Thursday, 18 October 2007

Haven't updated... naughty me.

I haven't updated since Tuesday OMG didn't realise that I hadn't. No... I have not gone off tracking (as that is what usually happens when I don't update every day). I have been a little too relaxed but I have been tracking. I am thinking that I am going to either lose just a small amount of 100 grams or gain hmmm not sure...

Last night was full on with Corbin and his soccer photos and Jeremy's Dad and Stepmum came over to tell us certain things about the caravan and how to put up the awning and all about the gas and all the things that we need to know OMG OMG I know Jeremy will remember it all but it went over my head some of the stuff arghhhh.

Today I went to the school to do Quinn's class spelling and then picked up mum to go and do the shopping for the weekend. There is soooo many things I thought about when I went like... I bought toothpaste and toothbrushes for us all to stay in the caravan so that we don't have to keep packing them when we want to go away and I brought some spices so they can stay in the caravan as well.

This afternoon is my coffee afternoon with the girls and I cannot wait as I haven't done it in like 4 weeks because of school holidays and being sick the last 2 weeks arghhhhh.... so it will be great to catch up with them.

I have gotten back in to my digital scrapbooking as I said in my last post and getting hooked again it feels great. It is feeling great and creative and I am feeling inspired. Can't wait to go away for the weekend and trying some new things on my laptop (as I don't have the internet I have to have something to do on here he he he) after updating so I can upload it on Monday that is... can't not write down about my day or I will forget.

Will write more tonight.



just janene said...

You've been a busy girl again, as usual! Have a great weekend away, I hope the weather is nice and not this crappy wind and rain we've got down here :)

WeeeSplat said...

Ugh you slacker!! Imagine not updating, that's just not on!! (hee hee).
Have an awesome holiday and with any luck it won't piddle on your parade... (yes, I know, I'm strange). Will catch up when you get back.

libra said...

Hope you had a good coffee, miss having wednesdays off cause my mum and I always went and had a coffee (ah need the money to feed my shopping habit lol)
Enjoy the rest of the night

Helena said...

you guys have a fantastic weekend, you all deserve it :)

Jules said...

Have a great time away.

Chris H said...

I have my fingers crossed that the weather is really good this coming long weekend.... so many people will be heading off to the beach in anticipation of a good one... do you realise that once we move I will be able to "pop" down sometimes? wooo hoo!

Lee-Anne said...

Enjoy your weekend at the beach hun. It should be a good one.

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Time tends to get away with you at times, doesn't it?

I do hope that you have a great weekend away!

Also, thanks for allowing me to view your scrapbook site. You are soooo talented! You've inspired me to get back into some digital scrapbooking too ;-)

Take care...


Rachel said...

I love love love your scrapbook page, its fabulous.

I'm going over to your scrapbook site to see what else you have been up to.

I'm sure Andrew is going to disown me soon with the all scrapbooking I have been doing.......I love it.

I use mostly quick pages at the moment until I get more confident but would love some of the links to where you go (I'll go over and check your site to see if you have any links).

Have a great weekend mate.