Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Non Day

Today was a non day.
I made a goal of reading at least one thing about weight loss a day! So that I would keep motivated! I find that when I am reading weight loss things then I tend to keep with it. 2 years ago when I went to Weight Watchers I was religiously getting their magazine every month and the slimmer magazine as well and found that I was keeping up with loosing weight and motivated.

I have decided this time that since I am only on a part time wage that I would look up anything on the internet to keep me motivated so I have started reading this website (www.getting2goal.com) as she amazes me to the max. I feel like this is my life! I don't feel Like I look as big as her but maybe I am? I do feel that things that have gone on in her life are soooo much like mine. She motivates me to keep up with it and loose a kilo a week. I know I have to get off my butt and get myself weighed but I am a little nervous to find out how much I am actually weighing at the moment. Plus the only scales that weigh me are the ones at Weight Watchers and I cannot afford that at the moment. So after xmas J and I are going out in search of some scales that will weigh me at home.

We started Pilates at home today! It wasn't as scary as I thought. The only thing that I have a problem with is the bringing the legs up like a bicylce... I haven't got arms long enough to actually hold them like she is telling us too. But I did feel a little burn in my tummy from doing the Pilates and strangley felt calm afterwards too. J said we should do it every night before bed and get into a habit. So that is my Goal for the week! Do Pilates once a night.

I am happy with my food and exercise today! Not overjoyed as I could have done more but I am happy!


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