Sunday, 28 October 2007

Thank God it is a start of a new week tomorrow

Lots happened this weekend.

I am back to it as from today. I have been like on another planet for the last week and wanting a break from blogging, from weightloss and from all other things... just wanted to have my week off to do things and to be.. I hope all that makes sense.

So I have gained 1 kilo this week and that is a bitch but it has happened and now I am back to it and not letting this get to me anymore.

This week I have been concentrating on doing some digital scrapbook pages and making some elements and some papers for it and have been enjoying tutuing with it all. I have even made a calendar of some of my scrapbook pages for a calendar for work... and it looks really cool.... if I must say so myself. I haven't printed the pages off before in this manner I have printed them to show people but not to display.... he he he so cool.

Katiepie... message for ya... it will be right and you will do it (wink wink) have faith.

Finished the side of the playroom in the weekend but after all the river stone moving I have a sore back ho hum. But the side area looks really great and now we can sit in the morning sun in our little courtyard.

Took Quinn to keas on Thursday night and Corbin joined in too... apparently the are changing the system with it because they used to do it by their birthdays and if they turned 8 then they went up to cubs but now it goes by years at school... like Corbin being in year 3 and Quinn being in year 1 well Keas now go from Year 1 to Year 3 and then in Year 4 they go up to cubs... which makes more sense so that they go up with their friends or what happens is one goes up at the start of the year because that is when his birthday is and the other friend goes at the end of the year and it makes it awful for their friends... such a great idea.

So anyway... BLONDE's son was there (my older readers will know who Blonde is) and we didn't know that he was going... apparently he started the week before... too much of a quinky dink he he he.... the boys learnt how to tie ropes and played tug of war and had a book read to them and it was all soooo great and the boys enjoyed themselves so much.... Quinn is certainly a different child around BLONDE's son though.... now I remember why I didn't like them spending so much time together but hey can't stop them just need to try and teach him aye...

So that was such fun seeing my boys learning some new things and having fun with some new friends. We went with Pam and her son (Adam) and Brianna took the photo of me and Quinn just above.

I played some basketball with the boys today as we put together the basketball hoop and spent some time outside in this lovely weather... got a little bit pink he he he silly me forgot to pu ton suntan lotion I will think more carefully next time (smack hand). Got lots of photos and Quinn was having more fun with the bloody box than he did with the basketball hoop.... sooo funny what amuses them aye.

While we were playing outside with the basketball... Corbin was inside and he made us lunch OMG it was soooo cute... he did 4 plates with little cubes of cheese on the side (as he lovvvveees cheese) and a piece of toast each and on top of that was spaghetti... and he heated up the spaghetti in the microwave and cut the cheese and cooked the toast in the toaster.. I WAS SOOO PROUD OF HIM and gave him a huge hug and said thank you for lunch and he was tickled pink that he had achieved making lunch. It was yummy too.

At 2pm I went to my coffee friends place for an Esteem Jewellery party and it was ok but the lady doing it was bothering me and looking at me like fresh meat... it made me angry. She honed in on me and tried to get me to buy buy and then wanted me to have a party OMG no no no... I don't work well with people like that and said to her no and I brought one thing but that was it... I wanted to buy this really nice bracelet but because she was too pushy I didn't get it.

The other thing that annoyed me was that we didn't get a price list she just said tell me what you like and I will give you a price... and that pissed me off too... so listened to what others were asking and got the cheapest thing... I shouldn't have brought anything at all but I wanted some nice earings anyway and I have brought Esteem before and it is good quality not cheap ya know.

It annoys me when people sell like that... I would have had a party if she wasn't so pushy but won't inflict such a person on my friends.

What a weekend and glad it is over to tell the truth.

Got home and Jeremy, Mum and the boys were out so I went and did some cards and they got home and hubby had brought me some cute little drawers for my craft stuff... ohhhh how cool was that... that he thought of me when he was out yayyy..

Brother in law and girl friend turned up... I am soooo pissed off with him as Quinn still hasn't gotten a birthday present from him OMG he is only 6 and he got Corbin a present but didn't for Quinn and Quinn was sooo upset on the day that his uncle didn't come over for his birthday.

So we expected he would bring something for him but NO HE DIDN'T and then brought his bloody laptop over to see if Jeremy could fix it before this week because they are going away and Jeremy said No he couldn't fix it... (he probably could but Jeremy was also pissed at his brother). They conveniently turned up at 5.30 just before dinner too and as usual thought that we would ask them.. I told Quinn when he went out of the room not to mention dinner AT ALL as he usually has a big mouth... and I told mum not to cook the meat yet because I was NOT going to have them come at dinner and do that to us. NOT once have they asked us over for dinner EVER and we have had them heaps of times.

Jeremy said to me... that we are not giving them the movie tickets that we had for his birthday and that we are going to keep them for us (that was 4 tickets) because he doesn't deserve them if he can't think of his nephews (and they are going to be the only nephews that he will ever have). I was angry at Jeremy because he should have said something to his brother... and said to him that he expects us to fix his computer just like that after not seeing him for over a month and also for him to not get anything for his nephew (when Jeremy had reminded him the day after).... it hurts ya know... they can spend thousands of dollars to swan around the world but they couldn't get something little for Quinn (and it wouldn't have had to be much because he even loves $2 shop presents ya know).

Jeremy said (while I was in doing my cards) that they were hinting that they had no house etc as they got rid of their rental and he is finishing up his job because of going away for 7 weeks (well that isn't our problem is it really...) that they have a place to stay but was sort of hinting about dinners etc.... but he wasn't going to buy in to it as he was angry at him too....

I didn't care that I didn't get anything for my birthday when I am always the one that buys his birthday present and reminds Jeremy of his brothers birthday... but when you stuff my kids around WOW..... that is the last straw really.

What is it with my life this week... arseholes and psycho's at all sides.

Glad to get back to work tomorrow..

So my weight is 119.3 and I am back on track everyone!!! BACK ON TRACK....


Saturday, 27 October 2007



I am shaking like a leaf right now.

Just had the bitch down the road (mother of Jack) fucken little shit of a child that took toys and is a right little nightmare..

Anyway she came to my door shouting at me and telling me that Quinn was pointing his finger at Jack (fat little sod) telling him off about something... his mother came to my door shouting saying that Quinn had done this and that he is not to talk to her child like that.

I said in a quiet tone voice.. that is fine and he will be dealt with and then on the way out she started again... then my blood boiled... and if anyone knows me I don't go at people I am a nice person... and so that was it...

