Sunday, 9 December 2007

The Secret

Reading the book The Secret and I know this subject has been brought up by bloggers before and there were people that didn't believe... I don't want to hear if you don't believe ok!!! Just thought I would say that before I write this.

I am going to lose this weight and I am trying to be positive. I have a tendancy to be negative and I know that but I am truly finding it hard to lose this weight. It might seem like I have done well this year but since January 2007 I have lost a total of 3.7 kilos FUCK that isn't enough... it is better than gaining.. it so is better than gaining but I WILL DO BETTER and I could have done better.

I haven't finished reading the book as yet but the first couple of chapters certainly has made me think. I am going to start being more positive and I am going to lose this weight!! I have to keep this positive attitude up.

I want to get out of the 120's and stay there. I gained this week and I tracked and I don't understand why I really don't. Lyn has said that maybe because of the exercise and I haven't used enough points and my body is going in to starve mode or I have not calculated my points right. I am using 123 points but she seems to think I should be on 125?? hmmm not sure about the 125 but I am going to do 124 and I have a plan with hubby that I am allowed 14 points a week of exercise points so I am allowed 2 points extra a day. So... if I get over the 7,500 steps I am allowed 1 point and if I go over that and I also go to the gym or do some form of exercise that I sweat in then I am allowed the other point for the day.

I am making a plan to get this weight off and not a plan to fail. I am the weirdest person because I track and don't lose and I go a form of exercise everyday and don't lose and I don't like challenges because I go in to reverse so now I have to keep focussed and get the weight off.

I am going to do this for me!!!

I am going to keep at it because I am not a quitter!!!

By the end of January I am going to be in the 115's I AM!!!! This IS going to happen!! This IS!!



Woke up early and went for a bike ride with the boys and we rode 10.5 kms and it was great. We went from home all around the place and up and down hills (not like the Wellington ones he he he I live in Hamilton) and it was a beautiful hot day but it was enjoyable.

Got home and had lunch and then I cleaned up my study because I wanted hubby to make me some scrapbook paper shelve block... then we went to Mitre 10 Mega and brought the building materials and it ws $90 but I get 3 big lots out of that. 2 Blocks with 19 shelves and 1 Block with 10 shelves on it..... So cool. Was looking on the internet and 1 Block with 10 shelves cost about $50 online so I think we did really well.

Since my study was clean I managed to make some cards yesterday and hubby started on my blocks yayyyyyy.


Made an appointment to get a new program at the gym this morning with a new trainer so we had to be there at 9am this morning. I don't like him but I am not supposed to like him I suppose. I don't know if you have ever met a guy that has small man syndrome but he certainly has it. He has all the upper body look and is a well shaped man and knows what he is talking about but he has no empathy and I don't know if he listens or that he thinks he is better than us.

I also felt that he was thinking Yeah you lost 40 kilos yeah right sort of attitude.

He said to us in no certain terms he doesn't like Weight Watchers and it is a waste of time blah blah... but he does make sense with the exercise and I think even though I have been sweating my backside off at the gym I don't up my weights fast enough because I get comfortable and I have to stop it... so he gave us a routine that was simple but upped the weights and really is giving it to us. We had a program done that we could do at the same time since we keep together at the gym but with our own weights etc.

He said that I have to run more on the treadmill because I have to up my cardio and get sweating... tell ya I wouldn't like to have him as a Personal Trainer one on one every week that is for sure... I would hate it and not want to go.

But hubby and I are going to go all out and go for it!!! This exercise this week is going to happen.

The tracking is going to keep on.

Then hubby and I went shopping for new sneakers for him as Rebel Sports was having a half price sale on the sneakers he likes and we finished the last of the presents woohoooooo.

While in Whitcoulls I had this lady come up to me and she said "Wow you are looking fantastic!! you are Mandy aren't you?" I said yes but to be honest I couldn't work out who the hell it was. But then worked it out. She was a lady at Weight Watchers that was inspired by my loss and also by how I have stuck to it. I looked at her and said "Bloody hell you look fantastic!! how much have you lost" she said "28.5 kilos" Wow she looked fantastic.

We got to talking and asked if I would come back. I said to be honest I don't want to go back with Debbie there as I would end up hating her and I don't want to do that and also it is just too expensive for me to keep going. She said that Debbie isn't going anymore and they are all happy about it because she was getting negative (OMG like I am not negative at the moment well was anyway). Kept on me to get back with them and lets lose this weight. I was tempted and saddened because I would love to go back for the companionship but I just can't justify the money spent when I know I could do it at home.... if I stick to it.

The meeting with this lady really hit a cord!!

I have to get through this one week! Then I am going to aim for the next week.

Love Chubbymum


just janene said...

Woohoo! Mandy is baaaack! I love your attitude and determination girl. We are gonna kick some butt this week, BOTH of us. YAY!

celtic_girl said...

Good for you, you go girl!

Rachel said...

I've been dying to read that bloody book, everyone is raving about it and everytime I get near a bookshop I forget what I want...DOH!

You sound all revved up....yee ha!

AND you have your Xmas shopping finished and it is only th 10th of December....god your organised.

Helena said...

I remember Hamish telling me about "The Secret" but I never got round to reading it ... must do that eh? Shake that booty baby and go for gold :)