Monday, 1 October 2007

Weekend non stop - I MEAN NON STOP

Thanks for caring Rachel.... he he he no I haven't dropped off the planet just that Jeremy had Friday and Monday off because of Quinn's birthday this weekend and also to have some time with the kids for the school holidays.

Friday was such a BEAUTIFUL day that we decided to take advantage of the towbar and we drove in to town by the boat ramp on the river and take the bikes on the back of the car and we went for a 8km bike ride around the river up and down hills... It was fantastic... the weather was beautifully sunny and we even had to put sun tan lotion on and my face still got burnt he he he. It was a great family ride and we enjoyed biking around places that we hadn't explored yet. At one part of the ride around the river they have a confidence course and the boys stopped at each one and did the confidence course and on to the next one how cute.

Saturday was Quinn's 6th birthday and in the morning he went to a James's place and so did Corbin because James brother Jonathon is in Corbin's class..... James mum phoned a couple of days beforehand and asked if we wanted to get rid of them for the morning and I was more than happy so I could sort out the cake and loot bags... it was great.
Quinn opened up his presents from us and Nana before breakfast and then Jeremy and Corbin helped Quinn put together his go cart that we brought... Quinn was sooo excited and they had lots of fun putting it together.
Quinn and Corbin playing silly buggers with the camera just before Quinn opens his presents.

Corbin was giving Quinn a birthday hug just after he got his box with his go cart in it.

Here are me boys putting the go cart together and they had so much fun with all the spanners etc.

After it was finished they had a go on it and we couldn't make it any smaller to fit Quinn's feet on the peddles but he will grow in to it and he had fun anyway.

They got back at 12.45 and the kids starting arrive at 1pm where we had cake and chips and then took off for ten pin bowling (oops forgot to mention that Corbin didn't come back as he went to the next door neighbours of James and Jonathons as it was Dion's birthday as well. OMG birthday's galore.

The 6 kids for Quinn's party at ten pin bowling were soooo good... I had a great time.

Quinn almost blowing out his candles and Janae was making him laugh in front of him... then he went all shy he he he.

Tahlia Rose in the jeans and Janae in the dress... we had a girls lane and a boys lane because the girls chickened out when we got there and I had to show them what fun it was and so us girls went on one lane together and it was sooo cool... wasn't used to girly screams etc he he he and BOY did they scream.

Janae cheekkkky smile I had to get a photo of it. I just want to pinch those cheeks of hers he he.

Liam and Quinn using the frame to send the balls down. But by the middle of the game they were doing it without the frame... soooo cute seeing them trying to lift these heavy balls.

Left to right: Liam, James, Jack (with ball) and Quinn... these boys get on so well it was great and they are all in the same class at school too.

Tahlia Rose told me in front of Quinn that she was going to marry Quinn and she was going to be Mrs Andrew he he he toooo funny. I said really??

Quinn at the start of the year said he was going to marry Janae and now he likes Tahlia.

This photo of Quinn with this present was cute. Tahlia's mum said that she had to make the wrapping paper so here is the wrapping paper for Tahlia it was pretty and Quinn wanted me to take a photo... he also wanted to keep the paper but Nana didn't know and she threw it away geesh... but I got this photo so that is great.

So once we dropped them all off at home it was off to Dion's birthday party to get Corbin but we were asked by the parents (who I go to coffee with) to stay for dinner and the magician and to also go for a swim in their heated pool and spa pool. The boys enjoyed themselves. The food was fabulous and the company was great too.


This day was our day to sort out our back yard. So we went and borrowed the trailer from our friends and we started putting the soil, rock, and MORE clay from our side of our house and put it in a trailer to take to the tip... We did 3 trailor loads of this and OMG I was soo soo soo sore afterwards.

In the photo below you can see where the soil was up to and I suppose it doesn't look like much but when the clay was wet and there were rocks etc in it IT WAS BLOODY HORRIBLE.... so I did a lot of exercise that day. So as you can see it is nice and flat now and I can finish painting the fence (on a nice sunny day that is for sure).

Had a lovely hot hot spa bath after doing all that because I was sore. The boys helped out heaps and it was fun. I thought they would have been a pain. We didn't finish it all with the 3 trailor loads.


Got up at 9am and had breakfast and then took the boys indoor rock climbing. I had sore arms from the 3 trailer loads of dirt and so it was even worse after 2 hours rock climbing with the kids. They had so much fun and Corbin was like a little spider monkey he just enjoyed it so much. I find it quite amazing how I always thought that he wouldn't be a very physical child and wouldn't like that sort of thing because he loved reading but he just loved it. He is liking touch rugby at school and soccer and sporty things and it amazes me how he does... especially with glasses but he is soooo a boy and also yesterday helping us with the dirt and digging a lot and putting it in the wheelbarrow to put on the trailer. Quite amazing.

Whereas Quinn liked organising the trailer and making sure that it would be top heavy etc... such cool boys today.

Ok so we got back after that and had another trailer load done for the tip. Took Corbin to YET ANOTHER birthday party of his best friend Cathans and Quinn, Jeremy and I took the dirt to the tip and brought a trailer load of river stones for our retaining wall. It didn't quite finish the retaining wall but I am happy with the result... as you can see below. But mind you the retaining wall is LONGGGGG and just half of it was a trailer load. We have another trailer load to go I would say.

Next week I am seriously going to keep still and make some more cards.

So that is why I have been missing in action this weekend and ho hum I have to go back to work (took today off)... don't wanna go back to work tomorrow that is for sure.

The funniest thing was that Jeremy and I were putting the rocks in the retaining wall in the pouring down with rain and the neighbours must have thought that we were nuts. There was thunder and the rain was coming down so hard that I had drips coming down my face he he he but I refused to stop because I don't want to drag this out every weekend. I want to enjoy it and have fun in the sun on my days off ya know. There was thunder and lightening out too he he he and everytime we thought the lightening was coming we would put the spades down and stand there he he he...tooooo funny... and my mum and Quinn were looking out the window laughing at us.

Good night everyone.

Not sure about my food choices this week but I have done a lot of exercise but if I don't lose weight I don't. I have lost 2 weeks in a row so hey if I stay the same or gain it is all good.

Love ya all




Helena said...

glad you are still alive mate, albeit a little in pain! LOL Sounds like you've had a fabulously busy time - good quality time which is always well spent eh? Enjoy your week :)

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Wow - sounds like a busy few days indeed!

Great photos! Looks as if a fun time was had by all...

Cute little kiddie-winkles ;-)



Chris H said...

What a neat lot of photos! I love Quinn's smile mate, he is such a beautiful kid! Tell him I want to marry him when he's older! I suppose I better get a few photos of Brylee today, being her birthday and all! Oooo, bad mother I am.

Rachel said...

Love the photo's and the retaining wall looks awesome.

No wonder you didn't have time to update, what a full on couple of days.