some people just dont get it... haha

just janene said...

Happy New Year Mandy!!

Watch out double digits... here we come! hehe

Funny about your Mum and the tarts... think she would have got it if she had heard ya?? hehe