Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas day was a great one and relaxing too... I am glad my brother in law and his girlfriend wasn't here because then I didn't feel like I had to be someone I am not.

Got woken up at like 5.45 with this bloody couple behind out fence on the golf course walking their baby in a pram because obviously it couldn't get to sleep... I felt like saying OMG so just because you can't sleep then you are going to take it around the neighbourhood to wake everyone else up GEESH some people aye.

Kids woke up and got right in to their Santa sacks at the end of the bed and were playing with the fart machines he he he and chocolate money and other little things.

Corbin did a letter and a glass of milk with chocolate chippy biscuits with a green leaf lolly on the top he he he (he said it was for the reindeer) and a letter in an envelope to Santa. In the envelope was written "Dear Santa, can I have a toy that all boys would like thank you I would love it" OMG I was chuffed that he didn't say I want this and I want that... he was happy to get anything that a boy would get and would be satisfied how cool is that aye...

The boys came up stairs to show us all their stuff and then we came down and gave them their camera's each... OMG they were chuffed with their digital cameras and have had fun taking photos. Corbin is trying to be quite arty and getting people to sit and stand in places and really trying to make the shot's right. Also he borrowed my little tripod to steady it.

Corbin phoned his Nana Chris to come over as soon as she could because they can't open their present until she does. So she was around about 8.45 and we let them open the swing ball soccer game so they could be outside while we made our traditional croisants for breakfast... hmmmmm tomatoe, cheese, avocado in the middle heated in the oven ohhhh sooo nice.

The present were the first presents they could open before Nana Chris came (the cameras). Wohoooo finally.

So Santa wrote a letter back to Corbin thanking him for his letter and that he hoped all that he gave was what he would like... also said please can you say Hi to Quinn... he he he

The Christmas tree with all the present underneath. How great to have so many presents we are so lucky.

Below are the boys opening their camera's and Corbin's face was a little sad thinking that Quinn got a camera and not his... but when he found out that he had a camera he was soooo happy.

Look at the smile on his face while taking this photo... I just love how happy he was.

Quinn had the tripod in this photo but Corbin was the one that went and found my tripod to use.

Aren't my boys such posers he he he they love me taking photos and I love taking them of them too.

The picture below is of the swing ball soccer.

I made a brag book for Nana Chris and she was chuffed about it and was reading it intently and I am glad that

Below is my mum getting some silky pj's from us.

Below is my father in law and my step mother in law opening up the presents that the kids brought them and the ones we got too.

They brought a really cool games set to take with us camping for the boys and also Kathmandu sleeping bags each too... how cool is that.. our camping stuff is all up to date now wohooo.

They brought Jeremy and I a lizard to go on our black fence where we just painted on the side with the new rock garden tiled area... sooo cool especially when our house is a mediteranian look it looks really good.
Granddad and Quinn trying to get the sleeping bags out.

Christmas day went really well... but the best part was that I got a drawing tablet kit so that I can draw doodles on my scrapbook pages and it is the most fabulous thing I have ever gotten. I can draw flowers and stick men and be creative and so I am getting used to it right now and I am going to have so much fun he he he soooo excited... and that was from my MIL... OMG OMG it is the first time in 18 years that she has brought something that I reallllllly realllllllllllllllly wanted and not something that she just got because she thought I might like... chuffed to bits.

I wasn't bad with food Christmas day. I wasn't wonderful but I didn't over do it and I had salads with my meat etc and veges and I didn't go over board with the cheeses either.. in previous years the brie etc would have all gone by boxing day and there are two cheeses still in the fridge and I didn't over do it.. I wasn't stuffed and uncomfortable and I am not even wanting any of it today. So I am proud of myself... but I will still gain but I am not tracking either... a week off a year isn't bad I reckon.

Boxing day

We went out shopping today... went to to Spotlight OMG am I a craft junkie or what he he he and brought more stamp inks and chipboard stuff and the boys got these Easy Mini Knitter things he he he they are like the one things we used to make on cotton reels with nails and they make like a knitted effect... that has been keeping them occupied and they have said they are going to make snakes wih them.

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Tania said...

Thankyou for sharing your Christmas photos - isn't it just great to share times like this with your family?