I shouted (and the new family up the road heard me) I said REALLY LOUDLY "DON'T YOU DARE SHOUT AT ME.... I have said to you that my son will be talked to but I am not a little child that you talk to... I am an adult and I did not disagree with you and I told you that my son will be talked to. I DO NOT appreciate that you are shouting at me and talking to me like a child and do NOT do it again..." OMG I am shaking... OMG I am soooo shaking putting this on here.

I said to her do not fear our children WILL not play with him again.

I have told my kids that they are not to talk to Jack, they are not to play with him, and if he turns up then they are to walk away and not to say a word....

I am fuming right.... fucken angry and fucken shaking and I had to put it down.

The poor new people up the street were in their garage and looking down wondering what the hell was happening.... all they would have heard was me screaming at this woman telling her NEVER to speak to me like again.



Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Butterflies and Flowers

To be honest.

I got back on Monday night but have not wanted to post at all. I have been doing some Digital Scrapbooking stuff and totally enjoying it.

I stayed the same last weekend before leaving for my holiday weekend and I was ok with that... and I am expecting a gain this weekend because last weekend I just went with the flow... didn't go overboard but I wasn't worried either.. But... yep yep I am back to it and I have gone to the gym and I am back tracking now (aye Janene he he he).

Will do a post tomorrow... but for tonight will leave you with this scrapbook page I did... and I did the whole thing... I designed the flowers and the layout of the page... so happy with it.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Labour Weekend Camping


Had to get up early because we had to take the kids to school.

I took them to school while Jeremy got the caravan stuff ready for our trip.

Mum was in such a funny mood and snappy with us until we left to go to Grandparents day at Brianna’s school. We got to Brianna and Adam school and there were a lot of grandparents there… felt quite young really. Brianna was soooo excited we were there and then took us down to Adam class where he showed us his writing and pictures and we asked him questions and then it was outside to a show that the school was putting on with folk dancing and the older kids hip hop dancing… and we were back to Brianna’s class and she got me to do some art work with her… well for her he he he and I said to her teacher that she was getting me to do all the work and he laughed tooo funny. It was fun art stuff because we were doing like Hindu squiggle things all over the border of her painting… in the end it looked fabulous (if I must say so myself).

Got back home and found out why mum was soooo mad with me… she was mad because she thought that we had taken the kids to a friends place to look after them while we went to Brianna and Adam’s school… and when we got back in she said “don’t you trust me to look after my grand children? I was going to phone your friends to find out who was looking after them?” and I said to her “they are at school mum it is a Friday and I wouldn’t take to other peoples houses unless they had to go somewhere where you couldn’t drive and you know that and if you had bothered to tell me why you were pissed off then this could have been solved 3 hours ago and you wouldn’t have spent the whole morning seething.” She didn’t say a word OMG how stubborn is that.

Anyway we picked up the boys from school and came home to finish all the little bits and bods before heading off to Waihi… and before we started off we got a phone call from Tania saying “have you put your awning up yet?” I said “no we haven’t left home yet” she seemed mad because I think she wanted us to put up her tent… nope nope nope wasn’t going to happen”.

It was a nice drive to Waihi and the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the boys were really good on the way down and didn’t fight or anything… we put on a dvd of Tom and Jerry cartoon and so that kept them occupied. On the way over we got a cell phone call from Tania telling us she was behind us.

We got to the camping ground around 5 o’clock and the camp owner showed us to the site and OMG I don’t know how Jeremy was going to get in to the spot and then another camp person came and helped us guide him because I wouldn’t have a clue the spring on the caravan at the front little wheel on the tow bar part broke grrrr so we have to be really careful taking the caravan back and Jeremy’s dad is going to get it replaced. The tent next to us were about 6 big blokes watching a rugby came on tv and they came over to help us push the caravan back a little more as the car couldn’t get there as there was another car in the way…. It was really nice of them to do that as I don’t know how we would have done it. I didn’t realise how big the caravan was until we tried to back it up.

Got the awning up and put everything in the caravan in it’s right place and got the boys bed’s set up and then we went in to Waihi Beach shops to get fish and chips for dinner and as we were there we heard the lady behind the counter say “order for Lyn” and Jeremy said I won’t if it is the blogger Lyn and then this girl (about 12) cam across the road and OMG does she look like her mum so I was cheeky and texted Lyn saying “so you are having fish and chips for dinner then huh he he he and in the next breath she was outside and we went over there with our fish and chips and spent the night talking and drinking it was a great relaxed night chatting away until Quinny was starting to get a little tired so we thought it has been a long day we should take him back to the tent… OH I forgot to mention that Tania phoned us when we had were just going to start our dinner saying that she was having problems with putting the kids stretchers up and I said “well we are having dinner at the moment but after dinner Jeremy will come out and help but we are at a friends place so can’t stay” so Jeremy took the boys out there and sorted it out and I stayed chatting to Lyn and Bill… what a nice guy he is and soooo easy to get on with… well done Lyn ya trained him well he he he us women have to train them aye he he he.

Got home about 10.00 and put the boys to bed and then Jeremy and I watched a DVD in bed but didn’t get to see the whole thing as it was too late for us and our little eyes were closing…

THEN>>>> OMG at 3am in the morning sirens started going off… but the kids didn’t wake up but my heart was beating so fast as I was scared it was like being in the 1940’s with air raids going off. Jeremy seemed to think it was the fire sirens but OMG do they not know that there are such things as pagers in this day and age… It took me about 45 minutes to get back to sleep because I was shaken up by it all..


Boys got up about 7.30 and we just didn’t want to get out of bed so we stayed in bed and then they tried to get in with us… now if you can imagine… a husband that is only 14 kilos lighter than me and me and it is a BARELY double bed and two kid as well arghhhhh but it was also kinda cool as we opened the curtain at the head of the bed and watched up at the trees and the berries on the trees and how beautiful the weather was with the sun coming through… it was a nice time.

Got up to get breakfast ready and realised that we didn’t even have a spatula to turn the eggs or anything to light the gas hobs so we had to go to Waihi to the supermarket to get stuff and brought some extra things like a cheese slicer and tongs and a gas lighter stuff for dinner tonight as we are going to Lyn and Bills again woohoooo for dinner and came back and had our breakfast it was yummy… and I worked out how to get online at the caravan BLOODY exciting.. now I can understand how excited ChrisH was when she was doing it in the cafĂ© etc in Palmy… I was like a child in the candy store because my beloved laptop was working on the internet.

Did the dishes and read a book for a while and relaxed then when our tummies were less full we went to the hot pools here at the camping ground and the boys enjoyed themselves so much and to be honest I felt more relaxed in togs than I did last time we were here and I had new togs (smaller size he he he) and I didn’t like my thighs in them but what fat woman does aye he he he.

