Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Basketball Hoops

After such a wonderful weekend as per below... I am in a grumpy grumpy mood today

Got back to work after only taking off 1 day and moaning people galore OMG... and not because of anything that you did Weeesplat.... (thank you btw for covering my invoices) but because they are whining wingeing shits that I work with.....

It has not put me in a good mood and I had such fun being away from work that I realise I don't want to work... I enjoy being at home and doing things but unfortunatly for me I cannot afford to not work ho hum.

Only today and tomorrow and then I am off work till Monday again WOHOOOOOO.

I am just sad and depressed and unhappy... I don't want to be and I tried to be positive and went out at lunch time instead of staying in but I feel fat and ugly and frumpy and and and the list still goes on.

I know that you are thinking... just think positive and it will be alright but today I just can't.

On a lighter note though:

Corbin has been on my back about a basketball stand hoopy thing (which I have already brought for Xmas that he doesn't know about) but anyway I said to him that if he could save his pocket money that I would pay half of it for him... knowing darn well that with only $5 a week it will be Xmas by the time he can afford it... so he was sooo excited.. and worked out that if I was going to pay $35 and he pay $35 that it would take him 7 weeks to save the money... so I was happy about that because he is young I was sure that a week or two in there he wouldn't have saved the money so it would be xmas by the time he got it NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was all stuffed up this morning he he he.

The boys phoned me at work and Quinn said "We have money and I want to spend mine" I said "What are you talking about?" he said that their Great Great Nana and Grandpop sent them money for their birthdays.

I asked Quinn how much and he said $20 so I said "is that $20 each or between you" he said "between us"... wohooo I thought that is great... but OH NO it was $20 each he he he (which was fantastic of them that is for sure)...

So anyway Corbin gets on the phone and said "MUM (in an excited voice) I have only got 3 weeks till I can get my Basket ball hoop" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so I told Jeremy what he said and he was laughing and laughing and I said "stop laughing what am I to do".. he said "you have to give it to him and the money he gives you we can put towards another present for them for Xmas"

SHIT SHIT I thought I had the boys all sorted for Xmas and now I have to find another thing that I can buy for them... when will I learn to shut my mouth huh ;-)

I hate buying Xmas presents too late because I don't like going in to town with all the impatient people buying... so now I have to think of something else and here I was thinking I was a smarty and getting the presents all sorted for them early GEESH....

Anyway will update later.

Love Chubbymum


Anne said...

Hope you are feeling a little bit better:-( Did sound like you all had a lovely weekend, sad you are feeling a bit flat.

Had to smile at the bastketball hoop story, you can't win! Love the photos as well!

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Awwww, sorry to hear that you are feeling a little down right now :-(

At least you have a few days off coming up soon so just keep that in mind :-)

Hope you feel brighter soon!


Helena said...

LMAO @ Corbin ... now that is one smart cookie you got there! hehe! I hear ya about being down - must be the change in daylight savings which is throwing us all out of wack or something. Oh well, tomorrow is another day! hang in there babe