Tuesday, 9 October 2007



Have you ever noticed that us bloggers go through this up and down stages all together?

I have noticed it and I am one of them too.

We can do this!!!

I know we can lose this weight and if we are to do that then we need to get positive with ourselves... yes I know I can be negative a lot too but in the last month I have realised that...ok I don't lose as much as others but that is ok as long as I am not gaining... as long as I am trying and as long as my life is going well and 90% of the time I am chosing wisely.

I just want to get some oomph back into blog land because if we all cheer each other on then I am sure we can get some weight lost. I don't mean by doing a challenge as such but by being aware and putting down in our blogs each day how we are really feeling..

Do you find that you don't always put how you are feeling because of what others may think?

I know I do!!!

So lets have a little challenge to say it how it is and not to not blog just because you think it won't be an interesting blog and people won't want to read and to track honestly!!! HONESTLY

I have been tracking consistantly since 13 August (Janene is witness to that) and ok I am not losing a hell of a lot but it is better than I had been since March of this year and that is because I was thinking I was keeping to my points but obviously I wasn't and it took having Janene watching what I eat for me to think about what was going in to my body. And let's face it we all do it (well I used to but not now Janene and I are tracking) put down only what we thought others wouldn't tell us off for... when in reality most people don't care what you eat they just care what you loss is for the week.

When we get in to this negative thought process that we can't do something it turns our world upside down and we just can't get back on track.

Because I don't know about all of you guys but when I get down (or negative) I eat more and I think about food more and I get depressed more and it is a ficious cycle.... and it is hard to get out of... take the step now!!! Track every little piece of crap that comes in to your mouth even if it is not good and slowly you will start seeing that it isn't worth it and that you can make little changes here and there and lose this weight..

I am a work in progress and I am not saying I am perfect but we can only help ourselves and NO ONE can help us but us...

Keep blogging everyone!!

Keep tracking everyone!!

And let us as friends get US to healthy!!

Yeah that sounded like an informercial....

But wait there's more he he he

Sorry it is just that OMG I want to get back to when I started in 2005 when I was losing consistantly and getting the weight off and back then I didn't lose a lot each week and it is just me... I just can't.. but I have lost 40.9 kilos OMG who would have ever thought... certainly not me... and I have 40 or more to go... I just don't want to give up and neither should you.


Update: Janene you are right... "for fear of what other people will think - especially seeing how I have met so many bloggers in person. It didn't really matter so much when I didn't know anyone and was anonymous."

I sooooo blog differently now that I have met everyone. I used to write all my feelings down exactly how I was feeling and what was going on in my head but now that I have met a lot of my fellow bloggers I do blog differently... but why should we is what I say... it is hard but we have to be honest with ourselves for us to lose this weight aye..

Anne: I don't think you should feel that we think you have got no problems because you haven't got long until you reach your goals... OMG no matter where we are on the scale is is just as hard for someone that has only 5 kilos to go to someone that has 40 because (remember I haven't been there YET he he he) but I have heard from lots of people that the last amount of weight to lose is really hard and even harder than losing the 60 or 70 kilos before that.

Isn't this what blogging is for? Isn't this the place where we should be telling all what we are feeling because if not WHAT IS THE POINT of the blog.. because if we aren't saying it how we are actually feeling then we are writing what everyone else wants to hear so that isn't helping us out at all... I hope I am making sense in all this?



just janene said...

Gooooo coach Mandy!!!

You are right though, I know that I don't always put everything in my blog that I want to, for fear of what other people will think - especially seeing how I have met so many bloggers in person. It didn't really matter so much when I didn't know anyone and was anonymous.

Great entry Mandy :)

Anne said...

I understand where you are coming from. I tend to blog more when I'm doing well, and when feeling a bit down - I don 't feel positive, so don't tend to blog as much.

I also feel because I've lost the bulk of what I want to, that you guys may feel I've got no problems, but I still feel it's important for me to reach my goal.

celtic_girl said...

Amen sister!!!!

Helena said...

oh shut upppppppppp and let me wallow in my muddy pool of self pityyyyyyyyyy *whining* LMAO! I was actually reading through some of my entries the other day and noticed I've been blogging for the readers and not for me ... i used to write for me, so that I could go back and read what I was doing/thinking/feeling at different times. So I'm going to forget you guys are out there and write stuff for me and if ya dont like it ... tuff :D *grin* great post babes :)

Chris H said...

Nice post Mandy...and I do tell all how I am feeling eh? lol

Abba said...

You are such an inspiration, it's hard not to be upbeat. I imagined if all of us ever had to be on a team, you would be one of the leaders. I see it in you all of the time. You are definitely a cheerleader, and I appreciate it. Thanks so much for being positive and upbeat. It's contagious!

Rachel said...

*nodding head* yep your right.

I usually put down what I'm feeling but if I'm having a bad day/week I blog less.

I must admit that when I'm having a bad day it is comforting to read blog's where people are losing (picks me up) as well as blogs that aren't doing so well (makes me feel normal).....weird eh?

Tania said...

Have you ever read a post in a blog at just the right time? That's how I feel about this post of yours! I was about to lie (by omission) as to what i'm doing but after reading your entry have changed my mind - thankyou for that! I agree completely that we need to be more honest and open about everything we're doing - I also feel we always tend to judge ourselves much more harshly than what others do. I've spent so little time reading blogs lately, mainly because life has been so busy but it makes me realise how much I need to MAKE the time to read them, it really makes a difference.

Whoever I want to be said...

Just popping and saying Hi while have a few moments.

libra said...

You are so right, your comments certianly ring true.