We came back and got dressed and then went to the beach where I got some really cool photos and hubby and I snuggled on the beach while the boys had so much fun digging and getting wet and just having fun. It is better now that they can look after themselves and entertain themselves. (oh and we had lunch before we did that... it felt great making the buns and talking and sitting watching all the families walking past.

We are now just relaxing and it is 4.20pm in the caravan. Corbin is playing on Jeremy’s laptop The Incredibles game and Quinn is watching a dvd and as you can tell I am on my laptop and Jeremy is reading his book… it is nice and relaxing and we have been on the go all day so going on computers etc doesn’t bother me because we should be doing things that make us happy on holiday aye.

I was saying to Jeremy that I want to be here the whole week… don’t wanna go home. It is like you just get used to being here in the 3 days and things are in a routine and then you have to pack up and go to normal life SHIT!!!!

Well we have a caravan trip planned for end of January/February for up in Whangarei area and then in Easter we are back in Bowentown… but not in a caravan but in a cabin so that should be fun. Even though Tania and her family will be there I am sure that this time we are going to do our own dinners etc because I am not giving my kids sausages every night for 5 nights like we had to last time because Tania was having everything her own way.

So we are off to Lyn’s place at 6pm and until then I am going to do some digital scrapbooking and relax relax relax.

Had a GREAT time at Lyn's place and the time went soooo fast. The boys were on their best behaviour and had fun in Lyn's room on their gym equipment but I must admit I was sitting there thinking... boys don't touch don't touch he he he like any mother would do aye.

It feels like we have known Lyn and Bill for like 10 years and the conversation was always going on . We had fun on Lyn's computer later on and did morphing on it too and laughed out heads off.

Got back to the caravan with the kids at 11pm OUCH... was sooo hoping that the boys weren't going to be snots the next day that is for sure.


Thursday, 18 October 2007

Haven't updated... naughty me.

I haven't updated since Tuesday OMG didn't realise that I hadn't. No... I have not gone off tracking (as that is what usually happens when I don't update every day). I have been a little too relaxed but I have been tracking. I am thinking that I am going to either lose just a small amount of 100 grams or gain hmmm not sure...

Last night was full on with Corbin and his soccer photos and Jeremy's Dad and Stepmum came over to tell us certain things about the caravan and how to put up the awning and all about the gas and all the things that we need to know OMG OMG I know Jeremy will remember it all but it went over my head some of the stuff arghhhh.

Today I went to the school to do Quinn's class spelling and then picked up mum to go and do the shopping for the weekend. There is soooo many things I thought about when I went like... I bought toothpaste and toothbrushes for us all to stay in the caravan so that we don't have to keep packing them when we want to go away and I brought some spices so they can stay in the caravan as well.

This afternoon is my coffee afternoon with the girls and I cannot wait as I haven't done it in like 4 weeks because of school holidays and being sick the last 2 weeks arghhhhh.... so it will be great to catch up with them.

I have gotten back in to my digital scrapbooking as I said in my last post and getting hooked again it feels great. It is feeling great and creative and I am feeling inspired. Can't wait to go away for the weekend and trying some new things on my laptop (as I don't have the internet I have to have something to do on here he he he) after updating so I can upload it on Monday that is... can't not write down about my day or I will forget.

Will write more tonight.


Tuesday, 16 October 2007


I did another scrapbook page tonight.... I am getting back into my pages... and totally enjoying it. The thing that used to put me off was remembering who designed what and giving credit and OMG they deserve it for some of the elements but working out a way to record it was doing my head in when I first started so I started going off Digital Scrapbooking.

I did this page tonight and I didn't have to use anyone elses elements because I did it all myself woohooooo. I also have the rest of my Digital Scrapbooking here but it is passworded so you need to email me to get the password.

This is today's litle treasure he he he having fun tutuing with Photoshop...



Thank you and some George news

Thank you everyone for the comments re my wedding outfit... I was a little iffy about the photos as I felt it made me look bigger because of the light on the top... but I was feeling sexy in it all day though he he he.

Anyway last night we had arranged to have Pam and her son and daughter over for dinner (as they don't have much money for food but I wasn't going to say that I knew just thought would invite her) Anyway I was supposed to be picking up the Pam's daughter from dancing but Pam turned up with her a half an hour earlier with the daughter crying... I thought OMG what is happening here.

Apparently George text Pam to see if he could have some daughter daddy time WOHOOO GEORGE I knew he was a good man just that all the emotions were getting in the way... so he listened to Jeremy and made an attempt.

Pam said that it would be fine but it can't be on Wednesday because Brianna is organised for something already and Thursday she has a counsellor meeting so hopefully they will get it sorted.

Pam said that the daughter (we shall call her B ok) still keeps saying she hates her Dad and has been sooo upset and crying that she didn't want to stay at dancing and she wanted to come to our place... that was fine by me. Pam took the son to soccer practice and left B with me.

So B and I went to Woolworths to get some stuff to go with dinner (left my boys with mum) and I started off asking her little questions about her day and then we got on to holidays and then she mentioned her Dad on the holiday and I gradually got the conversation over to the fact that he texted her mum....

She said "I hate my Dad" I said B I don't think you hate your Dad you do love him but are feeling hurt. She just looked at me and I said "So why do you hate your Dad" she said because he promises stuff and never sticks to it" she gave me some examples and I had a chat and said that sometimes adults are off in their own world and don't realise that when they say something it means a lot to someone else and that her Dad loves her and is trying now to make up for what he has done.

I said to her that she needs to tell her daddy what she is thinking because if she doesn't he won't know how she is feeling and so he keeps doing what he has always done.

She thought about it for a while and then started talking and talking to me and I think she might be thinking it will be a good thing and that she will try but she doesn't want to have his fiancee there at all and wants it to be quality time with her... so I am hoping that she tells him and that he listens and trys...

BUT it is a start don't you think?

When we came back we made cards and I got all my Xmas stamps and glittery things and all sorts and the boys, me and B made cards and it was fun and she was sooo happy and smiling and she made me a Xmas card but she said that I am not allowed it yet so she will post it to me before Xmas... that was sweet.

The night went really well and hopefully things are going to come right.

When I told Jeremy he high fived me... it was great because George listened to Jeremy and I am proud of my husband and it must have been the right person at the right time that made George think about the situation... so hopefully in the future we can do some more subtle talking to George and see what happens.

Anyway will update later about the day he he he

Hopefully going to the gym tonight..

