Friday, 28 December 2007


Paget seems better today but we still haven't received the results from the Vet yet so who knows what is going to happen. He is cuddling up with us and being a little bit more normal than he was a day a go so I will keep you all posted.

So I have been using my drawing tablet to do some tutuing in the last day... been really busy or I would have done more... he he he so here it is. It is hard to get used to drawing on the side and it turning up on the screen instead of where I am drawing.So today we got up and said to ourselves that we have to get back in to it. I did take a sneaky peak at the scales because I know I have gained but didn't know how much... and it wasn't as bad as I thought but it wasn't good either but that is fine as long as Saturday is the start of my tracking and gettting back in to it.

So we got us (as I was saying he he he) and we went to the gym and I ran my big backside off on the treadmill and also did the rower and sit ups and arms... felt good at the time but feeling buggered now he he he. We are also going tomorrow morning as well... gotta do this!! Want to be my hubby's weight by at least my birthday and he is 103 kilos... (assuming I will be around 119.9 he he kilos) then I have about 17 kilos to go.... that is 500 grams a week I have to lose to get there... that is doable... if I stick to the plan and track..

So by Xmas next year I will be under 100 kilos... it has to happen.

Love ya all

OHHHH and finished my MIL clock so will take some photos and post it... sooo much fun being creative.. Also started my Art Journal too... it is sooo way out and isn't pretty but it feels great.



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