Friday, 28 December 2007

Second post for the day

Went in to Chartwell to meet my step mother in law for a coffee and for her to get our drivers licence so that she can transfer the caravan over to us. Wohooo and she hugged us and said she was happy that the caravan was staying in the family and also that she knew we would treat it right so that was great.

She sensed that I was not happy that we were going back home to have Jeremy's brother visit... I think she feels the same way about them.

So anyway..... got home to have Brother in law and his girlfriend Annabelle come over. It was the first day we had seen them since they got back in the country on boxing day... FUCK FUCK I was pissed the whole time they were here... they went away for 6 weeks and they are my kids only uncle that they will ever have and they didn't even bring a FUCKEN bring a souvenier for the kids... not Xmas present not even a fucken $2 present or anything... absolutly nothing... what an arse..

So they were here at home and all they came over for was for Jeremy to tell them what sort of fucken computer to buy CAN YOU TELL I AM PISSED they can afford to buy a fucken laptop but can't afford a Xmas present for their own family. So the stuff we brought for them stayed upstairs and we are keeping it and my mum brought them a big tray of Ferriero Rocher Chocolates so we gave them to the kids he he he... bastards...

So we have spent the last hour talking about how wonderful their fucken trip was and how they were buying this laptop etc and then... GET THISSSS

Just as they were leaving his BIL went to Jeremy and said "Well I suppose it is time to say that you better congratulate me"????? WTF for?? He looked at Jeremy (who was sitting down) well you better congratulate me and my fiancee OMG really... I stayed still... wasn't going to jump up and down to people that were as selfish as them... and the only thing I said was "I suppose miracles happen huh" and that was it... didn't give him a hug or anything. was still seething how he could be so shit to our kids yet wanted us to say how wonderful to him.

All I can say is that he will find out when his kids grow (if they have any) that I am going to do exactly what they have done to ours... no birthday or Xmas presents from their only uncle.

Man I am seething....

What the Fuck is wrong with this family... even when we couldn't afford it we always brought something for them ALWAYS... not again... EVER it is not happening.

While they were going out the door the Vet rang and our cat has Thyroid problems and will be on tablets for the rest of his life morning and night... so there is more expense for us.. OMG I feel like we are forking out so much money at the moment and money we don't have.

$250 for the Vet yesterday

$50 today for the tablets

$100 for Registration for Vehicle

Jeremy's mum birthday on Sunday and him and his brother organising a lunch out as well as presents for her birthday.

I am feeling really low and depressed today and I just want to scream.

I am back tracking today as I feel like I want to eat that whole box of chocolates with the mood I am in today.

I need my tracking buddies today.... really need the


Abba said...

Sorry to hear about your family being like that. There's always one in every bunch. I have one side of the family who is like that as well.

Sorry I have not been by to support you. I am going to be making a better effort to do so. Hope you had a very Happy Christmas.

Lyn said...

Awww mate I am always here for you in thought although I must admit I haven't spent much time online much the past week or so. Bugger you have to put up with family issues.

Hope things get better for ya!

just janene said...

I'd be pissed off too, that's just outright rude! I'd like to think I would have said something to them, but in reality would have probably chickened out *sigh* Chat to ya soon my friend :)

Tania said...

Glad to hear that your cat's problem is treatable - I know it can be costly.

As to your brother-in-law I agree completely, I don't get along with my brother but he has a 10 year old daughter that I might only see twice a year (when she's with her mum) and I ALWAYS buy for her at Christmas/Birthday/Easter, just as I do all my other nieces and nephews - I couldn't imagine not doing it, some people are just too selfish.

Good for you on tracking, especially when you know you're at risk of searching out the comfort food.

Whoever I want to be said...

Hope you are feeling better - hey a question about your journal art, do you prepare your pages with anything first or just draw/paint straight on them. I saw your link the other day and am going to start it, it looks cool.

Name: Lynise said...

Mandy I know how hurtful it is when people don't do the right thing.
For many years I held a lot of resentment towards my sister in law as from day one she never accepted me and in my eyes, took my brother away and would not allow contact.
My brother and his wife now have five children & over the years I have been saddened that Evianah has not been invited to one single birthday party of any of their children. I have continued to invite all 5 of my neices and newphews but have felt really sad for Evianah that she does not have much contact with her cousins at all.

I later found out that my sister in law told my brother way back when they first got married that I wasn't really a sister as I was 'only adopted' so she didn't think he needed contact with me at all.
This hurt like hell as at one stage my entire family (except this one brother) all lived outside of NZ and when she came into the picture and stopped me having contact with him I felt like a very lonely 19 year old. My family (parents, sister and another brother) have all only just come back into the country between 2002 and 2005 so there were many years I had no family support what so ever om NZ.

It does hurt and I can understand how mad you will feel for your childrens sake, but in the end I know that it damages us more to hold pent up resentment towards someone as the anger just eats us up and we become bitter.

In the end I found I HAD to accept that she didn't like me and just leave them to get on with their lives. I rarely see my newphews or neices (unless they are with my parents) so feel I have lost out on being the aunty I would have loved to have been to those children.

I can say one thing for sure, it will take time to get over, at the present moment you will be angry and hurt.
Hopefully at some stage in the future you can look at this situation and chalk people like this up as ass'es but not let what they do (or don't do) eat you up inside with bitterness.

Unfortunately sometimes relationships with our family can fall apart, just like they can do with non family members.

Surround yourself with good people and be the type of person you really want to be and this will give you peace about the whole situation. Try not to let it consume you as living with a bitter heart is not a pleasant way to be. (trust me, I know from experience).

Take care

Chris H said...

Not nice that. WE have a few like that in our family too... Brylee and Griffin's BIRTH MOTHER (our daughter) has NEVER EVER sent them a birthday or christmas present..not ever!!!! So this year I decided not to give her a Christmas present.... havn't heard from her Since before xmas, when she was texting us dozens of times a day reminding us where she lived so we would know where to send her present! Ha ha, hope she keeps waiting by the letterbox, cos it will be a cold day in hell before she gets another one from us.
NOW, as for the cat.... shaking head!

celtic_girl said...

Sometimes families suck, I have the same problem as Lynise, with my SIL, she's the bitch from hell, she also thinks she is not part of our family as my brother (her husband) was adopted by my parents. Remember, every dog has their day, and theres will come soon enough. Take care my friend.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Life sux sometimes... use it to fuel your fire to kik arse in 2008...
You dont need people like that in your life... and its sad that your brother has let his wife railroad him to stay away...
no-one could keep me from being in contact from my family...