OH OH OH OH OH if you go here and see a skirt (as you can see in the photo at the bottom of the post)wellllllll I had this skirt taken in at the waste and sides because I liked the pattern so much so my friend took it in so it was sooo tight that when I lost weight I would be happier in it WELLLLLLL it is big again and I don't think I will be able to wear it in a couple of weeks because it will start to fall off.. I am soooooo chuffed about it but not because I like this skirt... but but but I am wearing it today but thinking about getting a pin to take it in in the waste he he he he sooooooooooo chuffed that I am losing the centimetres he he he.



Monday, 15 October 2007

Wedding outfit photos

Ok so here are the photos of me dressed up for Karina's wedding on Saturday, but to be honest I don't like the photo as much as when I looked in the mirror. Felt quite elegant on Saturday in Helena's clothes he he he... thanks Leenie.


Why do weekends go so fast...? Maybe it is because we are actually doing things that we want and not doing things that we get paid for hmmm.

I did so much in the weekend and finding it hard to get started in to writing what I did and all the emotions that went with them... So this maybe a long post.

As you all know I was sick from Wednesday till Friday and it was the worst tummy bug I have ever encounted and it drained me a hell of a lot.

So Saturday morning consisted of going out and getting sand so we can finish the side of the house (but never got it down because it rained). We went shopping for a wedding present and a birthday present (for a 6 year old girl that Quinn calls his girlfriend) and OMG don't get me started on the 2 weeks of hearing when is the party when is the party and how many sleeps till her birthday OMG he is infatuated by the girl.

Then we had to wrap them and I made a card and Quinn had to make a card for his girlfriend as well and we had to get ourselves all dressed and ready for the Wedding.

It was a very low key wedding apart from them getting dressed up in a Wedding dress and him in a tux. They had a beautiful 1920's car (looked like one of those ganster cars) and Jeremy and I didn't know anyone there expect for the brides mum, brother and a friend of the family. So it was a little nerve wracking walking in to the glass house at the Gardens and seeing all these people looking back at you and we didn't know if we were in the right wedding or not until we saw the Mother of the bride which was a huge relief.

Karina's brother walked her down the eisle and I had tears coming down my face as it was lovely to see and she looked lovely... I was taking photos (as they didn't have a photographer hired as the grooms aunty was supposed to be taking the photos as she did photography) so I took the photos I wanted for me and then after the ceremony.

We were walking out to go for a walk around the gardens while we waited for the reception and the Groom came up to me and asked me to take their wedding photos for them as the aunt had run out of battery (OMG you would think that since she was doing the photos and she had plenty of warning that she would have had batteries wouldn't ya..) so I said yes and took some nice ones (350 to be exact) and about 45 minutes in to taking the photos the aunty came back with a fully charged camera and I was going to bow out... and the groom said he would like us to keep taking them if that was ok. But this aunt made it so difficult for me like I was not wanted and everytime I had a shot set up she would walk in front of me OMG I wanted to slap her how could she do such a thing.. the snooty bitch...

So I backed off and the groom said is everything ok... I said I don't want to tread on any toes and will let her take the photos (I find out during it that she has a film camera so couldn't take that many anyway so I started snapping after that he he he).

Got to the reception (which was a pot luck and we didn't know and didn't bring any food and I felt bad about that) and sat down and the friend of the family came over and said that I was looking fabulous and that I had lost a huge amount of weight and well done and through the night she kept telling me this. It was quite weird he he he.

So glad that is over and done with.

Quinn apparently had a great time at the party and Mum and Corbin had KFC for dinner as my mother in law took them down to get it which was really lovely.

Mum said on Saturday night that if we wanted to sleep in then that was fine and she would make breakfast for the boys.

Quinn came up at 8.30 and said Nana wants you downstairs... so I thought Quinn was being his cheeky self and said "did Nana say it or are you being naughty" and then Corbin came up stairs and said "Nana said get here now" SHIT that scared the living daylights out of me.. so went down and she was hunched over the kitchen bench saying "get me to the toilet I feel really bad" and she was as pale as anything. She must have caught the bug I had caught off her but worse this time so the whole day I was checking on her because she didn't look good at all and it scared me a bit.

We went upstairs for most of the day to spring clean my wardrobe and drawers and got rid of so much stuff and organised the clothes in a better way and put up shelving etc and the boys vaccuumed and dusted and OMG it was such a relief to get things down up there as everything else in the house usually gets done first and our room is the last he he he.

We put on a roast lamb and then headed over to my friend Pams place (the one where her ex partner left her and the kids etc) and spend a couple of hours over there and Corbin managed to fall somehow and get his knee in to his lip and his teeth went in to his lip and blood was pouring everywhere OMG it was a little scary to have so much blood coming from my boy.

We showed Pam how to use Trademe to sell things and upload photos etc... and then came home and had dinner...

About 9pm the phone rang and I thought WHO THE HELL is ringing on a Sunday night at this time and it was George (Pam's ex and Jeremy's friend)... Jeremy got the phone and said "George" and as soon as that was said I turned the tv off to listen... Jeremy went in to the kitchen so I could watch my show but I couldn't concentrate as George has only phoned once and Jeremy didn't know what to say to him and just said "we are going out can we talk another time" which was at least 8 weeks ago.

I was sooo proud of my husband tonight he is the best husband anyone could have.. any of you that have met him is is a little bit of an introvert but a kind loving guy and doesn't like conflict of any sort and keeps out of things but tonight he didn't and listening to him I think he has been thinking a while about what he would say to George about the situation and basically he said

"George we have been friends for a long time and I don't really want that to stop, but I have to say that I am not happy about how the kids are getting affected in this situation. I don't want to get in to the stuff between you and Pam because frankly it isn't my business but when your daughter is talking to our kids and in return talking to us I need to say something."

George apparently said that he thinks Pam is manipulating his daughter to not come and stay the night and Jeremy said that he didn't think that was the case. He said that she is only 9 and she thinks that her Dad hates her and that her Dad doesn't want to spend time with her and that it was a huge change for her.. she has had her Dad living there for most of her life and now he isn't and he is living with another family it is a lot for a child to take in. He said that telling his daughter that.... if she doesn't stay the night then she cant come over at all is not good and it is hurting his relationship with the kid.

It isn't her fault that all this has happened and maybe if he had her for the days for a while then she might get to like it and then stay and the way he was doing it was not helping her at all. She is a very sad little girl and he wishes that George will sort it out... maybe ring her now and then and just talk to her and let her know that he still cares. (I had tears down my face as my husband was talking)

I think George listened and Jeremy was saying that George wasn't trying to hurt her just that he thought that his daughter wasn't doing this voluntearingly and that Pam was telling her what to do... (but if she was doing that dont' you think she wouldn't let the son go to his place which makes me think he isn't thinking properly).

