Wednesday, 22 December 2004

Walking, Walking, Walking

Went out to real estate agents with a friend today to check out what sort of houses (rental properties) were out there, as we are going to go halfs in one to start off with. Walked all over town getting the papers that had the listings and it was interesting to find that Sam always parked a way away from the shops we went to.

Where as I would always find the closest park but she didn't think like that. I liked it but didn't as I didn't have the right shoes on but it was good to get the exercise and enjoyed it. We went all over town as well looking at books in the book shelves and saying which ones we like and it was really good because I could look and read and see so many books and didn't have the boys with me or Jeremy. When we go shopping with the family I always feel rushed. Had sushi for lunch and there was only 4 pieces but I was so full afterwards. I have really tried with my water today and feel like I am sloshing around he he he.

Not much over the limit today but still it went alright and I managed to do some exercise.


Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Non Day

Today was a non day.
I made a goal of reading at least one thing about weight loss a day! So that I would keep motivated! I find that when I am reading weight loss things then I tend to keep with it. 2 years ago when I went to Weight Watchers I was religiously getting their magazine every month and the slimmer magazine as well and found that I was keeping up with loosing weight and motivated.

I have decided this time that since I am only on a part time wage that I would look up anything on the internet to keep me motivated so I have started reading this website ( as she amazes me to the max. I feel like this is my life! I don't feel Like I look as big as her but maybe I am? I do feel that things that have gone on in her life are soooo much like mine. She motivates me to keep up with it and loose a kilo a week. I know I have to get off my butt and get myself weighed but I am a little nervous to find out how much I am actually weighing at the moment. Plus the only scales that weigh me are the ones at Weight Watchers and I cannot afford that at the moment. So after xmas J and I are going out in search of some scales that will weigh me at home.

We started Pilates at home today! It wasn't as scary as I thought. The only thing that I have a problem with is the bringing the legs up like a bicylce... I haven't got arms long enough to actually hold them like she is telling us too. But I did feel a little burn in my tummy from doing the Pilates and strangley felt calm afterwards too. J said we should do it every night before bed and get into a habit. So that is my Goal for the week! Do Pilates once a night.

I am happy with my food and exercise today! Not overjoyed as I could have done more but I am happy!


On My Way

I tried today. I got on my weight loss group emails and read and replied to people.

I also negotiated with myself to read something about weight loss to get me motivated! I found that when I was doing weight watchers that when I read their magazine I was more motivated to keep with it and it is free online so why not!

I went for a 20 minute walk around cairns crescent and I am proud of myself as I haven't done any exercise in a month and this was my first milestone. I have to get a pedometer and see how many steps I do a day so I can see how I am doing.

I love this website as I get to track my food, exercise and I can get to journal at the same time.

I am happy with myself today.


Monday, 20 December 2004

Sticking to a plan

This is my very first post...

I want to do this!!!! I want to loose weight but I am not sure about counting everyday it is a nightmare. That is the reason that all the other diets failed on me because I had to count all the time. Lets see if we can do this normally and not to really think about it. I know that it is my lifestyle I have to change. I have to go and do more exercise. If I loose 1.1 kilo's a week but the end of 2005 I can do it... if I keep to it I can do it. I can go and buy any dress and not feel uncomfortable.

I can do this I thought that I would put my exercise sheet in everyday and calories too so here goes: Activity Calories Burned Distance Walking on job (slow but very busy) 97 1 hour Ok before you look at the Calories you have to bear in mind that I have never counted Calories before and I was only supposed to have 1500 calories a day so I was soooo over OMG but I am going to do better tomorrow.

Even though it wasn't that wonderful Calorie wise I was really proud of myself to even start doing this. I will do this.

Thanks for readingChubby Mum