George said he hasn't been happy for a long time with Pam and stayed because of the kids and that he is really really happy first the first time with this new woman (still think of her as slut sorry everyone) and that DRUM ROLL PLEASE they are engaged OMG after 4 months they are engaged can you believe it!!!!

George said that he felt it was awkquard at the soccer graduation and that Jeremy didn't want anything to do with him. Jeremy said that he had been taken unawares as George had come up from behind and that it was a little awkward but wasn't intentional.

I hope George does the right thing because I have never found (before all this happened) that he was a nasty person he has always been a person that I would count on.

We are not stopping talking to Pam and the kids and he told him that and he also didn't want to finish the relationship with him.

I hope George takes all this the right way and there was more that Jeremy wanted to say but thought that a little at a time would be best or it could turn to custard. He told George we weren't taking sides and that he shouldn't expect us to.

Jeremy said that he thinks George listened and that it might get better.. I do hope so as this little girl is now self hurting herself and telling me and others that her Dad hates her and her mother keeps saying that her Dad doesn't hate her he loves her but he sees things a little differently from her.... She is seeing a counseller on Thursday and I am picking her up from Dancing tonight and they are coming for dinner so hopefully tonight will be a good one.

We did phone Pam to warn her that Jeremy was talking to him and that he might try and phone Brianna (he hasn't seen or talked to his daughter in 5 weeks but has had his son quite a bit).

Pam didn't take it that well.. she knew about the engagement as the son had told her that afternoon after coming from Georges place and the daughter didn't take it well at all. Pam said to me "I will back off now" OMG I let her have it... I said we aren't at school where you are only allowed one friend and that I want to still be friends with her and maybe with George (I am still not sure) and she said that she didn't want to make it difficult for me and Jeremy because we were Georges friend first and this way it will give us an out (Well if any of you really know me I didn't let that settle) I said to her that I want to be friends with both and I wasn't going to go through this again with her thinking that she will back out... I have been friends with her for 11 years not like it has been only 3 months or something and I enjoy her company (so hopefully that is all sorted geesh).

I just want these kids to be happy... I can totally understand that George doesn't love Pam anymore and really there is nothing that can be done about that (and I have told Pam this many of times) but I don't like seeing the kids suffering because two bloody adults can't talk (and really it is George that won't communicate as Pam has tried)...but it isn't fair on the kids.

Sometimes I think George is doing all the money hungry things with the divorce to hurt Pam but doesn't think that he is hurting the kids and maybe he has to stop the hurting before he can see it ya know.

So that was my weekend... GEESH!!!!!
What an emotional one it was.

BUT>>>>>>> I have 2 more days after today and then I am only holiday until the 29th October woohooooooooooo I cannot wait..

Oh oh oh
The Camping saga... geesh I knew it was too good to be true that I had finished this update he he he.

Tania phoned yesterday to see how I was and to say that she phoned Athenree camping ground again to book (which was only 24 hours after she had phoned them) and they said sorry the campsite had been booked now wohoooooo but she managed to book in for Bowentown (which is still at Waihi) and that if she gets in trouble with the tent then can she call on us OMG as her hubby won't be there till the Saturday and she has the 3 kids... I said to her if we aren't in the middle of putting up our awning etc then we could do it. I am not telling her what we are doing again because this is ridiculous.

I said to her "I didn't think that you had a tent" she said no we brought it 2 days ago (the day after I had told her we were going away to Athenree) OMG.... I dread to think how she is going to put the tent up if it is raining with 3 kids.

What a relief that she isn't going to be at the same camping ground it will be great because then I am not going to have to have dinner because they are there and what she wants to have to eat and my kids can relax too... but now can visit her etc because we want to if it works in with us ya know... Plus it is back to just us as a family and that is soooo cool.... I might get some reading in too woohooo.

OK... had enough typing now he he he PHEW.



Sunday, 14 October 2007


Things to talk about

  1. George phone call

  2. Wedding photos

  3. Bedroom tidy up

  4. Mum being sick

Saturday, 13 October 2007

4 Weeks in a row

OMG 4 weeks in a row losing.... I know they aren't much but I haven't gained and I haven't stayed the same and I have lost each week and I feel like I am on a roll...

I am in a new number this week weeeehhhhheeeeeeee...


Weigh in at Home

Loss: 800 grams

Current weight: 118.3 kgs (New Virgin he he he)

Total loss from WW: 36.4 kgs

Total loss from start: 41.7 kgs


I am so happy this week. Even though I had a day where I was rotten and didn't eat much I was still on track this week and I felt great about it.

Going to a wedding today. Will take some photos and I am going to wear an outfit that the wonderful Helena gave me he he he can't wait... I felt quite elegant in it and quite slim too.

Anyway have a great day everyone... I know I will.

P.S thanks for the comments on last nights post... I was seething about it and needed to vent and see what others thought.


4 Weeks in a row

OMG 4 weeks in a row losing.... I know they aren't much but I haven't gained and I haven't stayed the same and I have lost each week and I feel like I am on a roll...

I am in a new number this week wehhhhheeeeeeee

Weigh in at Home

Loss: 200 grams

Current weight: 119.1 kgs (Virgin woohooo)

Total loss from WW: 35.6 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.9

Friday, 12 October 2007

OM *F* G

Warning... saying what I am thinking

OMG some people just don't get it!!!

I don't know if I mentioned that we are going to Athenree to test out my father in laws caravan before we buy it and we are also catching up with Lyn woohoooo... can't wait but I got a phone call tonight telling me TELLING ME that Tania and her family are going to be there OMFUCKEN GOD.... the last holiday we had at Bowentown with her I wanted to throttle her by the end of it... her constant shouting at the kids and her husband and me and telling everyone how and what we should do...

So she phoned up tonight and said that her husband will be there late can we help with putting up her tent FUCKEN hell... we are trying to put up the awning on our fucken caravan and set things up and see how it works for us and she is just barging in on our holiday... sorry I should be grateful that she wants to holiday with us but she didn't bother asking (not that I would have had the guts to tell her anyway) but the gall

I am still not feeling 100% but this just makes me angry...

At least we are out on Saturday night with Lyn and another friend has asked us out for the Sunday so we are going to do that so we won't see them that much but I was looking forward to a holiday without being told like a 2 year old what to do.

In April we went to Bowntown for Easter and she took her mother and father along as well and all they did all weekend was bitch at each other and her and her husband moaning about everything and even the dinner was what she wanted and the kids were only allowed sausages and no other meat so in the end I went and got some other stuff for my kids it was a bloody nightmare... She has also booked Easter where we are going too next year.

I like Tanya don't get me wrong but going on holiday with her I end up with a headache as she has the most appalling manner with her kids and they can't do anything. We took them down to the beach and she moaned when we got back that they got wet and had sand on them and that they will get a cold bla bla bla but the kids actually had a great time without her... but then I was babysitting her kids and mine GREAT.

So at least we have Lyn place on Saturday night to get away from them and we can have some fun... I can't wait to see Lyn and meet her family and have been looking forward to it that is for sure.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Sick - Tummybug

Thank you all for your comments

I haven't read any blogs today.. been in bed all day until 10 minutes ago with a tummy bug (coming out both ends) when are my days off not going to be sick days? Don't understand it.

Had to cancel my haircut and the spelling with Quinn's class.

Good night


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Uh Oh.... she's back

I have spent tonight doing a header for Chris as I had an idea this afternoon and soooo wanted to do it so she now has a new header...

I am really sore at the moment.

Went to the gym tonight and worked my butt off and ran on the treadmill more than I usually do... then Kris came in BUGGER SHIT FUCK she is back at the gym. She went to another gym (but obviously she didn't get the attention she does at this gym) and now she is back.. she came up to talk but secretly I was PISSED like you wouldn't believe because I don't want to see her there everytime I am there..

But to be honest (he he he like my post last night) I worked harder because she was there because I wanted her to see that she didn't stop me doing what I was doing, and that I am doing REALLY well without her, and even though she fucked up my trainer and my Lean group for me I am still doing it... I am still losing and she didn't win....

I am happier without her in my life... but in saying that I am not going to go out of my way like I did at the end of last year to avoid her either. I am going to keep to my routine at the gym and keep to doing the things I like and if she is there I am going to do more and more but she isn't going to know that it affects me.

Jeremy was saying tonight that she has gained a hell of a lot of weight. She said to me a couple of weeks ago that she had gained 15 kilos back so that would make her back to 100 kilos (I assume) so I am not sure if that made me feel better or not...... it made me realise that I don't want to gain mine back and I want to change my lifestyle and not just lose it all and gain it back because I hadn't worked out what I had done to make me fat in the first place (OMG I am not getting at anyone that has lost and gained and lost.... just rambling ok... see here I am watching what I am saying stop it CM)

I think the thing I want to be weary of is that I am not going to stop trying when I get down to goal... that to maintain is just as good as to lose because when you get to your goal I have heard that it is the hardest thing to stay there.... so that is going to be a huge challenge for me.

I do want to achieve this but I am still sure that I don't want to lose it too fast...

I think the reason it has taken me so long to stop yoyoing from the 121 to 120's is that I was afraid to be in the teens... because then it means.... well I don't know what it means maybe it means that I have to work hard to keep going.... or maybe it means that I am comfortable at this weight because I am not noticed... When I was a teenager I was NEVER short of a boyfriends (not trying to show a big head) just that I didn't like the attention that much...

I do like being told that they have noticed that I have lost weight but then it makes me aware that if I gain it that people are also going to notice and judge..

Ok I am rambling now.

OHHHHH and I got a payrise today.. not a lot but it was a payrise woohoooo


Tuesday, 9 October 2007



Have you ever noticed that us bloggers go through this up and down stages all together?

I have noticed it and I am one of them too.

We can do this!!!

I know we can lose this weight and if we are to do that then we need to get positive with ourselves... yes I know I can be negative a lot too but in the last month I have realised that...ok I don't lose as much as others but that is ok as long as I am not gaining... as long as I am trying and as long as my life is going well and 90% of the time I am chosing wisely.

I just want to get some oomph back into blog land because if we all cheer each other on then I am sure we can get some weight lost. I don't mean by doing a challenge as such but by being aware and putting down in our blogs each day how we are really feeling..

Do you find that you don't always put how you are feeling because of what others may think?

I know I do!!!

So lets have a little challenge to say it how it is and not to not blog just because you think it won't be an interesting blog and people won't want to read and to track honestly!!! HONESTLY

I have been tracking consistantly since 13 August (Janene is witness to that) and ok I am not losing a hell of a lot but it is better than I had been since March of this year and that is because I was thinking I was keeping to my points but obviously I wasn't and it took having Janene watching what I eat for me to think about what was going in to my body. And let's face it we all do it (well I used to but not now Janene and I are tracking) put down only what we thought others wouldn't tell us off for... when in reality most people don't care what you eat they just care what you loss is for the week.

When we get in to this negative thought process that we can't do something it turns our world upside down and we just can't get back on track.

Because I don't know about all of you guys but when I get down (or negative) I eat more and I think about food more and I get depressed more and it is a ficious cycle.... and it is hard to get out of... take the step now!!! Track every little piece of crap that comes in to your mouth even if it is not good and slowly you will start seeing that it isn't worth it and that you can make little changes here and there and lose this weight..

I am a work in progress and I am not saying I am perfect but we can only help ourselves and NO ONE can help us but us...

Keep blogging everyone!!

Keep tracking everyone!!

And let us as friends get US to healthy!!

Yeah that sounded like an informercial....

But wait there's more he he he

Sorry it is just that OMG I want to get back to when I started in 2005 when I was losing consistantly and getting the weight off and back then I didn't lose a lot each week and it is just me... I just can't.. but I have lost 40.9 kilos OMG who would have ever thought... certainly not me... and I have 40 or more to go... I just don't want to give up and neither should you.


Update: Janene you are right... "for fear of what other people will think - especially seeing how I have met so many bloggers in person. It didn't really matter so much when I didn't know anyone and was anonymous."

I sooooo blog differently now that I have met everyone. I used to write all my feelings down exactly how I was feeling and what was going on in my head but now that I have met a lot of my fellow bloggers I do blog differently... but why should we is what I say... it is hard but we have to be honest with ourselves for us to lose this weight aye..

Anne: I don't think you should feel that we think you have got no problems because you haven't got long until you reach your goals... OMG no matter where we are on the scale is is just as hard for someone that has only 5 kilos to go to someone that has 40 because (remember I haven't been there YET he he he) but I have heard from lots of people that the last amount of weight to lose is really hard and even harder than losing the 60 or 70 kilos before that.

Isn't this what blogging is for? Isn't this the place where we should be telling all what we are feeling because if not WHAT IS THE POINT of the blog.. because if we aren't saying it how we are actually feeling then we are writing what everyone else wants to hear so that isn't helping us out at all... I hope I am making sense in all this?


Sunday, 7 October 2007


Why does the weekend go sooo fast.

My mother in law FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW OMG OMG Shock took the boys from 11am to 1pm so we got out groceries done then. We also took advantage of not having them and went shopping for cheap digital cameras and OMG there are NO cheap digital cameras and the cheapest we could find was $165.... I know that is cheap for a camera but was hoping there was one for about $80 because we have to buy 2 and the boys are too young to have a expensive camera but I do know they love taking photos and it would be a great family thing to do as I always take my camera but my camera is too expensive.

So back to the drawing board until I can work out what I want to do.

OMG I am seeing the bloody WW advertisements everytime I turn on the bloody tv lately and it is driving me insane. I know I am still doing well with not going but I do miss the friendships that I had there...sigh but I am not willing to pay all that money anymore and I have a great email buddy that sorts me out he he he.

Got back from the groceries and then biked to my friends place but the wind was terrible on the way home. I felt good today because my friend Tanya when I first started was the one that said I couldn't lose 20 kilos in a year and not to overdo it so I proved her wrong and I did it... but I was watching her today and wanted to ask her why she has gained all her weight back. When I first met her she had lost 30 kilos and then another 10 and when she went down to Hokitika she had managed to gain it all back with more and she just looks so sad and the weight is scaring me... I want to be a friend and see if there is a way that I can help but I don't want to upset her either because as I know you can only lose if you want to and no one (even a well deserving friend) can help. But with her owning her own business and working 6 out of 7 days a week I am worried she is going to have a heart attack or something.

Anyway I will get off that now but it does worry me..

Did some more cards today and quite proud of it... it relaxes me.

I am also doing more and more digital scrapbooking pages and that has made me feel so creative and enjoying it totally.




Saturday, 6 October 2007

Weigh in - 6 October 2007

Loss: 200 grams

Current weight: 119.1 kgs (Virgin woohooo)

Total loss from WW: 35.6 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.9

I am not unhappy about this loss. I haven't been to the gym all week and been really miserable and sick and I eat more when I am sick... had too much chocolate icecream... I think it is my comfort food when I have the flu because I want it like you wouldn't believe when I have a cold or flu and I let in to my cravings instead of keeping away. I have to make sure that I think about that next time I am sick and not succumb to it.

But it was a loss!!!

A loss is better than a gain and I have to lose it all again so that is ok with me. Consistancy is what I want.

This week I want to lose my 500 grams and get back to the gym.

Sunday - Gym - Work on lower body

Monday - Gym - Running on treadmill

Tuesday - Gym - Running on treadmill and upper body

Wednesday - Gym - Kickboxing.

So that is all I am willing to commit to so far but I am back to it from tomorrow.

I have changed my weigh in days to Saturdays as weekends are terrible for me and entertaining with summer coming up so I have made it for a Saturday and be really really good for the rest of the week. I was going to change to a Saturday the week before Leenie challenge but didn't because the challenge was given to me on the Monday so I tried to stick to that and OMG did that do my head in having the whole weekend worrying whether I was going to do it or not.

This morning we have spent the morning showing the kids about compasses and how they work so we did a little course in the front yard and they had to use the compass to get there and then they designed a course for us. I took pictures so this afternoon I will upload them and show you.

I think I have worked out what I can get them for xmas now because of the bloody basketball hoop being off the christmas list he he he... but they wanted to use my SLR camera today and I was very uncomfortable about it because it costs $1800 for my camera and in kids hands ohhhh noooo... so we are going to go out today and look for some digital cameras (cheap ones) for them both to have because they love taking photos so much. It will be good because then I am not going to be worried about my camera anymore and then we can go out on a photography day out and take photos... it will be good for summer.

Woohooo I love it when a plan comes together as my kids are hard to buy for that involves them getting their backsides outside. For Xmas we always try to get outside toys and things for them to do to get them away from the tv as it isn't good for them and OMG they are not going to be big like me and not want any exercise and not want to explore things...

So if any of you know of where I can get some reasonably cheap digital cameras for the boys please don't hesitate to tell me.. THANKS.

Will check in later and tell you about my day.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Kid minding

I am looking after 2 more kids today.

I have my two boys and then a boy and a girl of a friends until about 12.30 ARGHHHHH but they play nicely together.

It is 9.20 and they are on the culdesac playing on the go cart so all is good. It is great that they play so nicely especially when I am trying to get over this bloody cold. I am feeling so much better now that is for sure.

The looks like it might be a nice one and not rainy like it was yesterday so I am so happy about that.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sigh.... bed is calling

I have the flu....sigh

At work at the moment but seriously thinking about going home... the only problem with going home is that there are kids on school holidays....sigh can't get much sleep there sigh.

Chris H... just have to say don't listen to shits!! Keep blogging.

Love Chubbymum


Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Basketball Hoops

After such a wonderful weekend as per below... I am in a grumpy grumpy mood today

Got back to work after only taking off 1 day and moaning people galore OMG... and not because of anything that you did Weeesplat.... (thank you btw for covering my invoices) but because they are whining wingeing shits that I work with.....

It has not put me in a good mood and I had such fun being away from work that I realise I don't want to work... I enjoy being at home and doing things but unfortunatly for me I cannot afford to not work ho hum.

Only today and tomorrow and then I am off work till Monday again WOHOOOOOO.

I am just sad and depressed and unhappy... I don't want to be and I tried to be positive and went out at lunch time instead of staying in but I feel fat and ugly and frumpy and and and the list still goes on.

I know that you are thinking... just think positive and it will be alright but today I just can't.

On a lighter note though:

Corbin has been on my back about a basketball stand hoopy thing (which I have already brought for Xmas that he doesn't know about) but anyway I said to him that if he could save his pocket money that I would pay half of it for him... knowing darn well that with only $5 a week it will be Xmas by the time he can afford it... so he was sooo excited.. and worked out that if I was going to pay $35 and he pay $35 that it would take him 7 weeks to save the money... so I was happy about that because he is young I was sure that a week or two in there he wouldn't have saved the money so it would be xmas by the time he got it NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was all stuffed up this morning he he he.

The boys phoned me at work and Quinn said "We have money and I want to spend mine" I said "What are you talking about?" he said that their Great Great Nana and Grandpop sent them money for their birthdays.

I asked Quinn how much and he said $20 so I said "is that $20 each or between you" he said "between us"... wohooo I thought that is great... but OH NO it was $20 each he he he (which was fantastic of them that is for sure)...

So anyway Corbin gets on the phone and said "MUM (in an excited voice) I have only got 3 weeks till I can get my Basket ball hoop" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so I told Jeremy what he said and he was laughing and laughing and I said "stop laughing what am I to do".. he said "you have to give it to him and the money he gives you we can put towards another present for them for Xmas"

SHIT SHIT I thought I had the boys all sorted for Xmas and now I have to find another thing that I can buy for them... when will I learn to shut my mouth huh ;-)

I hate buying Xmas presents too late because I don't like going in to town with all the impatient people buying... so now I have to think of something else and here I was thinking I was a smarty and getting the presents all sorted for them early GEESH....

Anyway will update later.

Love Chubbymum

Monday, 1 October 2007

Weekend non stop - I MEAN NON STOP

Thanks for caring Rachel.... he he he no I haven't dropped off the planet just that Jeremy had Friday and Monday off because of Quinn's birthday this weekend and also to have some time with the kids for the school holidays.

Friday was such a BEAUTIFUL day that we decided to take advantage of the towbar and we drove in to town by the boat ramp on the river and take the bikes on the back of the car and we went for a 8km bike ride around the river up and down hills... It was fantastic... the weather was beautifully sunny and we even had to put sun tan lotion on and my face still got burnt he he he. It was a great family ride and we enjoyed biking around places that we hadn't explored yet. At one part of the ride around the river they have a confidence course and the boys stopped at each one and did the confidence course and on to the next one how cute.

Saturday was Quinn's 6th birthday and in the morning he went to a James's place and so did Corbin because James brother Jonathon is in Corbin's class..... James mum phoned a couple of days beforehand and asked if we wanted to get rid of them for the morning and I was more than happy so I could sort out the cake and loot bags... it was great.
Quinn opened up his presents from us and Nana before breakfast and then Jeremy and Corbin helped Quinn put together his go cart that we brought... Quinn was sooo excited and they had lots of fun putting it together.
Quinn and Corbin playing silly buggers with the camera just before Quinn opens his presents.

Corbin was giving Quinn a birthday hug just after he got his box with his go cart in it.

Here are me boys putting the go cart together and they had so much fun with all the spanners etc.

After it was finished they had a go on it and we couldn't make it any smaller to fit Quinn's feet on the peddles but he will grow in to it and he had fun anyway.

They got back at 12.45 and the kids starting arrive at 1pm where we had cake and chips and then took off for ten pin bowling (oops forgot to mention that Corbin didn't come back as he went to the next door neighbours of James and Jonathons as it was Dion's birthday as well. OMG birthday's galore.

The 6 kids for Quinn's party at ten pin bowling were soooo good... I had a great time.

Quinn almost blowing out his candles and Janae was making him laugh in front of him... then he went all shy he he he.

Tahlia Rose in the jeans and Janae in the dress... we had a girls lane and a boys lane because the girls chickened out when we got there and I had to show them what fun it was and so us girls went on one lane together and it was sooo cool... wasn't used to girly screams etc he he he and BOY did they scream.

Janae cheekkkky smile I had to get a photo of it. I just want to pinch those cheeks of hers he he.

Liam and Quinn using the frame to send the balls down. But by the middle of the game they were doing it without the frame... soooo cute seeing them trying to lift these heavy balls.

Left to right: Liam, James, Jack (with ball) and Quinn... these boys get on so well it was great and they are all in the same class at school too.

Tahlia Rose told me in front of Quinn that she was going to marry Quinn and she was going to be Mrs Andrew he he he toooo funny. I said really??

Quinn at the start of the year said he was going to marry Janae and now he likes Tahlia.

This photo of Quinn with this present was cute. Tahlia's mum said that she had to make the wrapping paper so here is the wrapping paper for Tahlia it was pretty and Quinn wanted me to take a photo... he also wanted to keep the paper but Nana didn't know and she threw it away geesh... but I got this photo so that is great.

So once we dropped them all off at home it was off to Dion's birthday party to get Corbin but we were asked by the parents (who I go to coffee with) to stay for dinner and the magician and to also go for a swim in their heated pool and spa pool. The boys enjoyed themselves. The food was fabulous and the company was great too.


This day was our day to sort out our back yard. So we went and borrowed the trailer from our friends and we started putting the soil, rock, and MORE clay from our side of our house and put it in a trailer to take to the tip... We did 3 trailor loads of this and OMG I was soo soo soo sore afterwards.

In the photo below you can see where the soil was up to and I suppose it doesn't look like much but when the clay was wet and there were rocks etc in it IT WAS BLOODY HORRIBLE.... so I did a lot of exercise that day. So as you can see it is nice and flat now and I can finish painting the fence (on a nice sunny day that is for sure).

Had a lovely hot hot spa bath after doing all that because I was sore. The boys helped out heaps and it was fun. I thought they would have been a pain. We didn't finish it all with the 3 trailor loads.


Got up at 9am and had breakfast and then took the boys indoor rock climbing. I had sore arms from the 3 trailer loads of dirt and so it was even worse after 2 hours rock climbing with the kids. They had so much fun and Corbin was like a little spider monkey he just enjoyed it so much. I find it quite amazing how I always thought that he wouldn't be a very physical child and wouldn't like that sort of thing because he loved reading but he just loved it. He is liking touch rugby at school and soccer and sporty things and it amazes me how he does... especially with glasses but he is soooo a boy and also yesterday helping us with the dirt and digging a lot and putting it in the wheelbarrow to put on the trailer. Quite amazing.

Whereas Quinn liked organising the trailer and making sure that it would be top heavy etc... such cool boys today.

Ok so we got back after that and had another trailer load done for the tip. Took Corbin to YET ANOTHER birthday party of his best friend Cathans and Quinn, Jeremy and I took the dirt to the tip and brought a trailer load of river stones for our retaining wall. It didn't quite finish the retaining wall but I am happy with the result... as you can see below. But mind you the retaining wall is LONGGGGG and just half of it was a trailer load. We have another trailer load to go I would say.

Next week I am seriously going to keep still and make some more cards.

So that is why I have been missing in action this weekend and ho hum I have to go back to work (took today off)... don't wanna go back to work tomorrow that is for sure.

The funniest thing was that Jeremy and I were putting the rocks in the retaining wall in the pouring down with rain and the neighbours must have thought that we were nuts. There was thunder and the rain was coming down so hard that I had drips coming down my face he he he but I refused to stop because I don't want to drag this out every weekend. I want to enjoy it and have fun in the sun on my days off ya know. There was thunder and lightening out too he he he and everytime we thought the lightening was coming we would put the spades down and stand there he he he...tooooo funny... and my mum and Quinn were looking out the window laughing at us.

Good night everyone.

Not sure about my food choices this week but I have done a lot of exercise but if I don't lose weight I don't. I have lost 2 weeks in a row so hey if I stay the same or gain it is all good.

Love ya all